Why are corvettes so quiet

Probably no Corvette decision before the election


The US projects you are addressing are a farce. Aluminum hulls full of cracks, no clear operational concept, etc.

The former Swift, by the way, would be destroyed in the Yemen War.

The current high-speed transport ships are the Spearhead-class Expeditionary Fast Transport Ships.
Just like the LCS, these are fair-weather ships with significant limitations and design flaws.

When it comes to speed, Japan is planning a 40+ knot frigate ...


I mean that a fitness room at the bow blocks the space for the VLS.
However, the Mk 41 VLS also needs electricity and water ... the supply lines are probably missing.
It would make some sense since TKMS bids for export orders with designs based on the F-125.
In the case of export concepts, the 32 VLS is where the RAM launcher is now.
The CIWS, whatever, is then shifted to the lower elevation, as has been the case up to now.

Amidships is another elevation with VLS cells.
This is what the blueprint for Australia looked like 1.5 or 2 years ago.

The F-125 was to become the basic model A-400, which is 80% identical to the MKS180 for export (Canada and Australia).

I quote something from October 2015:

"TKMS representatives explained to Navy Recognition at the show that their SEA5000 proposal shares the same hull and machinery as the F-125 Frigate which matches the basic requirements. With its CODLOG propulsion system, the vessel can reach up to 20 knots on electric propulsion (and keep a very low acoustic level). F-125 can accommodate up to 64x VLS cells. The proposal for the RAN has 32x cells forward and 16x more between the two masts. Based on CGI, the SEA5000 configuration includes an Oto Melara 127mm main gun, two Phalanx CIWS (forward and aft) and two hangars. At 7,200 tons the F-125 is large ship, which TKMS says is necessary for the South Pacific Ocean.

TKMS SEA5000 proposal basic specifications:
Original design: F-125 (Baden-Württemberg class)
Length: 149.5 m
Max beam: 18.8 m
Displacement: 7,200 t
Accommodation: 110 (up to 190) "

http://www.navyrecognition.com/index.php/news/naval-exhibitions/pacific-2015-naval-show-daily-news/3162–pacific-2015-pictures-of-the-contenders-for-the- australian-navy-sea5000-asw-frigate.html

In addition, there is also the Mk48 and Mk 56 VLS for ESSM, which can be mounted on deck, partially or completely sunk into the deck. This VLS only needs electricity. And the ExLS VLS would also be available (the stand-alone version).

That has more to do with the priorities, the reluctance to renovate, etc.