What do the letters AD stand for

X, R, S or E: What do the letters in the bus destination displays stand for?


E = emergency vehicle. At special peak times, e.g. during morning school and rush hour traffic, the buses marked with an "E" are used as line amplifiers. By the way: Even if, for example, "E Schulzentrum Sonnenhügel" is displayed on a bus, the bus is not only reserved for schoolchildren, but can be used by all passengers.


N = night bus. You will only find the "N" on the bus destination displays at night from Friday to Saturday and from Saturday to Sunday as well as on certain public holidays. Only then is the VOS night bus on its way, bringing passengers home safely after the last birthday party, the May week, etc.


R = RegioBus. Buses with an "R" in their destination display are on the way in the region - but only if they are going to our neighboring state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Otherwise, the number of numbers in the destination display tells you where the bus is going: two numbers stand for the city area, buses with three numbers go to the region.


S = SchnellBus. As the name suggests, these buses take you to your destination particularly quickly. But not - as one or the other might now suspect - because they can travel faster than other buses. In contrast to the regular buses, the S-buses do not go to all stops (which stops are served can be found in the VOS bus timetable) or choose the faster route.


X = ExpressBus. The buses marked with an "X" also take you to your destination very quickly and are particularly interesting for passengers from the region: They stop at the stops in the Osnabrück urban area only to get on and in the direction of town to get off.


From autumn 2019 you will be able to see another letter on the destination display of the bus: That "M" stands in the planned bus network for MetroBuses. Our new e-buses in metro design are hidden behind the name.