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New Years Greetings: 9 Tips + 40 Examples of Happy New Year

New year greetings - new year, new luck. Numerous wishes and greetings are sent on this occasion. Unfortunately, these greetings rarely differ from each other. In order to make your New Year greetings for a happy new year more beautiful and individual, we have tips and many examples for you.

New year greetings: wishes for a happy new year

Write New Year's greetings - but do it correctly

The optimistic view of the future: For the New Year, people are starting to hope again - for themselves and for others. These hopes and wishes can be found every year in postcards, letters, e-mails and cell phone messages. “I wish you a happy new year” or “a happy new year” is certainly on almost every card. As at Christmas, we are showered with the usual wishes for the New Year: success, happiness, health, fun, love and strength. We have looked for numerous alternatives that stand out from the usual New Year wishes. So nothing stands in the way of writing cards.

Writing New Year's Greetings: 9 Tips and 40 Examples

During the time of good intentions, many people resolve to take better care of their family and friends. Contacts want to be maintained and vice be abandoned. The list of resolutions is long, but why not make others happy by telling them what beautiful things the year has brought and what one wishes to keep? In the following chapters, we have collected examples and tips that will help you write New Year's greetings and give you an overview of your options.

The right time

When is the right time to send your New Years greetings? Of course, the best timing is at twelve o'clock sharp. You certainly don't want to spend your New Year's Eve sending messages all the time. Therefore, you can also express your wishes for the New Year on New Year's Day. New Year wishes are legitimate for up to a week or more into the New Year. For example, if you don't start working again until two weeks after New Year's Eve, it is quite common to wish you a Happy New Year even then.

Motifs for new year greetings

Typical symbols for the New Year are good luck motifs such as chimney sweeps, ladybugs, cute pigs, four-leaf clovers or lucky pennies. Fireworks, a beautiful idyllic landscape or motifs that can be combined with happiness, health and joy also go well with a new beginning.

These motifs can be found in all shops that sell tickets. If one person is particularly close to your heart, make the card yourself. You can then either cut out the motifs from cardboard, stick them on the card as stickers or even paint them yourself. If you want to do without the classic motifs, a photo of you and / or your family is also suitable.

Create variation

There are many ways to wish a Happy New Year

The New Year greetings are similar to the Christmas wishes. Since you want them again every year, you run out of ideas at some point. Everyone has a hodgepodge of cards after Christmas and New Year. You don't even have to look into it to know its content. What a pity. Because not only do the good wishes and resolutions get forgotten: Writing cards on New Year's Eve has developed into an automatism over time, which is practiced almost entirely out of courtesy. Loving gestures became a social norm. For this reason, you should also let your New Year's greetings vary. At least your loved ones deserve your effort for them.

To ensure variation, you can use different types of New Year's greetings as a guide, which we will illustrate for you. There are greetings designed to express gratitude, friendship, or humor. There are New Year's greetings that can tell a little story or exude nostalgia. Once you get away from the classic "Happy New Year" it will be much easier for you to find an alternative.

  1. We're celebrating our New Year's Eve - unfortunately this year without you. Still we think of you. I'll have a piece of cake for you, we'll have a glass of champagne and toast with you in spirit at twelve! We will miss you, but we wish you a magical evening and look forward to seeing you again in the new year.
  2. I wish you for the new year that all your resolutions from the year before last come true. So: good luck, health, success, strength and perseverance.
  3. I'm glad. I'm looking forward to a typical New Year's Eve. On sparklers, fireworks, candlelight, a kiss at twelve. I hope you have a wonderful evening too and come into the new year clichéd like me.
  4. I wish you for the new year: a hand that holds you tight, a net that catches you, a sign that shows you the way and 1000 stars that illuminate your way.
  5. Why do I like this special occasion so much? I'm already looking forward to the turn of the year because it's a time of new opportunities. I wish you new opportunities and successes. Good luck!
  6. I wish you many fascinating days in the new year. I also hope that you will never forget me and that we will have many more moments together! On this occasion I thank you for your friendship. I love you.
  7. The wheel of time is turning faster and faster. The year has only just begun, now it's over again. I wish you find a few moments in the New Year to take a break. In which you can find peace and enjoy life to the fullest.

