Which countries have legalized the use of marijuana?

The consumption of the recreational drug cannabis has increased steadily on an international average over the past six to eight years. And that even though the hemp plant is not allowed to be consumed legally in most countries around the world. Which countries have actually already legalized cannabis, where the tolerance limits are high and which destinations have them best cannabis travel destinations represent, you will learn now.

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Top 5 cannabis destinations

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Cannabis - what is it actually?

Commonly used is the term cannabis, which is actually Latin Name of the hemp plant is used for the end products consumed, which are smoked in a joint, for example. Hashish, marijuana, ganja or grass can be extracted from the dry leaves and flowers of the hemp plant. The use of cannabis is different: Whether as an intoxicant, in food, as a medical drug or even in clothing - the hemp plant is used in a variety of ways.

International cannabis comparison

A protracted topic in Germany is the question of whether the consumption of cannabis should be legalized or not. Some countries around the world show: The legalization or at least tolerance of cannabis can reduce the number of drug deaths through state controls, anonymous drug checking and increased awareness-raising. The whole point of it is to spread stronger and stronger prevent dangerous drugs on the black market and to protect consumers from risking their lives by consuming.

Legalization of cannabis:
  • 2013: Uruguay
  • 2014: Colorado, Washington, Alaska & Oregon, USA
  • 2016: Massachusetts, USA
  • 2017: Nevada, USA
  • 2018: Maine, California & Vermont, USA; Canada

The following map gives you an overview of the global handling of cannabis. Countries with a dark green branch have cannabis sales and use legalized nationwide. This includes only Canada and Uruguay and nine US states. Uruguay is the first country to legalize cannabis. Since 2013, citizens of the state have even been able to legally grow hemp themselves for their own use or buy it in the pharmacy without a prescription. The USA has also partially legalized the use of cannabis: the state of Colorado was already a pioneer in 2014, and Canada only followed suit in October 2018. And the next US state is already in the starting blocks, because cannabis is now to be legalized in Michigan as well.

  • Green:Legal
  • Light green:Decriminalized / Medical Permit
  • Without:Illegal or partially illegal with law enforcement / no information

The light green branch represents countries where medicinal use is tolerated, possession of small amounts is not prosecuted, and bothPartial legalizations as well as decriminalizations but cannabis is not officially allowed by law nationwide. It is considered unlawful and is usually punished with a small fine if one is caught smoking a joint in public. Smoking, possession or carrying cannabis is prohibited in Germany, but there have been exceptions since the beginning of 2017 Cannabis as a pain reliever Can be prescribed by doctors. However, this is only done to a very limited extent. There is still disagreement in politics - cannabis is still illegal in Germany.

Top 5 cannabis destinations

Now you're probably curious as to where there is the opportunity to comfortably smoke a joint while on vacation. Here are my top 5 cannabis destinations.

Netherlands - coffee shops, canals and cannabis

In the Netherlands, cannabis use is real not allowed by lawAs many think, it is only tolerated and not punished for "small amounts". Now you're probably wondering why there are so many coffee shops in the Netherlands then. Here, too, the sale is only tolerated, provided certain regulations are adhered to.

Selling cannabis in coffee shops:

Maximum 5 grams per person per day

Growing cannabis is also not legal in the Netherlands. A lack of government control makes it difficult to ensure the quality of cannabis and compliance with regulations. Especially since many tourists from neighboring countries - as well as Germans - onlyon drug use in the Netherlands to travel. Whether the coffee shops can also be supplied with official legalization is still being discussed.

And yet it is obvious that the Netherlands, as our neighboring country, is one of the top 5 cannabis travel destinations, especially in the numerous ones Coffee shops consumption is really celebrated. Since many tourists travel to the Netherlands and especially to Amsterdam for precisely this reason, my tip is: switch to the smaller places in the Netherlands. They are at least as magical and not overcrowded with tourist crowds. It is important to know that it has been the Wietpas in the Netherlands, which only allows Dutch people to enter the coffee shops. After long disagreements, each city now decides for itself whether to apply this concept or to allow foreign tourists to purchase cannabis. You can get an overview of the handling in the individual cities here.

Guru tip:

Visit the Culture Boat in Utrecht and enjoy a joint on a small boat with reggae music in a cozy atmosphere.

How about, for example Utrechtnext travel destination? The student city has an infinite amount of charm with all the beautiful canals that are lined with pretty little restaurants and cafes. You won't find a coffee shop on every corner, as is the case in Amsterdam. There are some selected shops with a unique atmosphere and no drug tourism.

Jamaica - reggae in your ears, paradise in front of your eyes

Sure, Jamaica is the country we all think of when it comes to smoking weed. Why is that? Is it the lived one? Reggae culture, the relaxed lifestyle, dreadlocks and hemp leaf symbols?

Although it is not officially legal, it seems almost "normal" to smoke marijuana in Jamaica. If you let yourself be caught by the police, you can a (small) fine fear but not a stay in prison, as would have been the case before 2015. The private cultivation of up to five cannabis plants and the consumption of small amounts has been tolerated for about three years. "Permitted" smoking also takes place at some festivals and smoking weed is also permitted for medical purposes.

In general, the laws are not entirely consistent with the implementation, which is why you should not rely on presumed tolerance limits. An official legalization is not set and so you should smoke public cannabis and that Avoid carrying larger quantities.

