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First name Frank

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First name begins withF.
First name ends inK
Character length5
Number of syllables1
HyphenationFrank (no hyphenation)
Spelled according to DIN5009Friedrich - Richard - Anton - North Pole - Merchant
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Origin and meaning of the first name Frank

Language / rootsOld High German
compositionsingle first name: "franko" (old high German = the Franconian)
importancethe Franconian, the brave

First name Frank - the brave

The boy's first name Frank, popular in Europe, comes from the Old High German name Franko, which refers to the Franconian tribe and therefore stands for "the Franconian". The first name Franko itself is derived from the Old High German word "frank", which means both "brave" and "free". Furthermore, the name Frank could also go back to the characteristic weapon of the Germanic tribe, the "Francisca". The boy's first name appears in different variations in many European countries, in Italian and Spanish as Franco, in Hungarian as Ferenc and in English as Frank and Franklin or Franklyn. The female counterpart to Frank is Franka.

Frank celebrates his name day on three days: January 24th, October 4th and December 3rd.

Variations, nicknames and famous namesake from Frank

Well-known variations of the boy's first name Frank are Franck, Frankie, Franky, Franz and Francis. Franz rarely appears as a double name, but the double names Horst-Frank and Frank-Georg are popular. Among the most popular nicknames of the given name are Franki, Frankie, Fronk, Franki and Franky. Famous namesake are the German writer Frank Schätzing, the German singer Frank Zander and the English football coach Frank Lampard.

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