Which company has a ram's head logo?

Dodge logo

The car brand Dodge is named after the brothers Horace and John Dodge. They started making bicycles, for which they opened their own factory in 1899. Then they had to switch to mass production of components for Ford because it made more profit. The first car under the Dodge Brothers brand appeared in 1914 and quickly became popular. Six years later, Horace and John died of the Spanish pandemic flu, and their relatives sold the business. Chrysler Corporation has owned the company since 1928.

Meaning and history

The Dodge brand had many different logos. They were used on the radiator grilles and changed depending on the car model. In the past hundred years, many icons have become a thing of the past. This includes, for example, the coat of arms of the Dodge family, which first appeared on the bonnet of a sedan in 1946. The most popular of the ancient symbols - the head of a mountain goat - was created based on the bonnet mascot from 1951, but now the company has given up traditional design and opted for a simple word mark.

1910 – 1914

The original logo looked like a round car detail. Inside was a monogram of the letters “D” and “B”, which represented the name of the Dodge Brothers.

1914 – 1928

In 1914, the company began mass production of passenger cars and therefore switched to a new emblem. The main element is a six-pointed star made up of two intersecting triangles. The geometric figure was set against the background of the globe, which was to show the worldwide fame of Dodge. The map was surrounded by a black ring that said DODGE BROTHERS MOTOR VEHICLES. A modified "DB" monogram has been placed in the center of the star.

1928 – 1955

When the word “brothers” was removed from truck and car names, the company was given a logo with “DODGE” in black. The designers used a bold rectangular font with rounded sides.

1955 – 1962

The forward look made its debut in 1955. At the same time, the world saw the new Dodge badge developed by Virgil Exner. There were two multicolored boomerangs (black and red) that were superimposed. They symbolized development, movement and technological progress. To some extent, the badge was associated with rocket propulsion systems as the Chrysler Corporation produced rockets for the space program.

1962 – 1968

The first Custom 880 and Polara 500 vehicles produced in 1962 featured the Fratzog logo in a stylized triangular shape. The symbol looked like three arrowheads stacked and pointing in different directions. In fact, the designer who created the design wanted to represent the center of the hub and steering wheel. And he invented the name Fratzog himself at the request of management, and that doesn't mean anything.

1964 – 1993

A red, bold and italic word mark has been used for several decades. The font was similar to Plymouth. The moderate incline conveyed speed.

1969 – 1993

The Pentastar emblem was added to the inscription: a pentagonal figure with a narrow five-pointed star in the center. It was specially developed for Chrysler by the Lippincott & Marguiles studio. Only Chrysler had this symbol in blue, while Dodge had it in red.

1993 – 2010

In 1993 the company started using the ram's head logo. It was an interpretation of the old Dodge badge: the jumping ram mascot appeared on cars in 1932, and only the head of it remained until 1951. Then they forgot him for a long time. When the classic symbol returned, the designers depicted a long-horned Argali on a white shield with a red outline and placed a black "DODGE" lettering at the bottom.

2010 - today

In 2010, Chrysler spun off the Ram range of trucks into a separate company and given it the Ram's Head logo. The advertising agency Wieden & Kennedy has developed a new sign for Dodge: silver lettering with two red diagonal stripes at the end. Double inclined lines symbolized mobility and speed and embodied the sporty character of the brand.

Logo font and colors

The most talked about Dodge emblem is the 1914 six-pointed star. There are many versions of why Horace and John chose this particular symbol. Legend has it that the brand owners used the Jewish Star of David to anger their rival, the anti-Semite Henry Ford. Other sources claim they are friends with Ford and did not want to upset him. In addition, the brothers were not very religious and attended the Presbyterian Church.

There were also rumors that the company's founders borrowed money from Jewish bankers so they were forced to put it on the Star of David logo. But the automaker Dodge Brothers never took out any loans. According to other assumptions, the hexagram represented Solomon's seal and embodied the union of the brothers. In this case the black triangle stood for the body and the white for the soul.

According to Chrysler, the hex star was made up of two Greek letters delta, which symbolized technical excellence. And some claimed it was copied from a Dodge City police ID because Horace Dodge enjoyed communicating with local law enforcement. In any case, Horace and John failed to confirm or reject any of the versions during their lives.

The actual logo creators used a custom bold-free sans serif font for the company name. The main colors are red, white and gray of different colors.