What cameras can you take to concerts?

Camera for live concert

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why is it so that e.g. you are not allowed to take a reflex camera with you to concerts?

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Because there are press photographers etc. who are appropriately accredited and who will probably pay for it. And with a clever DSLR you are able to take better photos than those if you know about it or if you have significantly better equipment. In general, however, the smaller the concert, the sooner a DSLR goes in - at Dragonforce, for example, after about 60% of the concert, the security staff said that I should please leave them in now, with a very unknown metal band they even got me afterwards Talked to the manager and we exchanged photos for a CD. But no chance at big concerts or festivals. I worked as a (registered) cameraman on some and the securities even see such cameras at night. Since we were pulled out of the crowd, it happened to me privately at a concert, since then I’ve been letting it go.

If you have the money, the RX100 II or III, for example, is very fine, but unfortunately not exactly cheap either. Otherwise something with a bigger / bigger sensor like the RX100. Theoretically, a Lumia 1020 would also be something for you, also has a 1 '' sensor, very good microphones and nobody will buy a cell phone from you. Can even be RAW.