Boys can wear string bikinis

My daughter (14) really wants to wear a string bikini

Greetings :)

I have a problem with my daughter and at the moment I don't really know how to deal with the following situation: My daughter (14, will be 15 in May) has been spending her holidays with her friends in a holiday camp / tent camp on the French Mediterranean coast for years. This year she will be spending part of her summer vacation there again. She is really looking forward to it and is already busy planning, among other things. of course also with regard to the question of clothing.

She has already picked out some things in the catalog and in the internet mail order company that she really wants to have for the holiday camp and the "parties" there, including fun, hip sunglasses, summer clothes, accessories, flip flops, etc. Most things are a bit funky, but okay so far. Last week she arrived and said to me that she would like a string bikini for the French beach there, so that it turns brown all over and has no white spots and also that many girls of her age wore that and she led her as a further reason then that two of her friends, who are also going to the summer camp with her, have bought bikinis like this, and nowadays there is nothing wrong with wearing them.

To be honest, I was out of my socks at first. I then immediately rejected it and told her that she was still too young for that, because: String bikini for a 14 or 15 year old girl? I'm by no means antiquated or conservative, on the contrary, I'm open to a lot of things, but a 15-year-old who is about to wiggle her bare bottom on the densely populated beach ... I have great reservations about that. Such swimwear is actually to be assigned to the category "lingerie" and sends clear signals to the men and may also attract perverts and some sex-hungry weirdos, especially if there is also an underage girl in the outfit. She has been wearing lingerie strings under tight jeans for a year and I gritted my teeth, but then I still allowed it because almost all girls at that age wear it and luckily nobody sees it under their pants. But only with a string on the beach, that can't be right? Am i too prudish? If she were 18, I would say: OK, her cause and most girls at 18 are much more aware of their sexual impact on the opposite sex than 14-year-old teens.

Yesterday one of the said friends was at our house and had even brought her thong bikini and both tried to convince me that it was for purely practical considerations: for sunbathing on the beach, more comfortable to wear and bathing and you would not be so great sweat. Both of them told me that they were not trying to attract men to themselves. But if I let it go through my head: since when have teens of that age choose their clothes for purely "practical considerations". I can't quite believe what the two of them are saying to me.

And this is where the spirits differ between me and my daughter. Should I give in to the wish? Or definitely stay tough and not allow her? Is she still too young for that? I'm worried that she'll secretly buy a string bikini like this and then take it with her and wear it there. What's your opinion?

best regards