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How Much Money Do I Have to Invest to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

If you start with affiliate marketing, you might be wondering what you need to invest in order to make money with affiliate marketing.

As is so often the case, the quick answer is: "It depends".

In this basic article I show possible costs / investments and explain whether and when it makes sense to spend money in affiliate marketing.

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Start affiliate marketing without spending any money

It is of course possible in principle to start affiliate marketing without spending a single euro. You don't necessarily have to invest money.

There are free blog hosters where you can get at least one freely selectable subdomain. You write texts yourself and marketing it may take time, but you can do that without investing a cent. Layout templates and useful plugins are also available for free ...

So the first answer to today's question is: Yes, you can make money with affiliate marketing without investing a single euro.

Benefits of Investment

But there are definitely advantages to taking money in hand.

So first of all, of course, is the factor time. Anyone who is a schoolboy or student usually has enough of it, so that this is not a real argument in favor of spending money. As a self-employed person or if you do affiliate marketing part-time, the time factor plays a more important role.

Not only the time that you have to invest plays a role, but also that speed with which you can implement the affiliate website and make it successful. If you are not in a hurry, you can safely wait. However, if you want to earn money with your affiliate website as quickly as possible (because it targets a seasonal or one-off event, for example), you can get there faster with money.

They shouldn't be underestimated either quality your own affiliate website. So you can use a free WordPress theme and, if you have any idea about it, adapt it optically. But many are not able to do this, so it would be worth considering investing in a professional theme.

And of course you can't always know everything and that's why it makes sense to be in know-how to invest and e.g. to buy specialist texts or to give marketing / SEO measures to experts.

As you can see from these explanations, it depends very much on your own requirements and goals. Where it makes sense to invest money in one, it may not be so in another.

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Where can you invest money?

Now I would like to list various things that can be worth investing in.

  • domain

    I strongly advise using your own top-level domain. The costs for this are only a few euros a year, but the advantages over a subdomain are great.

  • Hosting

    You certainly don't need a server for your first affiliate site, but it should be a decent web space that doesn't collapse at the first small rush of visitors. In addition, you can adapt the software much more flexibly on your own web space than is the case, for example, with a blog host. Such hosting packages are available for a few euros a month, including your own domain. I can highly recommend and Domainfactory, but of course there are many other good hosters out there.

  • Theme / layout

    It is no longer so clear when it comes to the layout. I created my first affiliate sites using free WordPress themes. However, I am a web developer and can adapt these very well myself. There are of course many good free themes, but professional affiliate themes offer significantly more graphic options and usually also useful affiliate features. In addition, these are often optimized as landing pages and that ensures more conversions than a classic blog layout.

  • Plugins

    Plugins are one of those things too. 99% of WordPress plugins are free, and for most things the free ones are perfect too. But there are individual cases where a premium plugin makes sense. For example, I use the AAWP plugin on almost all of my projects, which in my opinion is the best Amazon affiliate plugin. And of course there are other affiliate plugins that cost money.

  • Texts

    Of course you can write the lyrics yourself. But if you can't or don't want to, you can buy texts from external copywriters or text portals. Most of the time, your own time is also more expensive than a purchased item. However, that of course also depends on how you want to align your own affiliate site and your own texts are more authentic.

  • Google Ads

    Now we come to what is probably the biggest cost factor, marketing. On the one hand, there is Google Ads. This means that you can immediately ensure targeted traffic on your own affiliate site. Of course, you should be careful that you earn more with ads than you spend. You can definitely use a voucher for the first tests. Google is always giving out a 50, - Euro voucher to everyone for free.

  • Link building

    Another marketing task is link building. You can do this the natural way, by waiting for voluntary backlinks and doing various free actions yourself. But you can also use special backlink services such as * to help build links.

  • Banner advertising

    Another way of marketing is banner advertising. In blogs, websites or forums, where exactly my target group is, it can be worthwhile to place a banner. The CPM prices are low, so you can at least test this traffic source cheaply.

Sure, there are more potential costs to be had on an affiliate website. But those were the most important ones so far.

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Example calculation

The following is an example calculation for various investments in an affiliate website for the first month:

  • Hosting (including domain) = 5 euros
  • Premium plug-in AAWP = 39 euros
  • 10 texts = 50 euros
  • Google Ads ads = 50 euros
  • Total for the first month = 144 euros

Of course, 144 euros is not little money at first. However, the plugin costs are only charged once. And the investment in texts will certainly decrease later, once you have fundamentally equipped the affiliate site with content.

In addition, the Google Ads expenditure is not a pure cost, but an investment with a direct return on investment.

So you should take more than 50 euros in the first month. However, due to the test phase (both for ads and conversion optimization) in your own blog in the first month there can also be a minus at the end.

But after 3 months at the latest, the ads investments should pay off and the profit should then also cover the other costs incurred.

So a later month could look like this:

  • Hosting (including domain) = 5 euros
  • 4 texts = 20 euros
  • Ads = 30 euros
  • Sum for the x. Month = 55 euros

Some costs then no longer exist or have decreased, such as the costs for new texts.

And the Google Ads costs also decrease, as they a) have optimized them better and b) now get more traffic from natural links or search engines.


It should not be forgotten that one wants to make a profit. With all cost considerations, one should not forget that there should be a good plus at the end. And you don't have to earn every euro that you don't spend.

Conclusion - how much money do I have to invest?

In the end, everyone has to decide for themselves whether to take money into their hands on an affiliate website. The various investment opportunities definitely bring advantages and if you are not an expert yourself in these areas (e.g. layout or texts), then you should definitely consider this option.

Of course everyone wants to spend as little money as possible, but if you save in the wrong place and your own affiliate website doesn't move at all, you haven't been able to do anything.

At least I invest in good hosting and one or the other premium plugin.

How is it with you?

Your questions

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