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These two secret weapons should not be missing in any kitchen

Why you should always have mayonnaise & mustard in stock

While many people only know mustard and mayonnaise as an accompaniment to wiener sausages and French fries, these products actually have undreamt-of potential. If used correctly, mustard and mayonnaise can become secret weapons in the kitchen and add that certain something to a quick dinner, autumn salads, hip trends like the Buddha Bowl and even sweet desserts like chocolate cake.

We have experimented a bit and created five extraordinary recipes from typical everyday dishes and current trends that we definitely don't want to withhold from you!

Mayo - more than just a companion for chips and co.

For a long time people thought of mayonnaise primarily as potato salad and red and white French fries. But the creamy, rich sauce can do a lot more. The variety of its international relatives proves how varied and delicious mayonnaise can be: the traditional, southern French “rouille” is refined with garlic, peppers and saffron, while the “sauce suédoise” is seasoned with applesauce and horseradish and is simply great for example meatballs fits.

So why not try something new and combine mayonnaise with different flavors? We have tried three variants and can assure you - the results will inspire you!

Sweet delicacy with a surprise effect: a cake with chili mayonnaise

A cake with mayo? Oh yes you heard right! Using mayonnaise for baking may surprise one or the other, but it's not all that uncommon. Depending on the recipe, it can partially or completely replace oil and egg. To top this variant off in terms of taste, we even chose a mayonnaise with chilli and coconut.

Do you think that sounds crazy? Not at all! The combination of chocolate and chilli has long ceased to be an insider tip among gourmets and is guaranteed to knock your socks off with this extraordinary recipe.

Reuben sandwich with spicy coleslaw: a trend with a difference

A trend from New York that is also becoming increasingly popular in this country: the American Reuben sandwich. Classically prepared with pastrami, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut, this trendy sandwich can now be found in many different variations.

In our recipe, we replace the sauerkraut with homemade coleslaw, which is prepared using mayonnaise with garlic and olive oil, which also gives the homemade Russian dressing a special touch.

A bowl full of healthy delicacies: Buddha Bowl with a fruity-creamy topping

The so-called Buddha Bowl, which has been one of the hottest food trends for some time, describes nothing more than a colorful mix of different healthy ingredients that will keep you full for a long time thanks to its balanced ratio of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. There are basically no rules here: whatever your appetite can end up in the bowl.

Quinoa, pumpkin, sweet potatoes and avocado find their place in our autumn bowl. The real highlight of this delicious creation, however, is the topping. Seasoned with a little fresh orange juice and zest, an orange-pepper mayonnaise provides a pleasantly creamy texture and fruity, spicy aromas.

Mustard - a classic condiment rediscovered

Mustard can be found in just about every household these days. But while not a few mainly think of grilled sausages and snack food, the hot spice can still provide some surprises. You can also move away from the familiar taste and try out new, exciting flavors.

The spicy mustard note harmonizes wonderfully with sweet and fruity aromas - how about a combination of mustard and honey, for example, or even a sweet fig?

Salad with sweet mustard dressing: an autumn favorite with a special touch

While light and fresh salads are on the menu in spring and summer, it can be a bit stronger in autumn and winter. You can easily find seasonal ingredients such as beetroot in various colors at the weekly or in the supermarket. To complement these autumn aromas perfectly, a sweet mustard dressing, for example, is ideal.

Our autumn salad with mixed beets, figs, spinach and walnuts in a dressing of mustard with sweet fig, a little honey and walnut oil is the perfect flavor partner. The highlight: the mixed beets are placed on the plate in different shapes, making it a real visual highlight that could easily be served in many starred restaurants.

Your secret recipe for a quick dinner: salmon in mustard sauce

Baked salmon is a popular dish for an easy and quick dinner that can be prepared and served with different sauces depending on your taste. Baked vegetables made from seasonal ingredients such as pumpkin and Brussels sprouts are ideal as a side dish.

For our recipe, the tender salmon fillet is baked with a piquant sauce made from mustard with blossom honey, giving it a special, irresistible note. If you like, you can also mix the oven vegetables with the sweet sauce beforehand. Good Appetite!

What are your favorite things to use mustard and mayonnaise for? Do you also have an extraordinary recipe that always works with mayo or mustard? Upload it via our app and share it with the community. We look forward to your recipes!

Published on November 3, 2018