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This is how you can earn money with your own website - step by step e-book

The 4th edition of the Niche page structure e-book was published in spring 2020 and contains 238 pages, updated content, 12 checklists, 7 new website blueprints and more.

I have let my experiences from the last few years, my tips and best practices, as well as many examples flow into my niche page structure e-book, which is now available in the 4th updated and expanded edition.

The current edition of my e-book offers even more tips, instructions and examples for building lucrative niche websites on 238 pages. There are also now 12 checklists, 7 website blueprints and 3 schedules.

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Niche page structure e-book

Do you want to make good money with affiliate marketing every month?

Building a niche website and monetizing it with affiliate marketing, among other things, sounds easier than it is.

Especially at the beginning, many beginners are overwhelmed by the technical terms and the many necessary tasks. In addition, while there are many instructions, tips and recommendations on the web, it is difficult for beginners to filter these and find out what is really important.

The idea for the eBook came up after the first niche page challenge in 2012. At that time, I had built a small website in 13 weeks, which is still making good money today without me having to do anything big.

This doesn't make me rich, but it is easy money and nothing speaks against building up many such sites, which in total generate very good income.

In spring 2020 I published the 4th edition of the eBook. Among other things, it contains my findings from previous niche page challenges and the development of further projects.

The e-book is aimed particularly at beginners who are looking for step-by-step instructions.

E-book content

I structured the e-book in such a way that it covers all the steps from the first idea through implementation to the subsequent optimization and maintenance of a niche website.

Of course, I mainly focus on how I proceed and what has worked for me. This is also an important point. I present methods and measures that are relatively timeless and very likely will work in a few years.

The main reason for this is that I would like to benefit from my niche websites for a long time to come. So I only rely on measures that are designed for the long term and do not try to exploit any current loopholes in Google or to deceive the readers. That doesn't work for long and it's just not my style.

There are 6 large chapters, each with step-by-step instructions, professional tips and examples:

  • Finding a niche

    Here I go into the important first step. I'll show you how to find a lucrative niche and why that's so important.

    That is the basis for a successful niche website.

  • Structure of the niche side

    Then I'll show you in detail how to install WordPress, present my plugin recommendations and show where you can get a theme from.

    Of course, the creation of content is also very important, which is why I will also go into this in detail.

    The chapter ends with the question “What can go wrong?” And my tips for solving it.

  • Marketing the niche side
    A good niche website with readable content is important, but not enough to be successful.

    Therefore, in the second chapter there are tips for search engine optimization and how you can use the social web.

    In addition, I give further tips for niche site operators to increase traffic.

    At the end of the chapter, I'll go over what to do if the niche website isn't ranking.

  • Monetize the niche side

    If the niche website is up and the visitor numbers are developing well, it is time to make money.

    I explain here which sources of income are suitable for niche websites and how their differences are.

    I go into great detail on Google AdSense and affiliate marketing.

    I also give practical tips on what to do if there is no income.

  • optimization

    In the fifth chapter I show how you can further increase income through analysis and optimization.

    This is the only way to exploit the full income potential.

    I also dedicate myself to further expanding the niche website.

  • So it goes on in everyday life

    In the sixth chapter, I'll show you what to do after you've finished your niche website.

    So it's mostly about maintaining the niche website and I'll show you how to go about it. I also dedicate myself to the topic of automation.

Make money with your own website

The e-book costs only 27 euros.
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For this you get an extensive one E-book with 238 pages (PDF), 12 checklists (PDF), 3 schedules (PDF) and 7 website blueprints (PDF).

With this you can start building your own niche websites immediately and start making money with affiliate marketing.

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