Which social media platform do retailers use

Surf around the world, for example 4.54 billion people on total over1.84 billion Websites: The internet is huge and busy. But most users spend the majority of their online time on a few platforms, the social networks. Facebook, Instagram and Co. get the lion's share of online traffic and therefore own immense marketing potential.

But which social networks are particularly popular in Germany in which age groups and how do users behave on the respective platforms?

Growing importance of social media marketing in Germany

Social networks are becoming more common and by more and more people used it. According to the Digital 2020 Report for Germany From Hootsuite and We Are Social, users use the Internet for around 4 hours 52 minutes a day - 1 hour and 19 minutes of which they spend on social networks.

Almost half of the total population in Germany is represented on social media. But one profile is rarely enough: users have an average of 5.9 accounts. According to an evaluation by the Federal Statistical Office, 61 percent of the Internet population in the age group from 10 to 15 years of age take advantage of social networks private communication part. Between 16 and 24 years of age it is already 89 percent and between 25 and 44 years of age 73 percent. Use is less pronounced among 45- to 64-year-olds (43 percent) and in the group of people over 64 (18 percent).

The ranking of the most popular social networks theARD-ZDF online study knows a clear winner: Instagram. In 2020, the app ranked ahead of Facebook for the first time in terms of usage. These and other social platforms were used as follows in 2020:

Source: ARD-ZDF online study 2020

The Hootsuite Digital Report assumes an overall social media usage of around 45 percent within the entire German population out. However, the study also counts YouTube and WhatsApp as channels. WhatsApp is identified as the most widely used platform - 79 percent of social media users are on the move here. YouTube comes in second with 77 percent, followed by Facebook with 64 percent.

The conclusion of the different studies, however, remains the same: The importance of social media continues to grow. Businesses have the potential of social networks as Marketing platforms recognized long ago. Nevertheless, the distribution on the different channels remains very different in some cases. According to Statista, 59 percent of companies worldwide used Facebook in 2020, followed by Instagram (17 percent) and LinkedIn (14 percent).

In Germany, large companies with over 250 employees are particularly loud Federal Statistical Office the potential already recognized: 79 percent of large companies used social media in 2019. But small and medium-sized companies in particular should still upgrade (share in 2019: 61 percent).

To this end, marketers need to know where, how, when and for how long the respective target groups are on social media platforms hold up. This is why you will find out below the most important social media statistics for the most widely used social networks. 

Social media statistics on usage in Germany

1. Instagram

Usage according to demographic characteristics

According to current figures from FutureBiz, 21 million people in Germany will be on Instagram in 2020. According to the ARD-ZDF online study 2020, 15 percent of Internet users were active users every day. That is 6 percent more than in 2018. Women (16 percent) and men (14 percent) are approximately equally active on Instagram.

On the other hand, there are clear differences in the Age groups from. The majority of 14 to 29-year-olds use Instagram on a weekly basis, compared with only 21 and 2 percent of users over 30 and over 50 years of age. People over the age of 70 are hardly represented on Instagram at all (1 percent).

Usage behavior

In the global ranking, Germany is in tenth place in terms of Instagram usage. Instagram is still the place to be shared most images (79 percent), followed by videos (21 percent). The time spent on the platform for those under 25 is 32 minutes a day. People over 25 spend an average of 24 minutes a day on Instagram.

Company on Instagram

Especially brands in Lifestyle area benefit from a large following on Instagram. As of 2020, the top companies on the platform from Germany include adidas Original as well as adidas Football (37 million and 31 million subscribers), BMW (25 million subscribers) and Mercedes Benz (25 million subscribers).

Most of the interactions on Instagram achieve thisaccording to Socialbakers Brands from the following industries:

  • Fashion,

  • E-commerce,

  • Beauty and

  • Retail.

Instagram continues to grow and will therefore continue to play an important role in the marketing mix. Especially in the area Influencer Marketing the platform has become indispensable. Even traditional industries such as health and finance are increasingly opening up to this marketing discipline and can look forward to a good response from users.

2. Facebook

Usage according to demographic characteristics

28 million people can in Germany according to Hootsuite- Statistics can be achieved on Facebook. Women (50 percent) and men (50 percent) are represented equally. According toARD-ZDF online study is the daily use dropped from 21 percent (2019) to 14 percent (2020). According to this, 24 percent of 14 to 29 year olds and 19 percent of 30 to 49 year olds log in every day. In the over-50s it was only 10 percent, in the over-70s 1 percent.

