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Halo: Reach

"You know the beginning. And therefore also the end."
- Introduction to the Halo: Reach Teaser

Halo: Reach is a first-person shooter and the fourth Halo part developed by Bungie. The action is before the first part Halo: fight for the future and tells the events during the Battle of Reach from the perspective of soldier SPARTAN-B312, a member of the SPARTAN Squad Team Noble.

The game was released on September 14, 2010 in both the US and Europe. A total of 8.4 million copies were sold within the first 40 weeks.[2]

The official soundtrack for the game was released on September 28, 2010.[3]

Campaign [edit | Edit source]

Campaign missions Edit source]

  1. Noble Actual (opening scene)
  2. Emergency plan winter[4]
  3. MND sword base
  4. dusk
  5. Spearhead
  6. Long night of comfort[5]
  7. Exodus
  8. New Alexandria
  9. The package
  10. The Pillar of Autumn
  11. loner

Prologue [edit | Edit source]

The game begins with a view of the glazed planet Reach. Several mountains and areas are shown, which were deformed by the orbital bombardment. The camera pans down, where you can see a helmet lying on the floor with a badly damaged visor. The word Reach appears.

Local uprisings Edit source]

There is a leap in time. You can see the undamaged helmet. It's that of Noble Six Lieutenant SPARTAN-B312, the newest member of the Noble Team. He puts on his helmet and you see a vast landscape somewhere north of the planet on July 24, 2552 at 7:28 a.m.

Six bursts straight into Colonel Urban Holland's bring, but is first from Noble two Lieutenant Commander Catherine-B320 held up. Urban continues the bringing and explains that the connection to a relay station has been broken. The MND only considers this to be exaggerated for local uprisings and the commitment of the Noble Team. However, Holland was able to prevail. The team should bring the station back online.

Noble One Commander Carter-A259 greets Six and briefs Noble four Warrant Officer Emile-A239 and Noble Five Chief Warrant Officer Jorge-052 in front. As the team goes to the Falcons, he explains to Six that the rest of the team is less likely to greet a newcomer. Above all, six shouldn't act as a loner. Last welcomed Noble three Warrant Officer Jun-A266 Noble Six on Reach.

In Visegrad, contact with the command is broken. This forces the Noble team to work alone. You can quickly find some destroyed vehicles, as well as an emergency signal, which is a few kilometers away from the relay. Carter quickly thinks of the possibility that the Alliance could be on Reach, which Jorge refuses. After examining a badly damaged building, the team finds a group of farmers. They reported gunshots near the neighboring building and one of the farmers said something killed his son.

Jun suddenly notices several movements in a building further away. The team finds several dead soldiers who were probably interrogated and then killed. There are also some unknown traces of blood that lead away from the building. Above the building, on the roof, the team hears some strange noises, but Jun cannot see anything on the thermal image. In the adjacent building, however, the team suddenly sees a skirmish who was exploring the area. The area is now declared as a free fire zone.

After several skirmishes against the Alliance and a few landing squads, the team finds some of the missing soldiers alongside many dead colonists. Noble helps them escape and sets out to repair the relay. Inside the relay, Six finds a dead professor, Laszlo Sorvad, who died from a particle sword and had a datapad with him, which Kat Six immediately stole. The Ralais itself was badly damaged by plasma bombardment, which meant that the damage could not be foreseen. Carter finds an injured soldier who says they have been separated from the rest of the squad. When Jorge finds a woman who was hiding, the team is suddenly attacked by several zealots, which Noble unceremoniously incapacitates. The elites have to flee, with one escaping. However, Jorge and Six managed to kill the other Zealots.

After examining the relay, Kat is certain that the station would take several weeks to repair. Jorge and Emile had a brief argument because Emile was sure that Jorge was thinking too emotionally. After Carter was able to contact Holland, this contingency plan had to call out Winter.

The team fights against the alliance [edit | Edit source]

After the sword base reports that it is being besieged by an Alliance corvette, the Noble team is dispatched to take control of the situation. Six manages to get outposts like the anti-aircraft gun and communication back online with Kat. However, the corvette intervenes directly in the fight and bombs the sword base. After Team Noble successfully defended the base and the corvette was shot down from orbit, Catherine calls Elizabeth Halsey for a debriefing. She demands the datapad back that Kat had stolen and reports that the Zealots who attacked her near Visegrad were probably looking for artefacts for their religion.

