Which board games are not based on luck?

The voles: board games & parlor games

Definition of board games

As the name suggests, board games are games that you like play in company. As a rule, one speaks of this variant of the game when two or more players are involved. They are played for fun, amusement or to pass the time. It does not matter which genre the games are subject to, because many different types belong to the category of board games.

In the 1980s, the goal developed particularly in Europe, primarily in Germany family friendly games to offer.

Different classifications

Board games can be classified in different ways. It is possible to differentiate the games according to game theory, but also on the basis of other criteria (for example the equipment, the mechanics, the luck factors, the audience and more).

Game theory classification according toalso known asExamples
logiccombinatorial gameschess
bluffstrategic gamesRock-paper-scissors
When it comes to recognized competitive games, these mostly fall into the logic category, as they have nothing to do with a bluff or luck.

Types of board games

But not only Luck, logic and bluff can decide on the variants of board games. There are numerous other ways to classify board games. It can be about

  • equipment
  • the game mechanics
  • the scope of the rules
  • the accessibility
  • the luck factor
  • the public
  • and much more go.

The board games are usually divided into Board and card games and Role play. This results in the following sub-categories.

speciesDescription and examples
classicAbstract games (e.g. chess, halma, backgammon)
American GamesHistorical conflict simulations (wargames), miniature games and table tops (CoSims), games based on American models (risk)
German Gamesknown as author games, now also as Eurogames -> children's games, family games, demanding games (e.g. Puerto Rico), senior games
Euro / American hybridHybrids like Wallenstein or Perikles
In the area of Role play especially games like D&D.

Board games of the Germans

Germans love board games, that's for sure. Which game it is doesn't really matter. Below is a Overview of the most popular genre types:

  • Children's games: Games for children are fun, adventurous, and often played in the great outdoors.
  • Card games: Cards are required in these games - luck often decides how the game progresses, but strategic skill is also often required.
  • Wedding games: Games that are played during the wedding celebration should above all entertain, not contain any difficult rules and, in the best case, come along without classic losers.
  • Strategy games: In this genre, brains are required. Strategy games stimulate the gray cells and are among the quietest parlor games.
  • Party games: These games are often combined with alcoholic beverages, but also dice and card games and are primarily intended to cheer the mind.
  • Birthday games: These games are also more of a fun game. The rules for the birthday games are similar to those for the wedding games, except that the focus is usually shifted to one person instead of two.
  • Mind games: Just like with the strategy games, thinking games are also among the quiet game variants where brains are required.
  • Skill games: In this variant, luck and not (only) the head are not important. Instead, it is about showing skill and instinct.
  • Family games: These games are mostly played with children and, in terms of rules, adapt to the age of the children.
  • Fantasy games: Games that are in the imaginative area often last longer, have more extensive sets of rules and combine various other genres with one another.

Many Germans try to avoid games in which war is an issue Conflicts and struggles arise between the players, but games with an above-average playing time are not exactly bestsellers.

Will also be Regulations, that are overly complicated, avoided (unless there are extensive game tips) - but also luck factors if they are too big. If other players drop out of the game early, this is also a criterion that does not make the board games more popular.

Although a lot of games are played in this country, the genre does not play a major role. It is more important to the Germans that the game harmonious, entertaining and relaxed is - values ​​that are (generally speaking) important to German players.

Popular board games

Is about classic board games, so there are a number of examples that probably everyone is familiar with. These include:

  • Skat
  • Solitaire
  • backgammon
  • chess
  • Trick
  • Halma
  • Mahjong
  • Mill
  • poker
  • or even charade.

These and more classic probably all of you know. But also Monopoly, Risk, City / Country / River, Don't get angry and other board games are now classified as absolute classics. Join in modern classics, which include The Settlers of Catan, but also the Game of Life.

Focus on board games

Board games is one Subform of the parlor games. As the name suggests, these games are played on a board, on which in many cases either pieces, stones or materials are placed.

The game board itself does not always have to be a complete board which is always used in this form. The best example is “The Settlers of Catan”, a board game that is so variable that it is always played and played differently from game to game. The game board does not always have to be made of wood - other materials are also possible.

Informative: Year after year, a particularly good board game (or card game) is honored and receives the “Game of the Year” award. Worldwide this award is the most important form of quality award. The games Carcassonne and The Settlers of Catan, both of which received the “Game of the Year” critics award, are particularly well-known.

