What are the uses of gun safes

Gun cabinets & safes

Gun safes EN 1143-1 of protection classes degree N / 0 and 1

Regardless of whether it is a gun cabinet, handgun safe, handgun safe or gun safe: all gun cabinets and safes that you buy from Tresorbau G├╝mbel comply with current legislation (current weapons law) through the highest European test standards. Our product range includes gun safes and safes of protection classes degrees N / 0 and I according to EN 1143-1. Our products guarantee the highest level of protection for your weapons and absolute reliability. In our shop you will find gun cabinets and safes of every class for long guns and handguns. Of course, you will also find solutions for storing ammunition here.

Guns kept safe

The safes and weapon cabinet alternatives from our range effectively and safely prevent weapons from falling into unauthorized hands. Store your weapons and ammunition in a legally compliant and safe place in a tested weapons cabinet or safe, thus ensuring safety. For the storage of ammunition you will of course also find the right solution in the form of an ammunition cabinet in our product range.

Maximum protection of your guns with gun cabinets and safes

For maximum protection of your guns, our certified gun cabinets are second to none. Customers who have already fallen victim to a break-in appreciate the advantages of our solutions.

We also offer gun cabinets of security levels A and B (VDMA 24992) as well as specially developed ammunition cabinets that are permitted for the storage of ammunition in accordance with Section 36 WaffG.

Do you have any questions about buying a gun cabinet?

Gun safes are available in different designs, equipment, security levels and sizes. These always depend on which type of weapon (long weapon or short weapon) is to be kept. Some gun cabinets have a lockable compartment for storing ammunition. If this compartment is not available, a separate ammunition cabinet is required to store ammunition, which can be in the same room as the gun cabinet. If you have any questions or need advice, please give us a call or take a look at our shop.

Ammunition lockers on request