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Simple size chart for jerseys

When it comes to new jerseys, the jersey size is always important! However, a simple division is usually sufficient, especially for a new set of jerseys. The simple size chart for jerseys helps here.

Simple size chart for jerseys

If you want to order a new set of jerseys as a club for your team, you always have to ask the right size. The same applies to companies or companies that want to sponsor a shirt or a kit. So which jersey sizes should you order? Our simple size chart for jerseys is available for this purpose.

Children's jersey size chart according to body size

  • up to 116 cm = 116
  • 117 - 128 cm = 128
  • 129 - 140 cm = 140
  • 141 - 152 cm = 152
  • 153 - 164 cm = 164

Adult jersey size chart according to body size

  • 164 - 170 cm = S.
  • 170 - 175 cm = M
  • 175 - 187 cm = L
  • 188 - 192 cm = XL
  • from 192 cm = XXL

Size chart for jerseys, shorts and socks

In order to use the size chart for jerseys to order a set of jerseys with shorts and socks, the sports shorts can be ordered in the same size as the jersey. With the size of the socks in a set of jerseys, you don't have to worry too much because every player picks out the right one anyway.

There are also differences in the sizes of the jerseys in terms of the shape of the cut. The difference between a women's and men's jersey comes into play here.

Team sports tip:Especially with a jersey set without fixed numbers and names, we recommend simply mixing the sizes (example 14 jersey set: consisting of 5x size M, 5x size L and 4x size XL).

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