Have you ever given a webinar?

Create sales-increasing webinars - 4 business cases that work!

Webinars have become an integral part of today's business world and are currently becoming increasingly important for many companies. This article is not only about how you can use GetResponse to create your own successful business webinar in just a few minutes, but also how you can increase your sales with webinars in no time at all!

What exactly is a webinar?

A webinar (webinar) includes, among other things, video presentations, workshops or lectures, which are transmitted via special webinar software. Often these online events are held interactively and within a business or educational context (for example in the form of training courses).

The particularly positive thing here is that your expertise has a very large reach in this way: Because regardless of where in the world the participants of your webinar are currently located - they can be live at the event at any time!

After all, video presentations and web conferences - used correctly - are interactive inbound marketing tools that can be used in real time to, among other things, build relationships with customers, offer services and products or even conduct interviews. Here are a few examples that illustrate how webinars can specifically contribute to your online marketing success:

  • Lead Generation: When registering for your webinar event, you can easily generate leads by registering interested parties with their contact details (mostly name and email address).
  • Community interaction: Would you like to know more about the wishes and concerns of your target group? In a webinar you not only have the chance to experience this "first hand" from your target audience, you also have the opportunity to answer and clarify any questions from your community directly in a live conversation. Another way to directly involve your participants is, for example, webinar surveys or quizzes that they can fill out during the event. All the interactions mentioned here not only ensure more transparency, but also closer customer loyalty, as your target group can better identify with your business and feel serious - and noticed.
  • More conversions: At your webinar you will often inform interested parties about topics related to your service or product offerings. In this way you can bring the advantages of your offer closer to your target group and transform them from pure prospects into paying customers by presenting them directly during the webinar and animating your audience to buy live. This gives you even more direct control over the sales process itself.

You also have the option of holding internal team meetings or training via webinars. Ultimately, the possibilities of using webinars meaningfully for your business are almost endless!

Planning a webinar is definitely much more time-saving and easier than organizing and holding lectures or meetings "in real life". The reasons for this are also of a practical nature, because you do not have to book a room for your seminar or provide coffee, food and the optimal seating arrangement, but bring participants together in your webinar directly from their individual locations with just a few clicks. If someone does not have time to be online at the agreed time, you can record the event and send it to him later.

What makes webinars particularly attractive for entrepreneurs right now

If the Covid-19 pandemic has made one fact clear, it is the fact that unusual circumstances require special, adapted and flexible solutions. Especially in times of crisis like this, in which direct contact between people should be avoided as effectively as possible due to the high risk of infection, webinars in times of home office and Co. are the key for many companies to continue to exist at all - and in the best case even to go new ways that will also serve them in the future. According to an article on the news portal “Reuters Events”, 73 percent of entrepreneurs worldwide were already convinced before the lockdown that webinars were the ideal way to generate high-quality leads. This number is now likely to have increased a lot!

The increasing popularity of webinars is also evident in the search queries from services such as Google - and it looks like this will not flatten out in the near future, but will increase due to the continued necessary reduction in contact and the renewed imposition of comprehensive lockdowns in most countries of the Earth rapidly.

4 effective ways you, too, can make money with our webinar tips

As you have now learned, webinars are important marketing tools that every business should be using right now. But how does this work exactly? With GetResponse you can create your first successful business webinar in just a few minutes:

  1. Build important customer relationships and monetize your knowledge / expertise with paid webinars

Of course, if you really want to make money with webinars, you have to know exactly how to achieve this. Fortunately, guesswork is superfluous at this point, because GetResponse offers you the ideal, standardized formula for webinar success: You simply sell your event through your conversion funnel - which you - thanks to our easy-to-use software - create yourself in just a few clicks!

Back to the top: what exactly is a conversion funnel?

You can think of a conversion funnel as a kind of funnel that represents the various steps that are required to achieve a specific conversion. Incidentally, not everyone who visits your website is definitely interested in your offer: For example, you may have 500 website visitors, but only 100 of them remain in the end, who actually represent the last step of the funnel, for example clicking the Call-to-action buttons or filling out the contact form - actually do it. Only by completing this last step will the website visitor become your real customer.

With the help of GetResponse you can create all the necessary elements in just a few moments and go through all the relevant steps that are necessary to successfully promote and sell a paid webinar at the end.

After your customer has paid to attend your webinar, they will automatically receive an activation link that grants them access to your online event. It's that easy to turn your expertise into money, strengthen your company and offer your customers real added value!

  1. Promote your products and special discounts during your webinar using call-to-action buttons + screenshots

As already mentioned, your webinar offers the ideal time to promote your products or services directly to your target group and to bring them closer to the advantages of your offer in real time, as you can see on the picture below. In this case, for example, the webinar attendees are motivated to listen to a podcast from the host:

Thanks to GetResponse, you can also make special promotions, such as exclusive discounts, “palatable” to your prospects in a particularly simple way: With practical, integrated call-to-action buttons, your webinar participants can strike directly “on the spot” and get together Secure your offer, because with these buttons you can easily link to any desired website (in this case yours, of course).

The design of a call-to-action button is very user-friendly:

  1. After the webinar is before the webinar: Stay in touch with participants and registered people!

Not everyone who signed up for your webinar actually takes part (for a variety of reasons). But don't worry - thanks to GetResponse, these valuable leads are by no means lost. The actual webinar participants as well as the people who “only” registered - but did not take part - can be easily segmented into two different groups with our user-friendly software.

