Anal sex can cause pregnancy

Anal sex: anorectal malformation: getting pregnant through anal intercourse

Pregnant from anal intercourse? It happened to an American. Dr. Brian Steixner, now a urologist with the Jersey Urology Group in Atlantic City, was confronted in an emergency room with the unusual case: A young, pregnant woman came to the emergency room with spotting. This is normal for pregnancies. However, not if the spotting is coming from the rectum. The magazine "Women's Health" reported on this unusual case a year ago.

Anorectal malformation is responsible for pregnancy from anal intercourse

In the treatment interview with the young woman, she emphasized that she had only had anal intercourse before her pregnancy. Dr. In the course of the investigation, Steixner found that the patient had actually become pregnant through anal intercourse. However, this cannot happen to every woman. In this case it was possible - but only because the pregnant woman was born with an anorectal malformation herself.

An anorectal malformation is congenital. Put simply, it is a developmental disorder of the rectum, which means that girls are not born with a vagina, rectum and urethra, but that they are connected to one another. A so-called cloaca with only one opening in the rectum and urethra is treated surgically immediately after birth. But even then, most of those affected grow up with problems.

How can you get pregnant through anal sex?

At Dr. Steixner's patient apparently did not go according to plan during the operation. Her body formed a so-called fistula that connected the uterus and rectum. So she could get pregnant through anal intercourse: It was not her vagina that was connected to the uterus, but her anus. Because of this unusual situation, the child was eventually born healthy by means of a caesarean section. sh