Puzzle as a board game

Puzzles are also among the "games" that you can play alone, in pairs or in a nice round. It is about the shared experience and a creative design of leisure time that is not based on victory or defeat. Instead, puzzles encourage logical dexterity and different ways of thinking, which are not neglected in the different types of puzzles. Overall, you can expect a variety of different puzzle types to which

  • App puzzle (Puzzle applications for smartphones and tablets)
  • Shmuzzle (a puzzle in which all parts have the same shape, you can get an idea of ​​the tricky experience on this English-language page about Shmuzzle)
  • Chatter puzzle (in this puzzle, which is based on Shmuzzle), the parts result from a story on speech bubbles)
  • Crime puzzle (to solve the puzzle you have to read a thriller beforehand)
  • WASGIJ puzzle (Here you are practically puzzling backwards to have to think outside the box)
  • Puzzle ball (These puzzles form a finished ball, the puzzle pieces are curved, especially Ravensburger is known for these puzzles)
  • 3D puzzle (Puzzle balls, but also foam puzzles are often referred to as 3D puzzles)
  • Sculpture puzzle (cardboard discs must be brought into the correct shape here)
  • Cube puzzle (this puzzle is suitable for children in which the puzzle pieces are glued onto a cube)
  • Photo puzzle (This means puzzles that are based on your own photos or images, there are numerous providers)
  • Web puzzle (these are not smartphone or tablet apps, but online browser applications, here you can try these web puzzles)
  • Tantrix (this is a puzzle with hexagonal plates and connecting lines, a good game for up to four players, learn more about Tantrix here)

From classic board games to hybrid games

As early as 2600 BC There were the first board games, at least because of their variation fall into this category. Find out more about the classic board games, modern board games, author's games and other variants of this popular type of game in the table below.

categoryhas been played sincewell-known representatives
Classic board games2600 BC Chr.A royal game of primal, chess, checkers, mill, go, backgammon
Modern board gamesthe 20th centuryHalma, don't worry, Monopoly, Scrabble
Author gamesfrom the 80s approx.Scotland Yard, The Crazy Labyrinth, Settlers of Catan, Simply brilliant
Board games as PC gamesfrom the 80s approx.Mahjong, Monopoly, Carcassonne, Catan, Civilization, Mill, Chess
Some games are also called Hybrid games denotes that are played on a normal board game, but the computer is used to evaluate certain moves, for example. This form is particularly well known for the chess computer game.

Popular board games

Although the classics are still enjoy great popularity, it is above all the modern board games and author's games that attract the masses. Well-known pioneers include:

  • monopoly
  • Don't get angry
  • The crazy labyrinth
  • The settlers of Catan
  • game of life

In these and other games will be many parlor game genres linked together and address both social interaction and strategic thinking. In many games, the focus is also clearly on having fun.

The most popular game manufacturers

Many traditional companies offer a range of board games, some of which have now become the absolute classics belong. Whether Hasbro, Schmidt Siele, Haba and many more - we will tell you which manufacturers and / or publishers are definitely worth a look at their game collections.

Manufacturer / brand / publisherFoundedSeatWell-known games
Abacus games1989Dreieich / GermanyHanabi, zooloretto, hussar golf
Amigo games1980Dietzenbach / GermanyUno, Elfenland, Wizard, Halli Galli
Fantasy Flight Games1995Roseville / USAArkham Horror, Descent, Civilization - The Board Game
Haba1938Bad Rodach / GermanyOrchard, animal on animal, Diego dragon tooth
Hasbro1923Pawtucket / USACluedo, Monopoly, Risk, Game of Life, Trivial Pursuit
Heidelberger Spieleverlag1990Dallau / GermanyGerman distributor of Arkham Horror, Warhammer, The Lord of the Rings LCG, Nobility committed
Jumbo (Hausemann & Hötte)1882Rotterdam / NetherlandsStratego, Rubik’s Cube, Knowledge Game, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Rummikub
cosmos1822Stuttgart / GermanyThe Settlers of Catan, Sherlock Homes Criminal-Cabinet, The Little Ghost, Ubongo
Noris games1907Fürth / GermanySink ships, rummy, quiz taxi, Germany's next top model
Pegasus games1993Friedberg / GermanyMidgard, Cthulhu, Munchkin, Zombies !!!
Ravensburger Spieleverlag1883Ravensburg / GermanyTaj Mahal, Scotland Yard, The Crazy Labyrinth, Sagaland, Tempo, Maleficent
Schmidt Games1908Berlin, GermanyDon't get angry, Kniffel, Ligretto, Das Schawrze Auge, Qwirkle, Carcassonne
Many game companies now have new licenses accepted, old licenses surrendered and numerous games, certain publishing changes behind them. Nevertheless, these companies have become known with the games mentioned, even if the distribution nowadays is partly carried out by other companies.

Recommended games for young and old

You are on the Search for a suitable board game und you don't know how to choose from the multitude of offers? Very simple: Look at the table below and choose the situation in which you are looking for a game. Whether alone, as a couple, among girls or for seniors - our recommendations cover all target groups, but also different ones Age levels and genre options from.

Recommended gamegameAgeplayergenre
for 2The Settlers of Catan - the card game10 – 1002Card games
for seniorsHalmaFrom 62 to 6Senior games
for childrenLooping LouieFrom 42 to 4Children's games
for couplesHot affairFrom 162Erotic game
for the girls' eveningTeamworkfrom 10from 4Communication game
for the gentlemen's eveningLord of the Ringsfrom 122 to 5Strategy game
They are looking for one Senior game, that is not too demanding, but still entertaining? Or would you like to spice up your men's or girls' evening and play a game in a larger group? We have the right game recommendation for you for every situation.