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Many students currently have to study from home because schools and daycare centers in Germany are closed due to the spread of the coronavirus. However, there is often a lack of digitized learning material for this. That's why we looked around and created an overview for sources, learning pages and media libraries that helps you learn and acquire knowledge from home.

The first overview provides an overview with channels, portals and learning pages for the individual school subjects. In addition, after this overview you will find a collection of free learning programs that you can hear and see. The conclusion is formed by tools that are helpful for online learning or in the home office.

Last update: April 17, 2020, 5:13 pm.

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Study pages for all subjects

Below you will find a collection of links that offers you contact points for most school subjects. Youtube channels as well as information pages and learning platforms are listed here.

Select the subject area for which you need good sources and the list below is automatically sorted according to your requirements. By the way, the standard sorting is alphabetical.

Alpha LearningPhysicsVarious videos on specific topics from the department of physics. Units on mechanics, optics, thermodynamics and electrics are offered.111111101111
Biology School Although the area is not fully covered, the topics dealt with are very helpful.111110111111
Chemistry OnlineChemie Comprehensive portal on chemistry. The team around chemistry-online prepares the specialist area in a well-founded and structured manner in numerous articles.111111011111
DeutschPlusDeutschOnline-Grammar, which presents all essential questions about German grammar in a short overview. The grammar is done by the language school Logos operated.011111111111
DeutschStundeOnlineDeutschKanal with many videos on various topics of German lessons. The channel is operated by Daniela Krämer, who works as a German teacher.011111111111
E-LatinLatin website with numerous translations of Latin texts. There are texts by Cicero, Horace, Seneca and numerous other authors.111101111111
Ego4uEnglish describes itself only as English grammar, but offers the visitor much more, such as vocabulary overviews, learning tips, games and puzzles.110111111111
Simply EnglishEnglishOn Just English there are helpful videos about English grammar. Although the offer is currently very clear, it is being consistently expanded.110111111111
EnglishHelpEnglishExtensive page on the English language. This is about grammar, vocabulary, exercises, exams and even games are offered.110111111111
EnglishLessons4UEnglischEnglish-language Youtube channel run by Ronnie. Almost everything is covered by simple and extensive videos.110111111111
FerschMathePhysikFormula collection and sample exercises for physics and mathematics.101111101111
FragCaesarLateinOnline Latin dictionary with thousands of entries and tables on grammar.111101111111
Français avec Pierre French Recommended for advanced learners. Here you can listen to dialogues, write dictations and learn grammar rules. It also shows common mistakes.111011111111
Frustration-FreeLearningBiologyOverview of various topics from biology lessons. Sometimes these are even supplemented with short videos.111110111111
Geography site of the Munich Theodolinden grammar school. Here you can find information about the Wadden Sea, the world's deserts, the sea and various continents. There are also puzzles and tests.111111111101
History Abitur Here you can find specialist articles, worksheets, preparation for the Abitur as well as biographies of historical personalities.111111110111
Learn history The collected contributions are, however, very recommendable.111111110111
Goethe University Frankfurt Chemistry The basics of chemistry are prepared at this point and through various courses from the University of Frankfurt.111111011111
GrammarDeutschDeutschWebsite on German grammar, which also focuses on spelling. There are also individual exercises.011111111111
Synopsis.deGerman Numerous summaries of novels, short stories, dramas and short stories, which sometimes appear very detailed. Starting point for a solid overview of the works.011111111111
Classics from geography lessonsGeographyMany animated videos that highlight individual topics in geography lessons.111111111101
KunstkursOnlineKunstThe website offers a comprehensive overview of various techniques in the field of painting. There are also tutorials on drawing and photography.111111111011
LEARN FRENCH WITH VINCENT French Learn French with an incredible amount of video material. The only downside: the channel is in English. Still a great source for the French language. The offer is available at Learn French with Vincent also in German - but very slimmed down.111011111111
LEIFIphysikPhysik On this portal there are materials, experiments, tasks, tests and reading material, which has been prepared according to year and federal state. The available material complements and expands physics lessons in schools.111111101111
TeacherSchmidtMatheYoutube channel by Kai Schmidt, which primarily deals with mathematical questions. Here are short videos that get straight to the point.101111111111
LingoliaFrench grammar, vocabulary, exercises. On Lingolia, other languages ​​are also clearly conveyed, but above all the French offer stands out.111011111111
Martin MissfeldtKunstThe artist and website operator Martin Missfeldt offers many art tutorials on his private homepage. Clear and recommendable.111111111011
Math by Daniel JungMatheYoutube channel by Daniel Jung, who explains the various problems that can arise in mathematics in over 2,000 short explanatory videos.101111111111
MathebibelMathe Comprehensive website that deals with numerous questions in mathematics and illustrates them with videos, pictures and extensive explanations.101111111111
MrWissen2go GeschichteHistoryMirko Drotschmann operates this channel and is most probably known as MrWissen2go known. The videos are elaborately produced and cover a wide range of history lessons.111111110111
Chemist and journalist Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim prepares and explains many questions about chemistry in an appealing way on this YouTube channel.111111011111
Lisa Ruhfus explains numerous questions from German lessons in loving videos. The offer has been discontinued, but the helpful videos are online.011111111111
Above all, this page offers you a large collection of materials. It is aimed more at taller students, but can come up with a lot of interesting information.111111111101
Online LatinaLateinYoutube channel that deals with Latin and explains the language in detail in numerous videos. The preparation is minimalist, but the content is well-founded.111101111111
Clever headAll subjectsOnline learning platform that asks almost all subject areas in various quiz questions. Ideal for deepening and repeating knowledge across disciplines.
SerloBiologieOverview of the Department of Biology. The free learning platform offers numerous and simple explanations, courses, learning videos and exercises with sample solutions.111110111111
SimpleClubChemie Almost all of the learning content in the field of chemistry is comprehensibly prepared in over 400 videos. The offer is currently growing strongly.111111011111
SimpleClubGeographySome videos on the subject geography. The videos are to the point and shed light on a wide variety of topics.111111111101
Sports lesson from ALBASportThe basketball club Alba Berlin offers a daily hands-on unit for daycare children and primary school students on this channel, which can be trained at home.111111111110
WorldmapperGeographyExciting views of our world are wonderfully displayed here. This is less about the subject than about a new look at our planet.111111111101
WortwuchsDeutsch information portal with numerous articles on German, literature, German studies and grammar. The offer is supplemented by media content such as videos and audio files. The site is aimed primarily at older pupils and students.-111111111111

