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Final Fantasy XIV Gil Guide: Making Money the Easy Way!

In our Final Fantasy XIV Guide we explain to you:

  • Like you without artisans and collectors comes to Gil
  • What are the quickest ways to get Gil
  • Tips and tricks to increase your income

The economy in Final Fantasy 14 has a lot in common with the economy in real life. The principle of supply and demand also applies to the virtual world of Eorzea. Due to an extensive crafting and housing system, there are an unbelievable number of manufacturing options that require all kinds of materials from you.

Many players have made it their business to farm these materials and sell them to other players. But also food, potions, mounts, weapons, armor, or Chocobo food cost gil. We want to explain a few uncomplicated and simple methods with which you can become a Gil oligarch without a craftsman or collector!

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Final Fantasy XIV: The Market Board

In Final Fantasy 14 you can either sell your belongings for a fixed amount to the NPC dealers or for one Desired amount to other players on the market boards of the cities. A closer look at the market board gives you information about the economy of your server.

Before you offer an item for sale, you should first get the Sales history check. Here you get an overview for how much gil and in what quantity the item was sold. Many players prefer to buy items in larger quantities and like to spend a little more for it. Just look which amounts are the most popular.

When determining the price, you should also take the sales trend into account. If you see that the item is usually sold for 1500 gil, but there are currently two players who want to sell it for 500 gil, you shouldn't get the item cheaper than that Control value act.

Take your time for your sales! Even if you are in Gil distress you should only undercut the cheapest price by a few gil. The other players always buy the cheapest item - regardless of whether the difference is 20 gil or 500 gil. If you cut the price too much, you will damage your own economy.

Sell ​​to other players from the NPC dealer

For this method you can all lazy craftsmen and thank collectors on your server. Basically it is about "simple" materials that you can get for little gil at the NPC dealers to sell to other players on the market board.

Many of these "simple" materials are also repeatedly required for recipes in the higher level range. There are a lot of artisans out there who don't want to bother longer distances to the NPC's to accept or not even know that these items can also be bought there. That is why they buy them on the market board.

Although this source of income is less lucrative than others, the effort is very low and the proceeds are guaranteed. If you are a member of a Free Society (FG) and you have access to one in the FG House Material suppliers you can buy most of the items there and save yourself the trouble of going to different dealers.

Now it is important to find out which items are for you high profit sell to other players. In order not to have to walk from the dealer to the market board and back, you can go to pages like this Mogboard inform about the current prices. The free Companion app, also gives you an overview!

Examples of items that sell well:

  • rubber
  • Juchleder
  • Ash log
  • Crow feather
  • Chicken egg

Make money with your helpers

The transactions on the market boards take place through your assistants. Each assistant can sell up to 20 items. Always see to it that your mate used to the maximum are. Simply fill in the gaps with items that you have previously bought from the NPC vendors to reward the laziness of the craftsmen.

But assistants aren't just there to sell your items. With special tokens, which you can acquire with state thalers, your assistants can be given so-called Ventures send.

On the ventures, your companions can not only receive rare crafting materials, but also have the chance in the various explorations very rare companion to find that are traded for a lot of money on the market boards!

At the beginning there are only two assistant positions available. Should you get the feeling that your helpers are not enough for you, you can further assistant positions in the Mogstoreacquire. However, you should note that these are not one-off purchases, but that your monthly fee is increased according to the number of assistant places you have bought.

Earn gil with random content

You can run the various random content once a day and should definitely be done. Not only do you get a bunch of routine here to level your job, but you will too rich with gil, Allagan stones, or state thalers.

When selecting the random content, always pay attention to which class is particularly in demand. The popular classes namely get a big bonus on the already good reward! Usually these are tanks and healers - so it is worth playing up one of the two roles!

Which Allagan stones bring the most gil in FFXIV?

You will not only find allagan stones in the random content, but will also be credited to you after each successful completion of most of the content. If an adventurer in your group reads the content the first time contest, you will get a few extra Allagan stones after the successful completion.

If you are in the mood for dungeons and exams and want to earn Allagan stones, you should first go to the Group search look around. Here you will often find new players who are looking for groups for content that they have not yet been to!

At the moment there are three different types of Allagan stones, which you will be rewarded depending on the level of the content. You can put the stones in Ghost duty (A Realm Reborn), Frohenhalde (Heavensward), Rhalgr's watch (Stormblood) and Eulmore Exchange (Shadowbringers) for equipment and rare items.

Items that you can sell well:

  • Materia IV (Frohenhalde)
  • Thavnair Adhesive HQ (Rhalgrs Wacht)
  • Manufactory alums HQ (Eulmore)

Sold companions found!

Dungeons are not only a good source of routine and Allagan stones. In many dungeons you have the opportunity to get very rare companions at the end, which you can find in the last chest after the Final boss can find. Many of these companions are in great demand and can be sold for an enormous amount of money on the market board.

All dungeons that do not come from the Shadowbringers expansion can now be unsynced to run. For this you have to activate “Subgroup possible” in the settings of the content search. Here you will not be adapted to the given item level, but with your current equipment and level you can kill most of the opponents in the lower dungeons with a few blows.

This saves a lot of time and should allow you to finish the 50s and 60s dungeons in under 10 minutes. If you run the dungeon alone, no other group member can throw the loot away from you. You can use the equipment from the chests against State thaler exchange!

These companions are particularly expensive:

  • Buldog Puppy (Baelsar-Wall)
  • tentacle (Shipbreaker Island hard)
  • Gomashio Seal (Sunken City Skalla)
  • Snow weasel (Hell plug)

Prime materials in Final Fantasy 14

But you can also earn a golden nose through exams. In many trials you not only have a small chance of a cool mount, but can also receive very rare manufacturing materials that the craftsmen use to make rare companions and Chocobo armor crafting.

Especially the new exams, as well as difficult old exams that nobody runs anymore, turn out to be very lucrative.

The most valuable drops:

  • Wings of Titania's Dress (Final Purification - Titania)
  • Fiery red tail feather (Soul Storm - Suzaku)
  • Crystal Shards of Hades (Final Purification - Hades)
  • Nidhogg scale (The Song of Nidhogg's Last Call)

Gil through state thalers and hunting badges

With a little background knowledge, you can earn just as much money with excess state thalers or hunting seals. You can get state thalers relatively quickly, for example by unwanted equipment exchanged with the quartermaster of your state company.

If you want to make gil, you can buy the following items that players can use for their quest series Relic weapon need. You should always make sure to buy four of these items at once, as you need four each for part of the quest.

The items are called:

  • Brioche des Rois
  • Titanium Alloy Mirror
  • Adamantium Franziska
  • Demon Ban Arrow