Who is your crush 3

With these flirty messages you will win your crush for yourself

What do you call a text message that is flirty but too innocent to be called sexting? Flexting? Please be patient with me; I'm still brainstorming.
Whatever you call such a message, it is simply part of the data. However, this form of flirting can be just as scary as one-to-one. That's why you should first find out if your Crush is at least partially interested in you before you blow up his or her phone.
"You can be sure that the person who did it to you is open to flirting if he or she goes into your flirting offensive," explains psychologist Dr. Barbara Greenberg. “The pupils dilate when a person is interested in their counterpart. Therefore, look into the eyes of your loved one. Because they speak volumes. "
If you mostly limit your advances to texting or online messaging, you can use Dr. According to Greenberg, assuming your crush is most likely into you if he or she continues the conversation. If the person you adore responds without too much delay, that's a very good sign too.
All well and good, but you have no idea what exactly to write or which emojis to send? Do not worry! I've compiled a list of some tried and tested messages that you can use if you want to go flirty but aren't ready to sexting just yet. Use these messages to kickstart the conversation with your crush.