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Ten years of Osteroder Tafel - a reason to celebrate

It's been ten years since the idea of ​​founding a board for people in need took shape in Osterode. While the work of the panel was initially limited to the city and then to the district area, Gieboldehausen and Duderstadt were added as branch offices over time. Much has been reported about the Tafel since then, both positive and negative, but one thing has remained: the Osteroder Tafel works well organized on a voluntary basis for many people. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary, the board of the Tafel publishes a commemorative publication for its members. From this writing we print the greetings and the chronicle so that everyone can get an idea of ​​the reputation in society and the development of the board.

Dr. Hartmut Herrman, Chairman of the Osteroder Tafel:

Ten years of the Osteroder Tafel - we have every reason to be happy about what has become, and every reason to thank all the people and institutions who made the work at the table possible and supported it.

Looking back is the order of the day.

In the beginning there was the table idea. There is a large surplus of food in our country, but not all people have enough daily bread. The aim was to find a balance here and to help people. The idea was so convincing that the certainty was great that a group of friends would also be able to set up a table in Osterode, knowing full well that we will alleviate the unsatisfactory conditions in which many people have to live, but not sustainably would be able to change.

Today the Osterode Tafel is well set up in a house in a well-kept area with convenient transport links and its own depot. Our house is not only a pleasant sight, but also houses a respected small company with 15 permanent employees and 90 volunteer helpers in the region around Osterode.

The way there was sometimes an adventure and required us to stick together on this recognized project. In this commemorative publication we want to illustrate how diverse the ideas, assignments, skills and contributions were that led to success.

There are strong pillars that support the Easter or table together:

  • the employees, who were immediately won over in an astonishingly large number,
  • the donors of small and large amounts of money,
  • the large number of food markets and shops,
  • Expertise in various forms,
  • the city of Osterode with its social welfare office as a partner, who met us immediately and always with goodwill and made donations,
  • Public relations work in the form of many lectures and discussions and a well-meaning press,
  • the support through encouragement and good gossip,
  • the striking response of young people who were not only inspired by the schools, but also collected, tinkered and baked in their own, often imaginative way.

Today the board is a natural part of the social network in our region and is a good example of the successful coexistence of voluntary commitment and public funding for people who depend on the solidarity of society.

Klaus Becker, Mayor, Patron of the Osteroder Tafel:

Dear Sir or Madam, dear readers,

It's hard to believe, as Germany is one of the richest countries in the world and has the largest economy in Europe: There are many - too many - people in our country who, despite these facts, are unable to make a living from their own income to deny, not even to ensure the daily nutrition for themselves and their children independently. That is not a good testimony for our society. I am very happy that with the food banks - and for ten years now also through the food bank in Osterode am Harz - there is an association and the volunteers behind it who take care of these people. Volunteers who, like myself, do not want to accept that we live in an affluent society, in which millions of tons of food are "disposed of" every year, ie simply thrown away, but many of our fellow citizens cannot pay for regular meals.

The Osteroder Tafel performs an important balancing function in our city and the neighboring distribution points by skimming off some of the surplus and distributing it to those who need help. For this I am very grateful to the many voluntary helpers, but also to the supporters who make this help possible through their membership, sponsorship and donations. Through their commitment, they all demonstrate the great common spirit in Osterode am Harz, which can also be seen again and again on other occasions. The help extends not only to distributing food, but also to a lunch table. This not only enables a warm meal, but also the all-important social contacts that are otherwise often missing, especially poor elderly people.

For this work I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart and hope that the association can continue to fulfill its important tasks in the future. Rest assured that I will do what I can to help.

Klaus Liebing, Deputy District Administrator:

Wealth and abundance on the one hand, increasing poverty and need for help on the other - the gap between rich and poor is widening. Many of us cannot imagine that there are people in our society who barely have enough money to buy food, even though there is an abundance of food. So it is good that the Osteroder Tafel has made it its business to intervene in this area of ​​tension and create a balance.

Food that would be destroyed daily by supermarkets and bakeries, for example because it is close to the best before date, the packaging is damaged or because it has small visual defects, is picked up, checked and then given out by the volunteer helpers at the Osteroder Tafel or delivered.

At this point, I would like to say thank you twice.

On the one hand the volunteer helpers; they deserve our respect and recognition. The Osteroder Tafel can only work so successfully because they are always highly motivated and committed to the project. With their commitment, they not only hand out groceries, they also give encouraging looks, beneficial words and nice gestures to those in need.

On the other hand, my heartfelt thanks go to the donors and sponsors from the private sector and business, who provide the food or support the work of the Osteroder Tafel with financial means. They are just as important for the successful work of the Osteroder Tafel as the voluntary helpers.

Over the years a social network has emerged that lives from helping one another and caring for one another.

I wish the Osteroder Tafel e.V. association with its committed team continued success, strength and perseverance in its important work for the common good. In the hope that the contribution of the population does not diminish, they continue to find sponsors who support them in their intensive efforts and many helping hands are involved.

Superintendent Volkmar Keil:

Dear Sirs and Madames,

I would like to warmly congratulate the Osteroder Tafel on its tenth anniversary. I am very grateful that there is the Easter or table. It is of great help to many people to make a living.

There is poverty in our country. We cannot downplay that and we cannot ignore it. The gap between rich and poor is huge. And being poor in a rich country is so bitter because it always involves exclusion. A social task is connected with this fact. Politicians are still asked to take action here. I think it is difficult for the municipalities to participate in social benefits. This means that municipalities with a high proportion of poverty also become poor municipalities. And so they lack the money to counteract poverty through structural measures.

The Tafel movement looks at the people affected and seeks concrete help for them. Right from the start, it was not just about distributing food, but also about meeting and talking. The lunch menu is an important part of this.

I am overwhelmed by the great willingness to volunteer that characterizes the Osteroder Tafel. I am very grateful for the large number of donations that the board receives again and again. And I find it more than commendable that so many shops and markets are involved in supplying the table with the necessary food. The large number of users makes it clear how necessary the board movement is.

We as the Harzer Land church district are very happy that we can also play a part in this. Most of the branch offices are located in church premises. And here the church also provides a not insignificant proportion of the voluntary helpers.

I would like to thank the Osteroder Tafel very much for its necessary work and I wish it from the bottom of my heart that it can continue its beneficial work for the people who urgently need this support.