Also noticeable: German users put their trust in the Use of social media apps compared to previous years less on Facebook. The network is losing 9 percentage points - only six out of ten people use Facebook. Instagram, on the other hand, jumped from 37 percent to 40 percent and thus seems to be primarily responsible for the break-in. By far the most common use of WhatsApp (69 percent) among German online users.

Usage behavior

64 percent of Germans (between the ages of 16 and 64) use Facebook every month. Many users access the social network through mobile devices (96.1 percent). 27.5 percent log in with both smartphones and computers. However, only 3.9 percent of users only use the computer. The most popular activity on Facebook is still the "Like“Of contributions. Users press the “Like” button around eight times a month. Comments, on the other hand, are only written three times a month on average.

Company on Instagram

Facebook is still the industry leader in terms of user numbers and frequency of use.

This is also shown by Socialbakers' Social Media Trends Report, which finds that the budget for Facebook and Instagram ads in 2020 is 73 percent of the total Ad budgets mattered. The Facebook feed continues to occupy the largest area.

Themarketing friendly environment attracts many companies.Most fans “like” brands from these areas

  • E-commerce,

  • Retail trade,

  • Services

  • Fashion and

  • Electronics.

However, the use of the platform seems to be shrinking overall in all age groups, as the “Social Media Atlas”, a study by the PR agency Faktenkontor, recently announced.

3. Snapchat

Usage according to demographic characteristics

Snapchat was included for the first time in the ARD-ZDF online study in 2016. Little has changed since then - 6 percent of Germans still use the app every day. Female (5 percent) and male users (7 percent) are roughly in balance. Clear tendencies can be seen in the age groups: Snapchat is going to be as good as in Germany only from 14 to 29 year olds used (27 percent). For older Internet users, however, the numbers are negligible: the range here ranges from 0 to one percent.

Usage behavior

According to Statista, 15.35 million users can be reached with advertising on the Snapchat platform. This puts Germany in seventh place in the global ranking. The USA is the clear pioneer - the total user base here is 108 million people.

The app is a Mobile-first social networkbecause the majority of visits are generated via mobile phones. Generation Z in particular is convinced of the Snapchat offering: 90 percent of young users interacted with content from publishers and watched shows in 2020. The users spend an average of around 30 minutes in the app every day. Because Snapchat is also used as a messenger app, the Opening rate An exciting key figure - users open Snapchat around 30 times a day.

Company on Snapchat

According to its own statements, Snapchat was able to increase its sales in 2020 - the company earned $ 911 million through advertising. This is a growth of 62 percent compared to the previous year, which has not gone unnoticed by the marketing industry: Renowned brands such as NYX Professional Makeup, Ralph Lauren, Sweat and The New York Times already have innovative products together with Snapchat Augmented Reality Campaigns implemented. But the platform would like to offer even more in this area in the future: Cosmetics brands should be given the opportunity to use camera lenses to carry out digital try-ons of their products on Snapchat.

4. TikTok

Usage according to demographic characteristics

For a long time it was not entirely clear how many users the booming mini video clip app TikTok actually counts in the European and especially in the German market. Only one thing was certain: the network was expanding at breakneck speed. Then came the resolution in 2020: A total of 100 million European users are already active on the platform, 10.7 million of them in Germany.

In terms of international comparison, however, this is hardly significant, because over a billion people are already bustling on the canal around the world. TikTok attracts them like hardly any other network younger target groups Under his spell: The lion's share of over 60 percent is accounted for by users between the ages of 10 and 29. Girls and young women are slightly more represented among users (60 percent) on TikTok than boys and men (40 percent).

Usage behavior

TikTok is a real fly catcher for the attention of the young target group, because on average a user opens the app 8 times a day and spends a total of 52 minutes on it. In addition, the platform not only encourages consumption, but above all also Creation of content to: As reported by wallaroomedia.com, 83 percent of users have already posted a video on their TikTok channel.

Company on TikTok

Since the network is primarily geared towards creative participation and fast-moving trends, above all Branded hashtag challenges and brand takeovers promising as a format for companies to quickly generate a lot of attention. TikTok also archives the most successful advertising campaigns and their individual performance on the network so that brands can get the inspiration they need when they need it. Advertisers can filter by industry as well as by type of campaign.

Over 100,000 video submissions from users and millions of views are not uncommon on TikTok, as Lay’s Thailand recently demonstrated. Anyone who wants to operate a young target group and strong brand building will no longer be able to avoid the app in 2021. But even ads that are aimed at direct sales can easily be created and managed within the app in the TikTok Ads Manager since 2020.

The new advertising platform seems to be well received: As reported by reuters.com, TikTok's parent company ByteDance posted a total of 27 billion dollars in advertising revenue in 2020.

