What Causes Weight Loss After Gallbladder Surgery

Gallbladder Weight Loss? Looking for experiences


I've got a question.

I've lost a lot of weight recently (weight before 1st pregnancy: 63kg; weight after birth: approx. 85kg; weight before 2nd pregnancy: 75kg; weight after birth: 85kg.)

The second pregnancy was 2 years ago. The pounds from the second pregnancy were down very quickly. Now I have had to reduce my dress size from 42 to 36 within six months. Without a diet!

I eat "normal" (In the morning a slice of bread or muesli, plus a cup of coffee with milk; at lunchtime bread or something warmed up from the day before; in the evening I cook a lot with potatoes or rice, and now and then pasta; I also eat pizza and sometimes a hamburger with french fries , in the evening it happens that I munch a pack of Toffifees alone and I also like to snack on other occasions.)
In other words, I already pay attention to the nutritional values ​​somewhere, but I don't just eat like a rabbit)

I've already had my thyroid checked because I found it kind of strange that I lost so much weight so quickly. But that's fine.

Now I had an operation and had the gallbladder removed (gallstones). Yesterday morning I stood on the scales after we ordered a family pizza the day before yesterday for 6th and what does it show? I weigh 58.4 kg at a height of 1.75 m. I have already lost 2 kg again.

Is it because of the gallbladder? Somehow I was of the opinion that if it didn't work properly, you would gain weight.

Is there anyone else here who no longer has the gallbladder and has lost weight as a result?
Or someone who has had completely mutual experiences?