How does a sex chat work

Sexcam and cam2cam chats

Since there are many inquiries about cam2cam and how such a chat works, here is a brief explanation:

cam2cam chat stands for “Webcam to Webcam Chat” - which does not mean anything other than that both participants of a chat have connected a webcam and make their own webcam image available to each other. Everyone can easily imagine that a sex chat is even more fun and a lot hotter in this way, because in contrast to a conventional webcam chat, both chatters can get excited about the other. And this is how a (softcore) cam2cam chat could look like:

With conventional sex cam technology, you get the webcam stream eg of a sexy woman over the Internet and you can chat with her at the same time - you can see what the girl is doing in front of her webcam and what she looks like. The woman in the sexcam chat has no idea what she looks like, let alone whether her webcam show turns him on.

In the cam2cam mode of a webcam chat, on the other hand, the girls are given the opportunity to see the visitor to their cam2cam chat. And what very few sex cam chatters know: It makes most women totally hot when they can see how your cock gets horny and hard from their show. They want to watch a man jerk off just as we want to see them push a big dildo up their cunt. Many girls find it extremely satisfying when they can see that their counterpart comes to orgasm in front of his webcam and cums - a confirmation of their own horniness.

A special advantage of the cam2cam sex cams is, by the way, that many real contacts have already been established through your chat from webcam to webcam. Like all women, the Sexcam Girls are much more willing to embark on a real sexual experience with a man if they can see in advance whether the man also visually corresponds to their ideas and preferences - because who likes to be blind -Date a?