5. Twitter

Usage according to demographic characteristics

5.2 million German users can be reached via Twitter - with a clear surplus of male users. 73 percent of men and only 27 percent of women are on Twitter. According to kontor4, however, only use daily 1.4 million people from GermanyPeople from Germany the platform. The usage is very similar in the different age groups: Among the 14 to 29 year olds, 4 percent are on Twitter every day. For 30 to 49 year olds it is 3 percent and from 50 years only 1 to 2 percent.

Usage behavior

Just 2 percent of Germans use Twitter every day. But from a global perspective, Twitter is a significant social media network. 500 million tweets are posted every day. That corresponds to about 6000 tweets per minute. And the platform's audience is also interesting: According to Brandwatch, 24.6 percent of verified accounts are journalists. That hardly hurts as it is news-related information in hardly any other network spread as rapidly as on Twitter.

Company on Twitter

Twitter continues to play an important role for companies. Twitter itself postulates that a clever content strategy on the platform can result in various advantages for brands: This promises 18 percent more effective advertising messages linked to the brand, 8 percent more brand awareness, 7 percent more brand preference and 3 percent more willingness to buy among users Network company. And also in things Engagement with Ads Twitter recently made a name for itself: According to the portal futurebiz.de, interactions in this area have increased by 35 percent in the last year.

5. LinkedIn

Usage according to demographic characteristics

The Xing competitor from the USA had one last year drastic hype experienced. LinkedIn has almost 740 million users worldwide. In the DACH region there are 16 million - LinkedIn had an increase of 1 million users in just three months in 2019. In the age group between 14 and 29 years, 6 percent use the business network every day.

Usage behavior

LinkedIn is increasingly developing into a social network Business context. New post options, the ability to interact with likes and comments and the story function taken over from Instagram give the platform a new, more communicative look. FutureBiz found that the number of shared content on the platform increased by 50 percent. But of course LinkedIn remains relevant primarily for career purposes. A proud 55 applications are submitted to companies via the platform every second.

Company on LinkedIn

Over 50 million brands have profiles on LinkedIn. According to LinkedIn, company pages with more than 150 followers benefit from steady growth. A complete profile also contributes to success. Have so Company pages with all information 30 percent more calls than companies that maintain a less detailed account. Writing regular posts is also rewarded on LinkedIn: Photo collages in particular, with three to four images, have a large reach on the platform.


Usage according to demographic characteristics

As many men (1 percent) as women (1 percent) use Xing every day. Most users are in the 30 to 49 age group (2 percent). Xing recordedaccording to their own information in the entire DACH area 19 million users, in Germany alone there are 16 million. More than half of the members have a high school diploma or a university degree. Almost 47 percent of the members are at senior management level.

Usage behavior

With its functions, Xing is less of a classic social media channel. Only around 1 percent of Germans use the network every day. Almost 2.2 million users access Xing on the move. As a professional business network, Xing is more than Portal for job postings and networking thought. The daily interaction on the platform, on the other hand, is rather low.

Company on XING

Around 40 percent of the members work for companies with more than 500 employees. The largest group of companies, however, are companies with between one and 50 employees (34 percent). With regard to the sectors, the areas of service (15 percent), industry (18 percent) and IT, trade (23 percent) are most strongly represented. For B2B advertisers whose target group belongs to these industries, thanks to the Density of executives exciting opportunities to target decision-makers.

Conclusion on social media usage in Germany

Social media further expanded its position in Germany in 2020. Whether for private leisure use or as a important marketing tool in companies - Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Co. have become an integral part of the digital environment. There are small shifts in the power imbalance: Although Facebook is still very far-reaching, it has Instagram According to current statistics, the top in the use of social networks for the first time in 2020.

Especially the young generations are particularly social media savvy - they are consistently the most strongly represented user group on almost all networks.Access to social networks is also increasingly taking place through mobile devices. The ability to be online from anywhere and at any time also increases usage time.

Companies can reach a wide audience of all ages and professions on the most popular platforms. However, this is also where the competition between advertising companies is at its highest. The niche networks Xing and LinkedIn, which have less reach, on the other hand, offer the opportunity to address the respective target group more specifically according to industry. Above all, tech-savvy decision-makers can be found on these platforms.

In view of the rapid changes in the social media area, however, it is generally advisable to keep a constant eye on user numbers and behavioral studies. For high performanceSocial media marketing it needs a constant Success analysis and adaptation to current developments in the networks.

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Originally published March 22, 2021, updated April 30, 2021