How do I bypass an electricity meter

Bypassing the electricity meter

According to: If an attempt is made to break the electricity meter with a magnet from this small piece, or tear the switch cabinet or the meter card out of the wall, then one can assume that it was improperly monitored ..... I would im If in doubt, say that you have collided with something. I wouldn't tell them anything about magnets for the time being .... you get the new switch from the network operator, you have to get the corresponding box yourself. that is, the electrician who sets it up.

Electricity meter edited (criminal law)

Conclusion: Anyone who misuses an electricity meter with a magnet is criminally responsible and prone to damage. Hello, the following case: An acquaintance came to us one day and told us that you could save a lot of energy by holding a strong magnet on the measuring device. Of course I wanted to know ........ Clacking, magnets on, counter stopped.

Now that I have noticed for weeks that our consumption has increased enormously, and after long research on the Internet, I suspect that the measuring device is now gone. Dear questioner, I would like to answer your question as follows: The criminal liability for theft according to SGB 242 and for the withdrawal of electrical energy according to SGB 248 c can be taken into account.

Even if you only wanted to see the result of the influence, you manipulated the counter, which, perhaps only for a short time, led to a measurement error at the expense of the energy supplier. If the magnet caused an error on the measuring device, you would have assumed that there was material damage in accordance with 303 DSG.

Most likely the electricity meter needs to be replaced. Despite all fears of legal consequences, I strongly recommend that you report the matter to the electricity supplier. You can tell the electricity supplier how the defect on the electricity meter occurred. If the electricity company does not report the matter, all you have to do is cover the installation costs for a new meter if necessary.

If the electricity supplier files a criminal complaint, there are the following options: If I have a complaint, do I have to go to the police station and take everything to court? Dear questioner, I would like to comment on your question as follows: Firstly, if criminal proceedings are brought against you, you will likely bring charges from the Autobahn Police.

It is very interesting to know that you are not forced to testify in front of the police station. This means that you do not have to pay this fee. In principle, it is advisable to consult a lawyer when obtaining a subpoena. The lawyer will have access to the investigation documents of the public prosecutor's office, so that she can then give a written statement on the allegations.

If you get a report from the motorway police, you should seek legal assistance.