Emotions and honesty

The end of the year is always a good occasion to give your fellow human beings a few nice words on the way into the new year. You can be honest and emotional instead of relying on the usual empty phrases. If time is running too fast and you wish your loved ones some rest, speak up. If you want someone else in your life, make sure it stays that way: Show gratitude and confidence in your New Years greetings. Now a few examples of honest formulations that you can use as a guide.

  1. In times when everyone always wants something brand new - a new car, a new computer, the latest cell phone, the latest fashion - I wish you that everything stays the same in the new year. Stay so satisfied, stay as healthy and as lovable as you are! Warm greetings for the new year from ...
  2. I always get a little melancholy when the old year draws to a close - you step from a colorful room filled with life into an empty, untouched room. This sudden emptiness is a bit strange at first ... but the nice thing is, the room is just waiting to be filled! And we can choose what to put in it: hope and joy, light and love, laughter and smile ... they should be the furniture in your new year!
  3. Another year is over - the time is running! Thank god there is one thing that I can always rely on: and that is you! Stay the way you are, because that's the right place for you! Greetings and wishes for the new year from ...

New year's greetings via WhatsApp

New year greetings via Whatsapp

Of course it's always nicer to hold a card in your hand. Nevertheless, sometimes you just have to think practically and use WhatsApp messages, SMS or e-mail when you have a lot of contacts. To add value to these messages, you can send a photo or video. There are tons of fun New Years Eve and New Years greeting videos on YouTube. However, a photo of you or your family is more personal and beautiful. This is not only clearer for the reader, but also has an individual touch.

tip: Include emoticons in your text so you don't seem too serious. The little pictures make your New Year's greetings much more beautiful.

  1. As much happiness for the New Year as drops of water in the sea, as much love as stars in the sky and health every new day.
  2. One does not become older but better. In this sense: Happy New Year!
  3. Sun, moon and stars, everything is far away. But the good thing is very close - a happy and happy new year!
  4. The past year has brought a lot of good things. I wish you for the new year that you will continue to be so successful, that you will still find plenty of time for your family and that we will both keep in close contact in the future.
  5. New Year's Eve over, a new morning. The old worries are forgotten. Let's look into the future together and tackle the new year together.
  6. I wish you to be able to want more again for the new year and have to have less.
  7. The old year, let it go, there is no point in looking back. Look forward, a new year, make your dreams come true in this one!
  8. The new year will be a hit - we'll do everything better there. And if life doesn't play along, we can at least laugh at ourselves!

Romantic new year greetings

Romantic new year greetings

Not everyone can personally wish their partner a Happy New Year on New Year's Eve. But since he's one of the most important people you send New Year's greetings to, they should certainly be special too. Of course, a phone call is best, but the annual breakdown of the telephone network on New Year's Eve will probably prevent that - at least at twelve o'clock sharp.

Now there are three options. The first: prepare a WhatsApp message or SMS for your partner. You can write it a few days before New Year's Eve and simply save it as a note on your mobile phone. The second: you just call later than at rush hour. For example, the next morning. Then you can tell each other directly how your New Year's Eve was. The third: you send a letter or a card to your partner on time enough so that he can open it at twelve o'clock. Ideally you let him / her know beforehand. Otherwise, your mail may not be discovered until days later. In the following we have a few sample texts for you.

  1. Outside I can already hear the firecrackers and rockets cracking. Another year has passed. Again 365 days are behind us, most of which we spent together. And I can say: These 365 days are still far from enough. Also in the new year I want to be by your side. I want to snuggle up to you at night and wake up next to you in the morning. I want to laugh and cry with you until exactly one year from now it will be again: Happy New Year!
  2. The flowers and buds are still hidden under a thick layer of snow. There is still no fresh leaf on the dry wood. Still no brook mumbles about my concern that you might not be with me any more. No bird can sing of my love for you yet. Do you hear the bells at midnight? They indicate the new year. Everything is not far anymore. Soon the flowers will bloom. Soon the leaves will sprout on the tree. Soon the brook rushes and tells about the two of us. Soon the bird will sing a song just for you. I love you.
  3. Perhaps you are wondering why I am not telling you, but am writing you these lines. But I see how quickly the year has passed with us. So I want to write something down that is immortal. Something you can read anew every day: I love you. You are my spring, my summer, my autumn and my winter. You are everything in my life
  4. I dream of us in the new year
    dream that everything will stay as it was
    Our love is perfect for me.
    I don't see anyone except you
    Tonight in my dream
    I'll look you in the eye.
    I love you.