After Jun and Six led a reconnaissance mission together, during which they found sabotage on a pylon with high-quality cloaking equipment and an invading army preparing to attack Reach, the UNSC began a quick pre-emptive strike against the Alliance. On August 12, 2552, the Noble team at the head attacked with a huge army. Although the alliance initially suffered heavy losses, the tide turned. When Six destroys a teleportation point together with Jorge, the UNSC Grafton is destroyed by the intervention of an Alliance supercarrier. The UNSC was devastated by the intervention of the carrier, which shook Jorge.

While the invasion of Reach was in full swing, Kat developed a plan: She wants to use the Saber program and a hyperspace bomb to destroy the supercarrier instead of waiting for reinforcements in orbit. After a brief discussion, Carter decides to ask Colonel Halland. On August 14, 2552, the Noble team fought their way to the launch site. Jorge and six took a seat in a Saber and made their way to Anchor 9, which was supposed to dismantle the FTL drive of the UNSC Savannah. While Jorge is supposed to take care of the transport of the hyperspace bomb, he must see how Reach is bombed and the sword base is besieged in the process. After a short space fight with an Allianz corvette, Sechs boarded the ship together with a boarding party. The Savannah is defeated in the second battle with the Corvette and is destroyed. Six manages to activate the Corvett's automatic refueling route. The bomb, however, is damaged by the automatic detonator, so Jorge has to detonate it manually. He throws six outside with the M re-entry pack and demands that the team make an effort. Then he ignites the bomb, which tears the carrier to pieces. Shortly thereafter, under the orbital defense network, another fleet emerges from the hyperspace, which continues the siege.

The UNSC loses [edit | Edit source]

In the middle of the night, Six wakes up somewhere near the city of New Alexandria. He briefly marveled at the destroyed supercarrier, which was spread out over a mountain range, and made his way to the next civilization. On August 23, 2552 he arrived at the heavily besieged city of New Alexandria and joined the evacuation forces there. After one of the transporters was shot down by a corvette, Sechs, together with Sergeant Major Duvall, made the missile defense batteries operational and fired at the corvette. This then withdrew so that they could start the rest of the transporter. Six then got a message from Kat. He had to tell her that Jorge didn't make it.

That same evening, Six met Carter, who, along with the rest of the team, was defending the MND building in New Alexandria. Six was supposed to deactivate several transmitters, with which the alliance suppressed signals to SATCOM. Six protested again that Jorge had died and then set out to destroy the transmitters. Meanwhile, the alliance on the other side of town began to glaze them. After the MND building was finally evacuated, Kat can establish the connection to Colonel Holland. He wants the sword base destroyed so that the Alliance can't get the important data. When Allianz was clearing all of the vehicles near the MND building, too, they began glazing them there too. The team quickly went via elevators to an underground bunker. But shortly before the entrance, Kat is fatally struck by a sniper. However, the attempt by Six to kill the assassin failed. Shortly after the team was in the bunker, the glazing of the MND building began.

One last mission Edit source]

The team cannot leave the bunker until August 26, 2552. The city itself was burned to the ground by the Alliance. Kat's body was recovered by Carter and evacuated with the team.

On August 29, almost all troops and civilians were evacuated from the continent. Only the Noble team should destroy the sword base, which contained important data and should not fall into the hands of the Alliance. With the help of some OASTs, Six paved the way to storm the base. After several skirmishes within the base, however, the point where the cargo is to be attached turns out to be a ruse. Instead, the point of Aunti Dot is corrected by another AI. A secret path leads the group to the underground facilities of the MND, which excavated about the blood fathers. Halsey re-briefs the team, which is now under the MND and no longer under the Netherlands. You are supposed to defend the doctor's laboratory from the Alliance until they have downloaded all the data on the blood fathers. The AI ​​Cortana was responsible for analyzing the data that Noble Six chose as Spartan to evacuate them.

Carter sends Halsey to the castle base. Jun should see to it that it arrives unscathed. The rest of them made their way to the UNSC Pillar of Autumn, which was the last point of retreat and evacuation on the continent. Meanwhile, an Alliance fleet advanced towards the ship. Chasing some banshees on August 30, 2552, Carter is seriously injured. Since the airspace is threatened too much by the alliance, Emile and six jump off.

