Is it worth buying Etsy items

It's that easy to make money with Etsy

Do you play with the idea of ​​products Etsy to offer? If not, take a look at the numbers: 39 million active buyers last year at the global marketplace shopped. Business is booming and continues to attract millions of users - potential customers for your products.

Since 2005, visitors have been able to attend Etsy all imaginable and above all unique products acquire. From greeting cards to candles to clothing and jewelry, a multitude of different goods are waiting to be bought - whether as gifts or for yourself. With such a high number of visitors, it is not surprising that many sellers dream of their Etsy online shop transform into a full time business. But creativity and passion alone are not enough to make the Online market to gain a foothold in the long term. Find out what you can sell on Etsy, what factors you need to consider and how your business pays off.

What is Etsy?

Etsy is one of the world's largest Online marketplaces and offers designers, artists and collectors from all over the world the chance to present their mostly self-produced products to offer. Users can browse thousands of handmade products, vintage items, and art supplies. Unlike conventional e-commerce websites, Etsy users can quickly and easily Contact the dealers take up. Thanks to the social features, sales here often take place on a more personal level than at Amazon & Co. The platform advertises “more humanity in retail” and describes itself as a “global marketplace for unique and creative goods”.

Etsy and DaWanda

The company's headquarters are in New York. Since 2010 there has also been a branch in Berlin. Up until 2018, the DaWanda platform was the main competitor in this country because it pursued the same concept as its US competitor. After this DaWanda After it had ceased operations, the company recommended that buyers and sellers switch to Etsy and offered them a free tool to make it easy for them to move.

In fact, Etsy is much more than a traditional online marketplace. Not only articles are sold here. At the same time, users are encouraged to open their own "business". If you also want to set up a business, an Etsy shop could be yours Entry into self-employment be.

What can you sell on Etsy?

Every seller on Etsy has their own Shop, in which he can post an unlimited number of articles. Each product in turn has a page on which buyers can get more information about it, for example through a meaningful description and product photos. Unlike with large online retailers such as Amazon and Ebay, there are certain restrictions on which products sellers are allowed to offer.

Reviews at Etsy Germany

Etsy offers buyers a 5-star rating system to rate their purchase on an Etsy shop. The more positive the experience of your buyers in your Etsy shop, the more stars you can collect. The perfect shopping experience on Etsy not only includes good products and their optimal presentation, but also good customer service. It starts with a smooth order, continues with various payment options, a correct invoice, on-time delivery and an uncomplicated way to return. Just as important for your customers is transparent communication on how to cancel an order in your Etsy shop and what to consider when making a return.

Selling on Etsy: Items from the following categories may be sold:

  • Handmade products: This category includes all self-made products at Etsy, such as jewelry, art, clothing, fabrics and the like. It is not important whether the seller makes the products himself, he can also have them made by others.
  • Art supplies: Articles that other people need to make their own creations can also be sold on Etsy, such as tools, ingredients or materials.
  • Vintage items: Whether clothing, office supplies or video games - vintage items can be sold in the Etsy shop, provided they are at least 20 years old.

In 5 steps to your own Etsy shop

Listing products on Etsy is not rocket science. Until you can offer an article, there are only a few steps that we have summarized for you in the following.

1. Create an Etsy account

First you have to register with Etsy. As soon as you have registered as a member of Etsy on the website, you can create your own Etsy shop.

2. Open the Etsy shop

So that you don't get thrown into the deep end, Etsy helps you step by step to create your own shop. To do this, click on the “Open your Etsy shop” area and select your language, your country and your currency.

3. Choose a name

To get started, you need to define a name for your shop. Your goal should be to choose a name that arouses curiosity, sounds inviting, is easy to remember, and will be remembered by customers. In the best case, it represents exactly the products that you are offering.

4. Fill your Etsy shop

Once you have decided on a name, you can discontinue your products immediately. It is important that you have both a meaningful description ponder, as well high quality photos in which potential customers can get an impression of your products.

5. Set the prices

In fact, sellers also have to pay certain fees if they want to offer items for sale on the platform. Accordingly, you should know what costs you will incur when selling and calculate your prices in such a way that you also achieve long-term profits.

