What holds in you in the relationship

1. Support you in your hobbies

You don't have to go to the soccer field and compete with him. Neither does your friend have to come to the riding stables every afternoon. It is perfectly normal and healthy for any relationship for everyone to pursue their hobbies. It is important that you support each other and can talk about it. He's got an important game and you have a big tournament that you've been working towards with your horse for months? If he accompanies you to important events and is by your side, he is the right person. The same goes for you, of course. Show him that you believe in him and cheer him on on the sidelines!

2. Don't fall asleep without resolving a problem or an argument

It can be tempting to just go to bed during an argument on WhatsApp or face to face. Maybe the problems will be solved overnight? No, they don't. You fall asleep angry, sad, or confused. And that's exactly how you wake up the next morning after a restless night. You will think to yourself: "If I had solved the problem before bed." That's it! Avoid restless nights by eliminating all problems before going to sleep.

3. Don't keep quiet about problems

If something bothers you or you are annoyed about something about your friend, it doesn't help to keep the problem silent. It is easier in the situation, but it does not help you in the long run. It's literally a relationship killer. In a serious relationship you have to talk! And also about little things. In a quiet minute, tell your friend what bothers you about them. Don't eat anything into yourself. You would like the same from him. He can't read your mind!

4. Discuss your day

We're all stressed out from the next math exam or the next sports tournament. And then the parents come along and want you to empty the dishwasher and clean the bathroom. It's frustrating! Before you get upset about these things at your friend's place, ask how his day was before you lapse into a never-ending monologue about what bothered you today. Maybe he had a good day and that makes you happy again!

5. Mutual friends, your friends

When you are a couple, your circle of friends comes together quickly. Mutual friends are great! But don't let it take you away from meeting your best friend alone again. The same goes for him too. Give him his freedom. Meet your ABF during this time. When you're together again, you'll have a lot of news to tell each other!

6. Don't compare yourself to other couples

Lisa and Tom go out to dinner every weekend, Tim keeps giving Anna sweet jewelry and Klara often gets roses from Alex! Do not compare yourself to other couples. It is not important who gives what to whom and how expensive it is. Happy couples hold onto other things, not material ones. And besides, everything always looks so happy on Instagram and sometimes it's not like that at all.

7. Support yourself in all things

Similar to hobbies, it is also the case with other goals in life. Support your friend in all things in life. Study with him for the next exam, if you have already written it, cheer him on in hockey or accompany him to embarrassing family celebrations. Be there for him!

8. Make an effort

Every relationship is easy in the beginning. You are freshly in love and see everything through pink glasses. You have to invest a lot of energy and time so that this feeling doesn't ebb at some point. There will always be ups and downs. Keep your intimacy, and that doesn't just mean sex. Be there for one another!

9. Leave space!

Do you wish you could stay with your boyfriend for a lifetime ?! That's great and the right attitude. However, you should also do things separately from one another, pursue your hobbies, which do not necessarily have to be the same, and also leave enough time for yourself. This distance is very important and the greater the joy of seeing you again afterwards.

10. Plan date nights

If the rosy initial phase is over and everyday life returns, a relationship can be a lot of work. In addition to open communication of problems and freedom, spending time together is particularly important. Unfortunately, there is also the risk that one lives past one another and too little "Quality time" experienced more together. It is therefore advisable to keep one day free for each other when you cook together or do something else.