Media libraries & audio content

There are many media libraries on the Internet that provide various programs or video clips from various television channels. We looked around and would like to bundle the best learning content that is available free of charge.

titleMedia libraryAudio
Alpha Learning Video The Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation offers a very wide range of numerous learning videos. The media offer includes many videos on the various school subjects.01
Experience historyVideoThematic collection of the ZDF with programs and clips on history. Media for second World War, to early modern age, middle Ages and other content.01
Understanding ArtVideoCollection of different artist portraits, documentaries about the style of different masters as well as videos with detailed image analyzes.01
MikadoAudioMikado is the NDR's children's radio. Due to the corona epidemic, there is now a daily series of knowledge on very different topics. These can of course also be listened to online and cover various specialist areas.10
Natural science and astronomy videoThematic collection of the ZDF with programs and clips on the natural sciences and individual contributions on astronomy. Good playlist on math, physics and chemistry.01
Planet SchuleVideoVirtual offer of the ARD. Under the headline Planet school Various learning and knowledge programs can be found here, which are sorted by topic.01
SWR2 WissenAudioInteresting contributions to research, world events, education and history. Exciting articles that have been thoroughly researched and show connections and surprising backgrounds in various areas.10
The BR Mediathek offers an extensive range of video learning opportunities that offer students clips for many subjects, such as German, English, mathematics, biology or chemistry.01
TED TalksVideo Exciting lectures on innovative ideas and current developments. Most of the videos are in English but have subtitles in many languages. The offer is aimed primarily at older schoolchildren, students and adults.01

Online learning tools

There are several tools that make working and studying at home easier. Below you will find a selection of helpful tools to make important tasks easier for you.

This list can be sorted according to your needs. You can currently find tools here for file uploading, sharing and of course for communication via the Internet. If you have a tip for us as to which tool is missing here, write us a message.

BlinkistOther Sometimes it is helpful to summarize key statements of extensive books in a nutshell in order to get a quick overview. Blinkist transforms the most important points of many non-fiction books into 15-minute short texts and audio tracks.1110
Dropbox Storage Space Dropbox is a file hosting service. Dropbox is used for online data storage, but also for the exchange of data between different users. The free version offers 2 GigaByte free storage space.0111
Google Drive storage space Google Drive enables the storage and exchange of data and is therefore primarily used for online data storage. The free version offers 15 GigaByte free storage space.0111
Google HangoutsChat Opportunities to chat and exchange via video conference. However, the number of participants is limited to 10 people. Make video calls with a maximum of 10 people. You can also share your own screen with others.1011
We have set up a small area with learning music to make learning from home more pleasant. Here you can find background music.1110
NoisliOther If you are not used to working alone, the ceiling quickly falls on your head in the changed environment. Noisli offers you the opportunity to create a soundscape. Do you need sounds from school or nature? No problem!1110
SkypeChat With Skype you can hold free conference calls. In addition, video conferencing and, of course, writing messages are possible.1011
StretchlyOrganisationIn school the doorbell rings every 45 or 90 minutes and you take a break. At home, however, it is easy to forget the time. Therefore, it can be helpful to remember to take a break every now and then. Stretchly does just that.1101
TransferNow storage space If you do not need permanent online storage, but want to send larger data once, you can go to transfernow To fall back on. Data packages of up to 20 GigaByte are possible and free of charge.0111
TrelloOrganisationTrello allows online To-do lists to create and manage projects. This means that tasks can be conveniently coordinated in a team.1101
ZoomChatFree web conferences can be held after successful registration and installation of a plugin. The free version is limited to 40 minutes at a time. Screen transfer is also possible.1011

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