Etsy shop dashboard

In order to be able to see all important information at a glance, Etsy supports sellers with the shop dashboard. To use the dashboard, you need to log into Etsy on the website under Shop Manager. This will take you directly to your dashboard.

Delete your Etsy account

If you delete your Etsy account, it cannot be restored. Alternatively, you can close your Etsy account. This makes it inactive, but can be reopened later. Accordingly, you can also temporarily close your Etsy shop and reopen it at any time.

What are the fees for selling on Etsy?

As with so many Sales platforms also wants a piece of the cake from Etsy when you list and sell products. Opening your own shop does not cost you anything, but at the latest when you offer an article on Etsy fees at. However, these are manageable:

  • For the Listing of products Etsy charges a one-time fee of approximately 17 cents. The fee is also deducted if an item is not sold.
  • The Transaction fees are 5 percent of the total item costs plus shipping and gift packaging.
  • Shipping on Etsy: There is also Shipping transaction costs, which are 5 percent of the stated shipping costs.
  • For payments over Etsy Payments processing fees of 4 percent plus 30 cents apply. However, there are also other payment options.

To calculate the fees for your online shop, you will find a selection of fee calculators on Etsy that you can use.

Payment methods on Etsy

There are several ways to pay for purchases. For one, buyers can click on Etsy Payments fall back on what most Payment methods are already included. Here the contributions are transferred directly to your bank account. You can also pay using PayPal, credit and debit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay and Etsy Coupons is possible. It doesn't matter which country your buyers come from.

Note on foreign currencies

If you post items in a currency other than that of your account, the Etsy Payments contributions will be converted to the currency of the payment account. If a currency conversion is necessary, the platform charges a fee of 2.5 percent.

A business on a global level

If you open a business in Germany, you will only reach the customers who are actually in this country. At Etsy it looks different, because here you have to think globally. Your Etsy shop is located in Germany, but since the site attracts customers from all over the world, you speak at the same time international audience at. Many shop owners therefore recommend not only listing items in German, but also in English.

Some sellers do not offer international shipping because they assume that the shipping costs will either be a deterrent for customers or the expense would be too high. Etsy itself argues that a buyer who really wants to buy what you sell will also pay for shipping. If you also offer your products to international users, you can get yours Customer base expand enormously.

Legal aspects that you should be aware of

If you want to become commercially active and list your self-produced articles on Etsy regularly and with the intention of making a profit, you have to Register business and pay business taxes. There is one exception to selling on Etsy without a business: if you are a private person. In Germany there are certain criteria that determine whether your shop is viewed as a private flea market or as a business. Above all, yours is decisive Selling and profit intent. If you produce something for money and sell items in order to generate long-term profit, this is commercial. In this case you are working as an entrepreneur and have to pay the associated taxes. If you are unsure whether you really fall into the category of traders or whether you are considered a freelance artist after all, you should contact us at an early stage Trade or tax office to inform.

On the subject Taxes As an entrepreneur, you won't come across Etsy either. Sales tax in particular plays an important role, but income and trade tax should not be neglected either. How high these are depends on the amount of your income. Many aspiring salespeople start out with the Small business regulation Use. This means that your operating income subject to sales tax may not exceed the limit of 22,000 in the previous calendar year and a maximum of 50,000 in the current calendar year. If that's the case, you have to no sales tax to calculate. The trade tax is also only due from an annual profit of 24,500 euros.

Income tax is based on the amount of income. Here, too, there is a statutory allowance of 9,408 euros. So if your income is below that, you are also from the Income tax exempt.

Etsy: Millions of customers speak for themselves

It's not for nothing that Etsy is one of the most popular Online sales platforms at all. As with any business model, with the necessary ambition you can build a profitable business. Incidentally, the platform also impresses with its Seller protection. If there are disputes with buyers, Etsy can offer you help in the form of a Dispute settlement system. The App, thanks to which you can also access your shop while on the go.

Our tip: We recommend that you use a separate business account for all of your business activities. Are you treating private and business transactions separately, you not only make it easier for yourself accounting, but also keep a better overview of your professional income and expenses. Take a look at that Penta online business account. Thanks to our app, you can track activities from anywhere and are always up to date. The Penta app can also be used with your Accounting software link, which saves you time and stress in the long term. Find out now, without obligation, about the advantages of our online company account.