tip: A new year is also a suitable occasion for a love letter, a love saying or a love poem.

New year's wishes to professional contacts

New Year's wishes to professional contacts such as employers, colleagues, customers or business partners can conveniently be sent directly with the Christmas wishes. A duplication is more intrusive than flattering. In addition, there is probably enough mail lying around at home. However, if you forgot to send the Christmas wishes, you can of course send New Year's greetings. Here are a few examples:

  1. Maintaining the tried and tested and trying the new - this is where we see the success of our cooperation so far, for which we would like to thank you very much.
  2. My dear colleagues, I hope you had a nice Christmas season and enjoy the rest of your free time. I wish you a happy new year and look forward to hearing your resolutions!
  3. The new year is just around the corner: We thank you for your loyalty and support. We wish you a happy new year!
  4. For the new year I wish you a successful start, perseverance and a successful final spurt.
  5. The year is almost over. That is why it is important and particularly important to me to take this opportunity to express my thanks and appreciation for our pleasant and successful cooperation. Challenges have always been met through innovative ideas and I look forward to further cooperation in the new year.
    I wish you and your family a few relaxing and nice days and happiness, success and health for the new year!
  6. We have been colleagues for a long time now
    And at some point it became friendship
    Because i like you so
    I wish you on New Years Day
    Success, happiness and health for the next year
    And everything should stay with us as it was before.

tip: You achieve a lot more on a personal level than with acquisition strategies. If your business partners or customers notice that you are only doing advertising or want to ingratiate you, they will ignore your New Year's greetings.

Happy New Year: A New Year Greetings Answer?

An answer to New Years greetings is not always necessary. It all depends on the medium with which you receive it. For example, if a friend sends you a WhatsApp message or SMS with New Years greetings, you should definitely reply. When you get an email, it's nice to send greetings back too. However, if you get New Year's greetings in the mail, you don't need to send back a letter or card. Either you have already sent something in advance or you thank us by e-mail or mobile phone message. If you were particularly happy about a New Year's greeting and have not spoken to the person in a long time, it is a great gesture to just call and say thank you personally.

Usual sample texts for New Year's greetings - for orientation

Exemplary New Year greetings

For a short message or a small text on a card, there are a few standard templates that are used every year. The personal relationship should always be included. In addition, the tastes are different in terms of the choice of words. Which formulation suits you? Who do your New Years greetings go to? It's always nice to include the family when you know each other a little better. So write “we” and “you” instead of “I” and “you”. These standard sentences are also suitable for a card, as a supplement to the actual text.

  1. For the new year I wish you that some dreams will come true, some new ones will be added and some old ones will be kept! Greetings from…
  2. I wish you a happy and happy new year!
  3. A happy, healthy and successful new year wishes / wishes ...
  4. I wish you a good start into the new year!
  5. I wish you a new year full of new dreams, new hope, new opportunities and new love with all my heart! The very best greetings from ...
  6. Cheers new Year! May your resolutions outlast your hangover.
  7. Warm greetings at the turn of the year! Health, happiness and success should be your companions in the new year.
  8. Big dreams and small wishes come together today. May they all find the right path to fulfillment in this new year.
  9. For the new year I wish you good luck, health and success!
  10. We wish you a happy new year! All wishes and dreams should come true for you.
  11. For the new year we wish you luck and success in all areas of your life! Happy New Years greetings from ...
  12. At the turn of the year I would like to greet you from the bottom of my heart and wish you good luck and health for the new year.
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