Masturbates excessively twice a day

Masturbation is a pleasant way to improve your health

Masturbating has numerous health benefits, so that regular self-satisfaction can be included in the catalog of measures of holistic concepts - especially with problems with the genital organs or sexual function, but also with chronic stress or a cracked self-esteem.

It is very practical that you neither need other people to masturbate nor leave the house, that it costs nothing and does not require any accessories. If you haven't already done so, give it a try now!

However, if you only masturbate (so often) because your partner has less and less desire for sex, then you will find possible reasons and causes for this here: No desire for sex - what to do?

If you are a man who no longer feels like having sex or masturbation and think that low testosterone levels could be responsible, here are natural steps that can help you increase your testosterone levels: How to testosterone levels naturally can increase


Distance training to become a holistic nutritionist

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