Sun on your neck and reggae music in your ears ...

But with optimal climatic conditions for growing cannabis in such a tropical holiday destination, with the sun on your neck and reggae music in your ears, thinking about smoking weed is certainly not a shame.

Canada - the freshman on the green side

It was just a few weeks ago that in CanadaCannabis was legalized. Although the tolerance limit for cannabis consumption was already relatively high in most provinces in advance, it is now official: It is legal to own up to 30 grams of cannabis throughout Canada.

Good to know:

1 gram of marijuana costs around 10 Canadian dollars in Canada.

But before you want to book your next flight to beautiful Canada, I have to warn you: After a few hours, the cannabis was completely sold out in many shops. After a few days, the online and retail trade were virtually "bought empty". It seems like the Canadians have been waiting a long time for this day. So it would be better to wait and see how the situation develops over the next few months. But I admit: the idea sounds cool, between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific To sit in one of Vancouver's coffee shops and chat about the world with the lovable and open-minded Canadians.

USA - A cannabis road trip on the west coast

First of all: Smoking cannabis is going on in the USA very different from state to state handled. In some states, possession or use of cannabis is entirely illegal and punished severely!

But not everywhere: In nine states In the United States, you can legally consume cannabis. This includes the pioneer Colorado, but also Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, California as well as Maine, Massachusetts and, more recently, Vermont on the east coast. If you want to get to know the American cannabis culture, you can do it well with one, for example Road trip on the west coast connect.

Start the road trip in Seattle, where you can find officially licensed stores Cannabis in all forms can be purchased: As a joint, in a muffin or in creams or ointments. Enjoy the relaxed flair of the Emerald City and the clear air of the nature of the green Washington States.

Important: There are also a few important rules when it comes to legal cannabis use. This includes, for example, not driving a high car, not giving marijuana to minors, not taking the drug out of the state or smoking in public - all of these are illegal!

Next stop: Portland in Oregonwhich was the first in the US to be decriminalized and approved for medical use. You can then go to San Francisco in California Visit marijuana farms and test the quality of the weed. On Highway One it goes down the coast to San Diego. Here smoking weed is almost part of it, like smoking a normal cigarette in our country. There areCannabis shops, all around beautiful beaches with surfers and a relaxed lifestyle - the best ambience for your cannabis vacation. But remember: As with alcohol consumption, the United States does not allow you to smoke cannabis in public. As a rule, consumption in private households is the only option.

But there are alternatives: So there is in Colorado, Oregon or California Cannabis cafesthat allow you to consume your own cannabis. Washington cannabis stores also sell the recreational drug in foods like muffins, which are easy to consume. Nevada also plans to incorporate cannabis cafes as soon as possible to increase tax revenue from sales. Some of the nine states even have cannabis tours, but unfortunately these are not always legal. So it is better to be careful than to be safe!

Spain - cannabis clubs and la vida loca

Most of you probably wouldn't have thought that Spain would end up in the list of top cannabis travel destinations, right? In fact, the use of the recreational drug is not legal in Spain either.

In the region of Catalonia in the north of Spain, however, the laws were loosened considerably last year: In so-called Cannabis Social Clubs is cultivation and consumption permitted or at least tolerated.

To get this opportunity, however, you would have to apply for membership in one of the clubs, which is usually first approved after about two weeks becomes. A measure to circumvent drug tourism that still plagues the Netherlands.

Smoke a little cannabis between tapas and sun ...

So if you want to smoke a bit of cannabis between Spanish tapas and plenty of hours of sunshine in Catalonia, you should better have a longer one Journey through northern Spain plan to become a member of a cannabis social club. And caution is advised: what applies in Catalonia does not also apply to the neighboring regions!

Cannabis and drug tourism

One consequence of the passion for cannabis consumption and the non-global legalization of the drug is that in recent years a form of tourism has emerged that exclusively serves drug consumption: the Drug tourism. Countries like Uruguay counteract this by legalizing cannabis only for Uruguayans, just as in Spanish Catalonia membership in a cannabis social club must first be acquired.

But more and more countries are jumping on the bandwagon of (partial) legalization. State control of the trailblazers has shown that the Substance abuse decreased could be. In general, it is important that everyone who intends to use cannabis in another country is well informed about the legal situation in that country, region or state. There are still numerous countries where harsh penalties follow for the use, possession or even trafficking of cannabis.

You better not smoke cannabis here!

Even if many countries have joined the "trend" of cannabis legalization, the whole thing still has its downsides: Many users are becoming more reckless and consuming without thinking about the risks. That is why I am now introducing three countries in which you are better off don't get caught with cannabis leaves!

  • Singapore:Possession of cannabis can earn you ten years in prison in Singapore. Black trafficking can even result in the death penalty.
  • United Arab Emirates: If you are caught here with cannabis in milligrams, the minimum imprisonment that can be expected is four years. Again, trade can result in the death penalty.
  • Indonesia:Possession of cannabis can - if caught - result in up to twelve years in prison and fines tens of thousands of dollars.

What do you think of the topic of cannabis vacations?

As you can see, cannabis regulations vary widely around the world. A few countries are still perfect for your cannabis vacation. Now I am interested in what you think about it.

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