What is consumer marketing

Business-to-business (B2B): definition

Conclusion: business-to-business vs. business-to-customer

If you compare the characteristics of B2B with those of B2C, you can quickly see some serious differences:

  • While in B2B often non-standardized products are sold with a high level of explanation that (must) be individually adapted to the customer, typical B2C products are mostly mass-produced from the assembly line, which are mainly purchased for personal use
  • The B2B customer knows his market and has extensive knowledge, the B2C customer does not; however, he can easily compare products and prices
  • In the B2B area, purchasing decisions are made by a buying center (consisting of several employees); the purchase decisions are complex, lengthy and multi-stage. In contrast, B2C customers make their purchase decisions spontaneously and emotionally
  • B2B customers have a low transaction volume - but the value of the individual transaction is comparatively high. End customers, on the other hand, often buy, but with a low transaction value - unless it is the automotive or real estate market or similar luxury goods

Even with the business idea, the question arises for founders whether they want to work in B2B or B2C - in some cases both fields can also be linked. If you decide for B2B, you should think about marketing early on - the right B2B marketing strategy helps!

Author: Für-Gründer.de editors

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