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Are you a fan of Asia and planning a trip to Vietnam, or simply to the nearest Vietnamese restaurant? Find out here what you should definitely try, how coffee is drunk in Vietnam and which dish is Obama's favorite. And of course I don't want to withhold bizarre delicacies that Europeans need to get used to!

Vietnamese cuisine: national dishes and specialties

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Food culture in Vietnamese

As in many Asian countries, Vietnam traditionally has a warm and hearty breakfast. In addition to dishes that one would classify as “typically Asian”, there are many influences from the, especially in Vietnam French colonial times.Also Japan and China influence the Vietnamese cuisine: Both noodles and rice are omnipresent, it is mainly eaten with chopsticks and as a special similarity to Chinese cuisine it should be emphasized that the ingredients are usually extremely hot, but seared very briefly. In everyday life, the Vietnamese often eat alone, simply when they get hungry and not necessarily with their families. That is why parties and celebrations where they like to sit together and have a feast are extremely important to them. For these occasions, by the way, is frequent Suckling pig served.

Diverse Vietnamese national dishes

Due to the already mentioned different influences, there are very different "national dishes" and names for them between the regions of Vietnam. I would like to tell you about a few absolute classics here:

Goi Cuon & Cha Gio: spring rolls & summer rolls

spring rolls are probably the best-known food exports next to Pho Vietnam. In addition to the small, deep-fried rolls, there are also those that are not fried Summer roleswhich are not rolled in dough but in moistened rice paper and are therefore transparent and a little thicker. They are usually filled with rice noodles, lots of herbs, vegetables and fish or meat.

Pho: The famous soup

Pho is a soup that is traditionally made for breakfast is served, but is now eaten at any time of the day. This is a clear broth from boiled beef bones, beef (Pho Bo) or chicken (Pho Ga), Rice noodles, leeks, onions and sometimes slices of lime. The strong broth is seasoned with many aromatic ingredients such as coriander, chilli, mint, Fish sauce, Anise and other spices. The soup is made the day before and then steeps over nightThe spices and meat are only added shortly before serving. The methods of preparation of Pho vary greatly within Vietnam, so that the taste and color of the broth can be quite different in the south and north.

Banh Xeo: The Vietnamese crepe

With this delicious dish, the French influence is simply undeniable: Banh Xeo are Vietnamese crepes! Unlike the classic French version, however, they always will hearty served. They are filled with vegetables and fish or meat. The combination of rice flour, coconut milk and turmeric creates the special taste of the wafer-thin pancakes. Becomes traditional Banh Xeo eaten with the hands, usually served with a salad.

Banh Mi: The baguette

Another great snack of French descent is Banh Mi, one of a kind Baguette or sandwich. Banh"Means as much as"Baked goods"and"Wed“ „wheat", Together so"loaf. This snack clearly shows how beautiful the French pastries are with Vietnamese ingredients was modified. The baguette also consists of the eponymous wheat flour Rice flour, which is cheaper and also contributes to the crispness. It is filled with meat, fried eggs, vegetables, hot sauce, mayonnaise, meat pies and cheese. It's a very hearty one Street food, which is ideal if you want to eat something quickly on the go.

Bun Cha: Obama's favorite dish

The sauce from Bun Cha is called the “soul of bun cha” for a reason, because it combines sweet, salty and sour elements together with a light fish note. This is achieved by mixing the typical Vietnamese fish sauce with caramelized sugar, vinegar and chopped garlic into a broth. Grilled pork, rice noodles and various vegetables are served in or with the sauce.

Guru Fun Fact: Visited in 2016 Barack Obama on his trip to Vietnam, together with Anthony Bourdain, a small restaurant specializing in bun cha in Hanoi. There they enjoyed the national dish, sitting on white plastic chairs between ordinary citizens.

Sweet temptations

After you've read a lot about the hearty specialties of Vietnam, I want that Those with a sweet tooth Of course, introduce you to the most delicious Vietnamese desserts and sweets. It should also be mentioned that the range of fruits in Vietnam is huge and you therefore often have a wonderful selection of mango, over Lycheeto find the dragon fruit.

Ca Phe / Ca Phe Sua Da: Warm or iced coffee

When travelers leave their vacation in Vietnam return, you can often hear how much they enjoy the typical Vietnamese coffee, Ca Pheor Ca Phe Sua called, miss. You can find out what it's all about here. Also originally from the French people Brought to Vietnam, the Vietnamese have their very own way coffee to prepare. The very strong coffee is made directly by a small one Metal filter dripped into a glass. After that he will be with sweet condensed milk filled up and in the iced version with Ice cubes added. Due to the combination of sugar and a lot of caffeine, Ca Phe is a real energy bomb!

Banh Cam: Sweet sesame balls

The appetizing, fried ones Sesame balls originally come from China, but are in all of Asia and especially in Vietnam popular. From the outside they are Banh Cam crispy, with a mass of mung beans on the inside, often Desiccated coconut, or filled with sesame paste, which is vaguely reminiscent of marzipan. The sesame balls taste best when they come fresh from the deep fryer and are still warm.

Chuoi Chien: Fried banana

Probably the best-known dessert from Asia, which we can now enjoy here too fried bananas, Chuoi Chien. These are often dusted with sesame and coconut and often together with a ball coconut ice cream served. Delicious!

Banh Khoai Mi Nuong: cake made from cassava

Banh Khoai Mi Nuong or "Cassava Cake", is a juicy cake made from coconut milk, manioc and mung beans, which can either be baked or steamed. It is often served as a dessert at festivals and is cut into bite-sized, rectangular pieces.

Banh Flan: Vietnamese caramel pudding

At the Banh flan once again we have a more familiar dish in front of us than this one too Caramel pudding was brought to Vietnam by the French and then further modified by the locals. This is how banh flan is made from eggs, sugar and Coconut instead of condensed milk produced. In addition to the caramel sauce, a Espresso shot given over the flan - for the caffeine-sugar shock!

Specialties and oddities

Now we come to those that seem rather unsavory for Europeans Vietnamese specialties. Because in addition to the delicacies presented there are bizarre thingsthat people from other cultures find rather strange or even disgusting. Here is a little insight:

Thit Cho / Thit Cay: dog meat

"In China They Eat Dogs"?! In Vietnam too! Especially in northern Vietnam there are even restaurants that specialize in dog meat. There are mainly men to be found, because dog meat is said to have a positive effect on the male power to have. It is also considered a healthy and of higher quality than, for example, chicken or pork. In addition, it will also like to be certain Phases of the moon consumed as this luck for the future. However, due to the better economic situation, many Vietnamese now keep dogs than Petsreducing the demand for dog meat.

Hot vit Ion: Confused duck egg

My personal horror highlight is Hot vit ion. This dish is called Confused Duck Egg because it is hatched eggs acts. Yes, that's right, this delicacy contains the embryo or, in the case of eggs that have been incubated for a longer period, the chick in the egg. Believe me when I say you don't want to see a picture of it!

Snake brandy

The schnapps should vary from region to region pickled snake either improve vitality and prolong life, or strengthen male strength and potency. That's what the Venomous snake Pickled and stored in rice wine. Don't worry, your poison will be neutralized by the alcohol. There is also the much more terrifying version, in which the snake is not only in Rice wine but also, for example, their blood or secretions from the gallbladder is added.

Hungry for Vietnam?

Did you get hungry while reading? Is your travel bug kindled? Then let's go to Vietnam for an Asian culinary delight!

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