While Carter kept the troops away from the two of them, the two Spartans made their way to the Pillar of Autumn via the supply routes. However, it quickly became far too dangerous to use them, so that both of them had to fight their way through several narrow gorges. Shortly after leaving the various gorges, both are surprised by a Scarab who threatens to kill them. Carter decides to help the team. He wishes Emile and Six luck, whereupon he rams the Scarab with the Pelican, which then falls down a cliff, burning heavily.

Inside the Asźod scrapping yard, Captain Keyes contacts the team, who asks that they hurry up because the ship's countdown cannot be canceled. Both made it through the highly competitive facility to a landing platform. While Emile kept the air space free with the help of a mass accelerator, Sechs cleared the platform. When Keyes finally made it to the platform, Emile asked that Six escape from the planet with Keyes while he held their backs. Six gave Keyes Cortana. As a cruiser approached, a phantom with several zealots landed next to Emile. While he can kill one, the second stabs him in the back with his particle sword, whereby Emile manages to drag him to his death with his knife. Six then turns away from Keyes and wants to occupy the mass accelerator himself, whereupon he wishes him luck. After a brief fight between several Zealots and a field marshal, Sechs manages to bring down the cruiser just before he hits the Pillar of Autumn could shoot.

While Keyes started and sent the confirmation via Com that the package was safe on board, Six went to the battlefield in front of the scrapping yard.

On September 19, 2552, Pillar on the run enters the Soell system on Autumn. Keye's question if they could escape the Alliance, Cortana answered with the answer that they would already know. When the camera rotates, the ship can be seen flying towards installation 04.

The loner Edit source]

On August 30, 2552 at 8:00 p.m., Noble Six appears to be the only survivor near the Aszod shipyard. While the world is slowly being glazed around him, the Alliance sends troops to the lonely Spartan, who is fighting for bare survival. When his helmet was damaged too badly, he threw it off. With an assault rifle in one hand and a pistol in the other, he killed several elites until one threw him to the ground and another stabbed him. His helmet stayed there.

On July 7th, 2589, Reach recovered from the rigors of the glazing. Six's helmet is still in the same place. This time, however, surrounded by grass. On the left side of the picture a spaceship lands while Doctor Halsey thanks the Noble team one last time for their courage, which they passed on to humanity.

Multiplayer [edit | Edit source]

The multiplayer has compared to Halo 3 experienced some innovations. The ranking system has been revised. It is no longer defined by skills, but it is calculated whether you prefer Kampangne ​​or certain other games and the time you spent there. Earning armor is no longer made possible through successes, but through credits. For each game you are assigned a certain number of credits, whereby a distinction is made here between various recognition prizes and challenges, which bring extra credits. The credits should also help to divide good and bad players. Additional credits are required for further activation of armor parts. Whereby a rank has to be achieved for certain armor parts.

In Halo Reach there will now be challenges like the arena. Weekly challenges are set there.

Forge 2.0 [edit | Edit source]

The forge in Halo Reach has been greatly improved in "Forge World" which is the most extensive blacksmith map of all time. You have 10,000 cR to build objects. You can build up to 100 of some things. There are now many more categories than in Halo 3 e.g. human weapons, alliance weapons, accessories. under landscape there are also different categories as for warthogs. Schmiedewelt is more than 3 times the size of the overloaded sandpit: there are mountains, islands, gorges and more. If you hold an object and then go through X to its menu, you can choose which team it belongs to and if it gets stuck in the air (this setting is called "Fixed"). There is also a mode in which you can put the object in rocks or can be built into other components.

Gun battle 2.0 Edit source]

The in Halo 3: ODST The firefight mode used is also back in Halo Reach. Criticisms of the old version were accepted. Similar to multiplayer, it is possible to find other players via matchmaking. It is now also possible to determine the number of opponents and waves yourself. These are realized with the help of self-made skulls. In addition, you can set weapons and presumably loadouts as default settings. In addition to the typical Spartans, there is also the opportunity to play as an elite. This time you can make settings yourself. Also exist in addition to the "Classic" mode, which consists of Halo 3: ODST Also known is the "Generator Defense" mode, a "versus mode", the "Rocket Fight" and the new "Sniper Fight".[6]

Gameplay [edit | Edit source]