Make people like war

Peace issues

When there is war, schools and shops are closed and it is too dangerous to go outside. Many families lose their homes and have to flee to other cities or even other countries. They are called refugees.

Most of all, people who have to live in or near wars are afraid of losing a loved one. If someone has to live in constant fear, he will soon be unable to think of anything else. Fear dominates and changes his life. The terrible experiences and pictures stay in your head for a long time, for some even forever. They are often still there when the war is over.


How do people behave in war?

Times of war are hard times for all concerned, in which they have to fear for their lives and their livelihoods. They fear for themselves, for their families and perhaps for the future of their country.

Often times like this, people's worst traits are released. They injure, kill, pillage, destroy and torture. These are behaviors and actions that they would never do in peacetime or for which they would be punished in peacetime.


Do people like to go to war?

Sometimes you see images of soldiers or other armed fighters going to war laughing and proud. Many of them don't come back. Others are wounded. Still others are very depressed because they have seen and experienced great suffering.

Nevertheless, many people believe that they are fighting for a just cause and that they are actually helping other people through war. Most, however, go to war because they are forced. They are commanded and are required to obey.