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50 things you can do about your studies even if you don't have time

Study more successfully with mini-activities!

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Hardcover: 132 pages
1st edition: 2016
Author: Tim Reichel
Published by Studienscheiss Verlag
ISBN: 978-3-9818191-5-1
Hardcover: 14.8 x 14.8 cm
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E-book: approx. 132 pages
1st edition: 2016
Author: Tim Reichel
Published by Studienscheiss Verlag
ISBN: 978-3-9818191-6-8
Format: PDF
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Practical tips that really work

Mini-actions allow you to do something for your studies, even if you don't have any time. They are tiny steps that have a big impact. Quickly done, perfect for in between and result-oriented to the power of 10.

I will introduce you to 50 practical tips that you can implement immediately and that will help you advance in your studies. For everyone Mini action I'll show you how the action works exactly and what's behind it, as well as the three biggest advantages of the respective measure, three concrete examples so that it is as easy for you to start as possible and the approximate duration so that you can better assess the effort and not yourself bogged down.

You will not even notice that you are doing something for your studies, but you will still study many times more productively and achieve much better results than before.

Studying is stressful! In the hectic everyday life of the university, you simply don't have time for large study sessions. Lectures, seminars, part-time jobs and other obligations block large parts of your calendar and slow you down.

You will not find a quiet phase in which you can concentrate on studying or thinking. But that's not a problem, because with the right approach, you can make the most of the little time you have available.

And that's what I'll show you in this book: The solution to your lack of time is small, but brutally efficient mini-actionsthat you can do in small time windows.

If your studies are very busy, but you still can't keep up with your studies, mini-activities are just the thing for you.

How this book will help you

In this book I introduce you to 50 little things that you can do for your studies, even though you actually are no time at all has. 50 tried and tested steps that take little time but will revolutionize the way you work.

I'll show you how you can do more for your studies in just a few minutes than in a whole week. And all of this with a few simple tricks that you can easily implement.

There is no theoretical introduction or scientific fanfare in this book. I'll show you 50 concrete actionsthat you can implement immediately; without prior knowledge or familiarization time.

You can just go ahead and try out what suits you best or brings you the greatest benefit.

50 things you can do about your studies even if you don't have time

You will become a better student in no time with these 50 mini actions. And all of this with a few simple tricks that you can easily integrate into your everyday life.

  • 50 concrete measures for in between
  • Immediate help for stressed students
  • For a healthy study-life balance
  • 14 day money back guarantee

"Hey, I'm Tim. For over six years I have been working at a large German university (RWTH Aachen) as a subject advisor. I coach students every day, advise on difficulties in studying and write examination regulations.

Via my platform, I help thousands of students throughout Germany to organize their studies and to find their way through the bureaucratic jungle of the university landscape. If there is anything I know about in this world, it is study organization. Not particularly sexy, but extremely useful if you happen to be studying.

I know how studying works - and in this book I'll show you a few small but effective tricks so that you can finally do more for your studies - even if you don't actually have any time. "

The book shows many good approaches and is a fine source of advice and ideas. I don't usually like books like this, but the way they are written makes them really fun to read. The tips are explained in an understandable way and - as announced - no major descriptions are used.

Sandra, studies nutritional science in Cologne

Of course, you already know some tips from the book, but the compilation finally gives you the incentive to do something. Overall, I like it very much. All mini-actions are helpful and kept nice and short.

​​Alex, studies mechanical engineering in Munich

The book is made for me and gets to the heart of my problem: I just don't have enough time to study. I've already read the Bachelor of Time and think that the new book is very well written again. I just wanted to take a quick look, but I can't find the jump while reading because I'm curious to see what comes next. I will definitely be able to take tips from the book. Many Thanks!

Melanie, studies computer science in Berlin

Absolutely helpful if you already have little time and can't do a lot of "time management". The tips are short and sweet with suitable examples. Just fits.

​​Stephan, distance student from Kiel

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Small steps to success

Get your 50 mini-activities now and start your studies properly - even if you don't have time!