What is the highest mountain in Hungary

images from Mátra hegység (Mátra-Mountains) in Hungary


The highest mountain in Hungary at 1,014 m, the Kékestetö (Blue peak) can be seen in the background 

Just a few meters below the summit Kékestetöwe stayed.

Our hiking guide with his 12 kg backpack at the highest point of the mountain Kékestetö in front of the "summit stone" with the height indication 1,014 m in the colors of the Hungarian flag

Years ago im Mátra-Mountain range 2 bikers crashed. In August, motorcyclists from all over Hungary meet at this memorial to commemorate those who have passed away.

View from the observation tower on Kékestetö

The television tower on the Kékestetö is already visible from afar

Ski lifts and cross-country trails can be seen especially on Mount Kékestetö. The Mátra Mountains are a hiking area in summer and a popular ski area in winter.

If you look back, you keep seeing the mountain Kékestetö with his TV tower.

The Mátra berc túra (ridge path) through the Mátra Mountains offers views of the valleys.

A Budapest hiking group was also on the Mátra berc túra (ridge path) in the Mátra Mountains.

Since many areas of Hungary are no longer used for agriculture, insects can spread.

Between Mátraszentistván and the tourist hostel Ágasvár you hike on a panoramic path

The tourist hostel Ágasvár consists of 2 houses. Several hiking trails meet here

The house cat of Ágasvár keep us company during our rest.

For the first time shortly before Mátraverebélythe E4 long-distance hiking trail gets muddy.

The spider
 Fine net to collect prey and eight legs

2010 was also a lush mushroom year in Hungary.

The train station of Mátraverebély is reached, so we have the Mátrahegység (MátraMountains)