Have you ever been isolated from society

Being alone without feeling alone

Once you've learned how to be comfortable with being alone, it will help you have happier relationships and do what you want.

Last update: 19th September, 2018

After a long time with the To be alone felt tremendous fear, I learned to be alone without the pressure of lonliness to feel that once overwhelmed me.

To be alone helped me learn to enjoy my own company without feeling lonely. At the same time, I was able to get rid of certain attitudes that shaped my behavior.

More than onceI felt alone even when I was surrounded by people, and I have to admit that I've had this feeling during loving relationships.

Alone does not mean that you are on the sidelines

Often people misinterpret their motives when they think they are different from others isolate. In fact, this feeling can arise because people around you are constantly reminding you of it.

It happened to me especially when I was finally reconciled to my loneliness. When I was fine with being alone and learned to be content with myself, I heard things like "you are antisocial".

However, being alone does not mean that you are antisocial. I love making new friends, meeting different people and interacting with other people.

However, I also enjoy my time alone and don't force myself to see my friends just because it's been a while since I last saw them.

Before I befriended myself I felt a lot of pressure at timeswhen there was an event that I didn't want to go to. This inner Conflict in my head made me stuck between what I really wanted to do and what I should be doing.

The most remarkable realization for me was that being with other people was not always fulfilling for me. I still felt empty. Now I understand that this feeling arose because I hadn't given myself the chance to be alone with myself.

The social pressure

Even if you may not be aware of it, society is constantly putting you under pressure. You are not only harassed by the people around you, but also by social values, advertising, films ...

Having a partner and children seems like a goal that, while many people don't strive for it, still seems to be the norm.

And not to mention friends! It's really hard to drop friends when you've changed and have nothing in common with them.

Often times we think we need to have long-term relationships; that we have to cling to them, because their end also means the end of our social life.

However, you can make new friends. You can also find a new partner. You shouldn't limit yourself. People tend to do this.

People still struggle to internalize the fact that an ending has one tooNew beginning can mean. However, society has taught us to hold on to things even when those things or people are not good for us.

Don't be afraid to go another way

When you start moving in an opposite direction, questioning your beliefs and stop doing what you felt obliged to do, it seems like an uphill battle.

It is not easy to be "different". If this scares you, think about things that were previously doubted and that are now okay or even desired.

Successful models no longer have to be all thin; there are even Models with Down syndrom and skin diseases.

These are just a few examples that can make it easier for you to take a "different" path, also because it is always worthwhile to remain true to yourself.

When I finally understood my fear of being alone, I also realized that it was just because I had very low self-esteem. I was always seeking approval, taking responsibility for how others felt, and worrying about people rejecting me.

I left all of this behind when, through being alone, I began to get to know myself better and to realize that I didn't need anyone else. After all, need and want are not the same things.

I may want to have a partner or I may want to meet up with my friends. I can choose to go to a specific event, but I don't need to so as not to feel alone.

Have you ever been in this situation Do you avoid being alone

When you've managed to feel good about yourself even when you're alone, it will lead to happier and more fulfilling relationships, and it will give you the opportunity to act how you want to act rather than how you feel you need to act .

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