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Best university for computer science

Seagate  📅 04.05.2006 17:56:06
Hi, would like to know what the "best" university is for studying computer science? and nat. Why.
A few days ago I had a conversation with one of the student advisory services who said the Chemnitz University of Applied Sciences was the best ... I just read in the newspaper today that the IT department is miserable ... great, I'm thinking where to go now?

MfG Sebastian
Re: Best University for Computer Science
Munich, Aachen, Münster, Osnabrück, Illmenau, are known, for example, for IT.
Just check out a few rankings ;-)
I don't know that Chemnitz has a particularly good reputation in IT.

Peter Stönzel
Seagate  📅 04.05.2006 19:53:53
Re: Best University for Computer Science
Can I give me a link where I can find such "rankings" for IT?
Re: Best University for Computer Science
Who would you turn left into the navigation bar right now? n / A? Googling also often helps ;-)

Anonymous  📅 04.05.2006 20:17:14
Re: Best University for Computer Science
Karlsruhe is also good ... my friend studies there ... and Karlsruhe is a technical university, so it's probably pretty good in terms of computer science and physics ...
guest  📅 04.05.2006 22:03:59
Re: Best University for Computer Science
Wouldn't listen to the rankings. The CHE ranking in particular is becoming increasingly questionable and worse. A university that excels in research (several SFBs and graduate schools - many research grants and award winners) in one area does worse than another that does not even have a graduate school ...
Seagate  📅 06.05.2006 13:20:47
Re: Best University for Computer Science
looks like Karlsruhe and Munich dominate * g
Does anyone have personal experience "not from Karlsruhe / Munich" in Karlsruhe / Munich? I already know what I mean

MfG Sebastian
guest  📅 06.05.2006 14:24:33
Re: Best University for Computer Science
You also have to ask yourself what the ranking refers to. Theoretical computer science is mostly carried out by Profs. associated with math. Normal computer science has also become synonymous with physical computers at Profs - that is, technical computer science. That's why I wouldn't really refer to the ranking. I can only recommend going straight to the potential universities and having a look at the course !!!!!
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