How can I start my affiliate program

Your own affiliate program: this is how you can start your own affiliate program!

If you are selling your own information products, you should start building an affiliate program and finding affiliates as early as possible. The advantage of this is very clear.

You don't have to worry about marketing at all, or at least less, and you have more time for other things. And your marketing costs also go down, because your affiliates do the selling for you.

An affiliate program simply means that you pay a person a part of the sales proceeds if they manage to sell one or more of your products. You can find out more about this in this article: What is an affiliate program?

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How do you start your own affiliate program?

At the beginning you should invest in appropriate affiliate software, which you can buy from $ 100. However, the installation is often a bit difficult and if you don't want to deal with it, you should pay someone to do this job.

Either you can pay someone at or to set up the software or, even better, have your own partner program programmed and managed. The second alternative is of course more expensive, but in the long term it is best to have your own affiliate system.

At the beginning it is also advisable to rely on a service provider. With this variant you have to invest very little time and effort, but you have to give up part of the income. In English-speaking countries, for example, Clickbank is recommended.

In German-speaking countries you can either use Digistore24 or Superclix, although Superclix will hardly be worthwhile because of the high fee.

Why should you start your own affiliate program?

The most important reasons are of course to get more sales and lower marketing costs. So you increase the profits from your internet business. Over time, a real chain reaction can arise here, if more and more affiliates are added and more visitors become aware of it.

Another benefit that many overlook is search engine optimization. Every affiliate is basically an SEO partner too, because they place links (either text links or banners) to your website on their websites and increase your link popularity, which ultimately leads to better positions in search engine results. So an affiliate doesn't have to sell anything for you to benefit from their work.

The 3 most common mistakes

Before starting an affiliate program, you should know what the numbers are for your website. How high is the conversion rate or how many visitors actually buy? Which price works best? Is the sales page good? etc. You shouldn't put test projects in front of your affiliates and expect them to make money from them somehow if you can't do it yourself.

The reason why I still do not offer a partner program for many products is because I am not yet satisfied with the results and I am still in the test or optimization phase. Only when I know that my site is selling well will I offer this option to others.

Only when I can predict that four of the next 200 visitors will buy will I be ready for this step. Many sellers start their affiliate program too early and hope for the big hit, but if the affiliates don't make money with it, they will quickly run away.

That leads me to the next big mistake that many online salespeople make. They expect their affiliates to know how to sell and have the same marketing knowledge as they do. This is usually not the case and many webmasters just want to earn a few euros on the side without knowing how it really works.

For this reason, show your affiliates how to sell effectively. Teach them about internet marketing and do as much work for them as possible. It is a good idea to send them a short ebook on affiliate marketing after signing up and offer them additional promotional emails, a wide range of banners and marketing tips so that they know what to do.

In most cases, if you want good and successful affiliates, you have to show them how to sell properly. The better and happier your affiliates are, the more money you will make.

Another big mistake when starting your own affiliate program is getting too low a commission. Especially for information products that are sold in digital form (videos, interviews, ebooks), you should offer 50% or more of the sales price. One should not be stingy here, as there are so many salespeople.

The more you offer your affiliates, the more they will try for you and the more you will sell. Nobody turns their back on a commission of 5%, apart from the example of Amazon. But if a seller knows that they'll get $ 20 for every ebook they sell, they'll be much more motivated and work more - or rather, they'll work more for you.

There are many affiliate marketers without their own products or people with large lists who are always looking for interesting products to sell. But they don't get excited for a commission of 10%. It's just not worth it.

Therefore, offer your affiliates the highest possible participation. The higher the better. I always offer at least 50%. Often more for products under € 50. I like to pay € 20 to someone who has just sold an ebook for € 30 because I earn € 10 without having to work. The big advantage with affiliates is that you only have to pay them AFTER a sale has been made.

3 useful tips

After testing the sites and knowing the key numbers, John Reese recommends finding an affiliate first and making sure they make money. When that happens, you can use this affiliate as an example or testimonial and show a visitor how much you can earn with your affiliate program (e.g. through a telephone interview, checks, PayPal accounts, etc.). Gradually, you add more success stories from successful affiliates and prove that you can really make money with the product.

Also note that 90% or more of your affiliates will never make money, either because they are too lazy to do so or because they lack the necessary knowledge. But you also benefit from the many links that point directly to your sales page. It can also pay off to hold a contest among your affiliates and give the top three an iPod or a TV, for example. That will keep them motivated.

Make sure you also need to market an affiliate program. That means, you have to show testimonials from previous affiliates as proof, you need good sales copy and have to tell your readers about it. You will be most successful with your affiliate program if you can introduce prospective customers to at least one affiliate who has made money with your product.

10 tips for a bad affiliate program

I've been involved with affiliate programs for a long time. As an affiliate, of course, but also as an affiliate manager. From my extensive pool of funny, hair-raising and just crazy experiences, I have put together a (hopefully amusing) top 10 list that, if adhered to, guarantees you will have an absolute flop partner program 🙂

I. E. you should by no means do these things if you want to start or lead a successful affiliate program. But it is important for you to know what you should definitely avoid. So here are the top 10 failures for your own affiliate program.

  • Create only the standard advertising formats. ONLY put on banners and ignore the rest completely. For God's sake don't allow any creative suggestions when choosing advertising formats!
  • Get a 0900 number and your affiliates can only be reached via this number between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. Under no circumstances give out your normal phone number or cell phone number. Telephone = evil.
  • Treat every affiliate equally. There are no affiliates who are better than others. Tell your best traffic provider to stop making special requests.
  • If an affiliate signs up for the affiliate program but never becomes active, it doesn't matter at all. He is just simply unable to promote your affiliate program. Resign yourself to it and ignore this affiliate in the future.
  • When planning your affiliate program, only worry about maximizing your profits. Try to rip off the affiliates in any case so that they don't make too much money.
  • Start your affiliate program immediately with the maximum possible remuneration. Consistently ignore requests for increase.
  • If an affiliate doesn't advertise according to your rules, ignore them. Shortly before the payout, however, you have to cancel all leads. That will maximize your profit.
  • There is no need to advertise an affiliate program. People should kindly come to you if they want to make money.
  • Generally only answer inquiries 7 days later. Most things have already taken care of themselves, which saves you a lot of time.
  • An affiliate program never changes. Once put on, it works exactly the same for eternity.