Narendra Modi is a vegetarian

Fast food only vegetarian, please!

NEW DELHI. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi does not eat meat, and neither does millions of other people on the subcontinent of 1.25 billion people. About 40 percent of Indians describe themselves as vegetarians according to several surveys.

Even if this number is slowly declining: Meat eaters are still called "non-vegetarians". According to UN data, Indians eat an average of only around 5.1 kilograms of meat per capita per year, as little as almost nowhere else in the world.

The reservations about meat are so great among many Indians - especially Hindus, Buddhists and Jains - that even hamburger chains bow down.

This year, McDonald's opened a fully vegetarian restaurant in Amritsar in front of the Golden Temple because representatives of the Sikh religion did not allow meat to be eaten at their holy shrine. In the city of Kurukshetra, which is important for Hindus, all meat dishes had to give way.

If only chicken then

Otherwise, almost three quarters of the food on offer was invented especially for India, and "vegetarian and non-vegetarian products" are treated completely separately in the kitchens, McDonald's explained.

And even if it's supposed to be meat, only chicken is an option. Muslims protest against pigs because, according to the Koran, the animals are unclean, and Hindus against cattle because cows hold a special place for them.

Even in the supermarket, all products with meat ingredients have to have a brown dot on the packaging, while vegetarian products have a green dot.

The most famous Indian, independence fighter Mahatma Gandhi, was a vegetarian. He left no doubt: "We should stop killing our fellow creatures for our physical needs." (dpa)