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The Plimsoll Study Cutting tools

The 164 largest companies in the German cutting tool industry are examined in the study.

Industry analysis | Published: 04/05/2021
  • 53Companies are at risk
  • 2Companies are making losses
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The Plimsoll study Cutting tools

The 164 largest companies in the German cutting tool industry are examined in the study.

The Plimsoll analysis will show you the general economic performance and company value of all 164 leading German cutting tool companies. You will get an up-to-date assessment of each company and learn where each company's strengths and weaknesses are. You will learn which companies are in trouble, which are growing the fastest, and which are the best acquisition targets. The latest analysis shows that:

  • 53 Companies are at risk

    Based on the latest balance sheet figures, the Plimsoll Analysis classifies 53 companies as "threatened". In the past, Plimsoll classified companies in the cutting tool industry as "threatened" in 9 out of 10 cases 2 years in advance, which then went bankrupt.

    Analysis gives you an early warning of who might be next. Each of the 164 cutting tool companies examined in the Plimsoll analysis were rated as “Strong,” “Good,” Moderate, “Vulnerable,” and “Threatened.” These ratings are based on the Plimsoll model and the unique graphical representations highlight each company's current strengths and measure the change in performance over the last 4 balance sheet years.

    The chart below shows the ranking of companies in the industry for this month based on the ratings mentioned above:

    •  Strong (53 Companies)
    •  Good (15 Companies)
    •  Mediocre (22 Companies)
    •  Endangered (21 Companies)
    •  Threatened (53 Companies)

    These evaluations change monthly due to newly added balance sheet figures. You will be among the first to know which companies are growing and which are deteriorating.

  • 2 Companies are making losses

    Another sign of the strong competition in the German market is that 1 companies have not given up operations, even if they have been recording losses for two years. These companies flood the market and are often the reason why the remaining companies have to deal with losses in their own profit margins.

    The next 12 months are crucial for these companies because they have two options: either they decide to operate sustainably or they will run out of money.

    Number of companiesAverage profit margin
    Most profitable196,9

    The profitability of each company is examined in detail and a 4-year trend analysis allows year-to-year comparison.

    • 53 companies were classified as "threatened" and are in danger
    • 1 company has been showing losses for 2 years

What other insights will the Plimsoll study give you?

Plimsoll Analysis has been used by directors and decision makers to observe and understand the market for more than three decades. Based on the latest available company figures, the analysis enables you to:

  • Find out how your company is doing in comparison to its competitors
  • Select the latest acquisition targets
  • Be warned about the companies that may pose a threat to you
  • Recognize early on the companies that are in financial distress
  • Recognize the outstanding companies in the market
  • Share the analysis with 4 other colleagues

With the help of the Plimsoll study, I got to know many new competitors in Germany. Plimsoll uses easy-to-read graphics to show me where the strengths and weaknesses of my competitors are and how I can improve the economic health of my own company.

Dr. Judith Striker | Managing Director | Institute Virion \ Serion GmbH

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