In this way, you can send newsletters to both groups afterwards in order to promote customer loyalty - and keep your target group informed and ready to buy with interesting offers and special discount promotions.

But how does this work exactly? Quite simple - the remarketing via the newsletter happens outside of your conversion funnel: While the funnel helps you to organize your webinar, you use the marketing automation options from GetResponse to send your newsletters - or even a whole series of newsletters - to create. In general, it can be said that the remarketing newsletters can be sent manually or automatically via GetResponse - whatever you prefer!

To send newsletters manually, for example, you simply divide those who participated and those interested who only registered but were not present at your webinar into two segments and send the corresponding, "customized" newsletters manually.

On the other hand, you can set up the automatic sending of your newsletter in advance if everyone who has registered for your webinar should also receive it. However, if you want a "split" between those who have only registered and actual participants, you can divide the two groups - as already mentioned - into two segments in just a few steps and then decide whether you want the automatic Choose to send out newsletters or opt for the manual option. In any case, it is important that you remain positively connected to your prospects and that you can profitably use the valuable leads that you have generated with the help of GetResponse!

  1. Get the most out of your leads - use the webinar statistics for the ideal Facebook remarketing!

During your webinar, you couldn't get everyone to buy your product or book your service? No problem, because in addition to the already mentioned sending of "tailor-made" newsletters, you also have other opportunities to subsequently convince your target group of your company: Use effective remarketing via Facebook!

GetResponse enables you to view helpful statistics about your participants after the webinar: For example, you have the practical option of showing precisely these people targeted Facebook advertising so that they can continue to deal mentally with your brand and your offer. This means that there is a great chance that undecided webinar participants who did not make a purchase during the event will later become real customers.

How does this work in detail? You either have the option of using the segment of prospects who have participated in your webinar or of those who have only registered for your event - or have only visited your landing page.

The advantages of this remarketing option are obvious: GetResponse shows Facebook advertisements to the target group you specify - even if you don't have or want to create a Facebook account yourself. These advertisements then forward the interested parties to the URL you have defined. No leads are generated here, only the website you specified is advertised.

Even in the event that not everyone who registered for your webinar - or who took part in it - has a Facebook account, GetResponse has the ideal solution: Just use Facebook's "Lookalike" audiences function! In this case, Facebook searches for profiles that match the information provided by your leads and shows them your advertising in a targeted manner.

Furthermore, Facebook offers you the option of showing your advertising to those users who only visited your landing page without obligation. So, if you have a Facebook account, it makes perfect sense to announce and advertise your webinar on your profile in order to draw the attention of more potential interested parties to your landing page - and subsequently to advertise them to participants or even later customers to convert. By the way, you can use any landing page that you have created with GetResponse for this purpose.

7 important tips to create a successful webinar!

Even though hosting webinars is easier than ever these days with the right preparation and easy-to-use software, you should keep the following points in mind so that your webinar is a complete success:

  • Familiarize yourself with the technique

Regardless of which webinar software you use, you should make sure that you can use it well and that you are prepared for an "emergency", for example if the Internet connection is unstable and the picture or sound suddenly disappears. You should also be able to explain to your participants how they can, for example, join the discussion via the headset or share their webcam.

  • Put yourself in the shoes of your participants

The participants of your webinar would certainly like to know what exactly to expect from your presentation and how it will be structured. So right at the beginning state the goals, content and duration of your event - after all, the participants not only invest their time, but also their money.

You surely know that too: As soon as a lecture or presentation begins, after a few minutes you get tired and lose concentration - especially if you are only supposed to listen. Do this differently with your webinar! Every now and then, invite your audience to speak, answer questions or discuss important points in order to keep your webinar exciting and to get the attention you need!

  • Be careful with screen sharing

Anyone who has ever taken part in a webinar themselves knows how inappropriate it is if private content or confidential company information is accidentally shared during screen sharing. Therefore, delete the history of your browser before starting the webinar, make sure that you do not receive any "push" notifications in the middle of the webinar and close all messengers.

  • Practice your presentation!

Not everyone is gifted with rhetorical super talent - and that's not bad either! Those who have mastered the content of their webinars can speak much more freely and make the event more relaxed - so you don't have to pretend or imitate others. Make the most of your own skills!

  • As short as possible, as long as necessary

A webinar should by no means degenerate into a boring monologue in which only the host is really mentally “present”. Anyone who is an expert in a certain area quickly tends to incorporate too much less relevant information into his presentation, which can quickly be perceived as too lengthy.

It is better to put yourself in the shoes of the listener and not go too far. Of course, you shouldn't "skip" over your presentation or talk too quickly - after all, your participants have paid for the webinar. After each topic, ask your audience whether there are still any questions about the aspects mentioned and listen to the feedback provided. However, it is best to avoid exceeding the webinar time - unless the majority of the participants still need clarification.

  • Rate your own webinar

As you will soon find out, it is quite easy to create and deliver a webinar. After the event, however, it is best to go into yourself again and ask yourself what went well, satisfactorily or less well. In this way you will already strengthen yourself for your next web seminar and get better every time!

CONCLUSION - Webinars are more than just a trend, they are an important business tool!

Professional webinars and online presentations not only lead to higher customer loyalty, but are now an important part of the sales process and can significantly increase your sales and brand awareness. Would you like to create your own free webinar too? Then try the free trial version of GetResponse right away!

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