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Two thirds of all Internet users are even satisfied with the first five results - and ignore the rest of them.

Organic internet search is again the main source of internet traffic for individual websites. This is mainly due to the changes in the Facebook algorithm, which are now having an impact on so-called referrals: For the first time since 2014, search engines are again ahead of social networks.

Overall, people currently make around 3.45 billion search queries a day on the Internet - the majority of them at the online giant Google: In Germany alone, almost 9 out of 10 search queries are made by the US group.

Noticeable: Almost nine out of ten Internet users never look beyond the first page of Google results (86 percent). Even more: two thirds of all users are even satisfied with the first five results - and ignore the rest (68 percent).

In addition, half of all Internet traffic still comes from organic online searches. The dependency on B2B websites is even stronger: here almost three quarters of all traffic comes from classic Internet searches.

It is therefore particularly important for companies to continue to observe a few important basic rules of search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization, SEO). This includes, for example, regularly providing new content, because the Google algorithms rate fresh content higher.

The same applies to sufficient links to your own and third-party content, the use of images and, above all, the headline of the content. Among other things, it depends on a suitable length and the right keywords.

More information about SEO and the importance of online search in the following infographic:

Source: Web Marketing Group

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