Which diet drinks are healthy for diabetics

Diabetes in and of itself poses a risk of dementia. In addition, diabetics like to drink diet drinks. Nonetheless, the results are so significant that even the possible connection with diabetes cannot fully or exclusively explain them.

Sweetener increases the risk of stroke

We were very surprised that diet drinks in particular led to this result, "said Pase." Previous studies showed a connection between diet drinks and an increased risk of stroke (light drinks increase the risk of stroke). However, it was not previously known that there was also a connection with dementia. "

Presumably, sweeteners influence the brain by changing the intestinal flora. Because a disturbed intestinal flora also affects the health of the brain via the intestinal-brain axis and can increase the risk of ADHD, depression, autism and even Alzheimer's or dementia, as we explain here: intestinal flora influences mental health

Dr. Pase emphasized that his team did not differentiate between the individual sweeteners.

The best solution: (vitamin) water instead of soft drinks

Dr. Sudha Seshadri, professor of neurology at the Boston University School of Medicine almost the new findings together:

There is no real reason for drinking sugared drinks. And drinking diet drinks is not an alternative either. Perhaps we should just get used to the good old water as a thirst quencher. "

This would not only reduce the risk of stroke and dementia, but also the risk of many other chronic diseases.

An alternative, however, could also be homemade so-called vitamin water. We introduce it here: vitamin water

How the intestinal flora can also worsen mental health in children can be found here: Intestinal flora and ADHD / autism

We have explained here how sugar promotes Alzheimer's disease: Sugar causes Alzheimer's disease


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