What are some alternatives to Fiverr

Sites like Fiverr (for freelancers and renters)

Fiverr is a website where freelancers can market their services. The freelance industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years. The gig economy has spawned new business models and opportunities.

Because of this growth, both freelancers and entrepreneurs looking for services now have much more choices. However, choice means decisions have to be made. Whether you are a freelancer of someone looking for services - which platform should you choose?

What is Fiverr and how does it work?

Fiverr.com has become one of the world's largest marketplaces for digital services. It connects buyers and sellers for everything from coding to art. Salespeople have different skills and expertise.

Freelancers using the Fiverr platform can offer almost anything imaginable as long as it is available on the internet. Their portfolios, quoted prices, and reviews from previous customers help them sell them to new ones.

It's free to sign up here, but you need to register with them to search for jobs or hire their freelancers. The website is organized by work categories and can be searched like an online catalog.

For sellers (freelancers)

If you want to list your services on Fiverr, make sure your seller profile is complete. A well-written concert listing that clearly describes your services can not only help you sell the concert but also avoid potential disputes.

Getting good reviews for the services you provide is a plus as it can be seen on your profile. Fiverr pays instantly for completed appearances, but reduces your fee. Make sure you take this into account when listing your prices. The platform pays you 80% (which means Fiverr take 20% cut) of what your gig sells for.

The advantages are:

  • Free listing for your services
  • No need to bid for jobs
  • Tips on gig prices

For buyers (tenants)

With tens of thousands of gigs listed on Fiverr, it's really a buyer's market. They also have a huge variety of gigs available so you can find just about anything here. The prices are transparent and you basically see what you are paying for with no hidden costs.

Things to be aware of:

  • Cheap gigs can be associated with a loss of quality
  • Popular gigs may have crazy long deadlines
  • The occasional fraud

5 other alternatives for freelancers and tenants

However, as I mentioned earlier, the gig economy means even more choice. Freelancing doesn't start and end with Fiverr, there are tons of Fiverr alternatives. Here are the 5 websites like Fiverr to consider:

1. Upwork

Upwork is a similar marketplace to Fiverr but is more focused on a few areas. Here you will find offers such as graphic design, literature and web development. In the same way, this website offers professionals looking for extra work the chance to find projects, communicate with potential clients, and get paid in a safe way.

Your profile serves the same purpose as a general portfolio for future employers. Hence, it is important that you create a suitable portfolio. Above all, advertise yourself and your work properly.

How does Upwork work?

Fill in the job category you want to fit into and make sure you have your skills and expertise. It is also important that your work is done at its best as your account may be closed if you are unable to complete orders.

Be aware, however, that there are some high costs associated with jobs here. Upwork charges approximately 25% of your fees and exceeds them with a processing fee of 2.75% + VAT + exchange rates. In other words, these jobs could make it difficult to make a living here.

If you want to know more, here is the direct comparison between Upwork and Fiverr.

The benefits of Upwork instead of Fiverr

For freelancers:

  • Free membership
  • Additional income prospects
  • Pay less commissions for long-term customers

For tenants:

  • Effective search and reviews
  • Integrated collaboration tools
  • Fair billing

2. Top valley

Toptal is an exclusive network of freelance software developers, designers, financial experts and product managers worldwide. Top companies hire Toptal freelancers as the ideal option for many important projects.

Just go to the website and click on "Hire top talent". When you log in with your details, you're good to go. As you add your skills and services, the Toptal team will review your job profile and then match you to the best candidates. After your review is complete, you can start working.

How does Toptal earn money?

Toptal makes money by charging those who want to hire its freelancers. Freelancers themselves do not pay anything for the service. The amount you charge is exactly what you get (possibly less transfer fees).

Customers pay an hourly rate roughly double what the freelancers charge. This can result in quite stiff bills depending on the fees. For example, if freelancers charge $ 20 an hour, tenants will be charged $ 40 an hour.

The benefits of Toptal instead of Fiverr

For freelancers:

  • Custom job profiling
  • Simple user interface
  • Work for a global audience

For tenants:

  • Limited pool of skills
  • Generally more expensive freelancers

3. Freelancer.com

Freelancer.com is a crowdsourced marketplace website that has helped millions of businesses find freelancers. If you want quality work on a reasonable budget (for both buyers and sellers) Freelancer.com is for you.

What does Freelancer.com offer?

The website offers a wide range of job vacancies, such as: B. Copywriting projects for web design and much more. Freelancers can first create their own profiles. List your skills and expertise and share your experience with the public. Then find jobs that best suit your skills and expertise. Write your best bid, earn an award, and earn.

The benefits of Freelancer.com instead of Fiverr

For freelancers:

  • Countless projects available
  • Real-time interaction with customers
  • Cheap subscription

For tenants:

  • Responsive technical support
  • Easy interaction with freelancers

4. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is another web-based freelance job market that balances business needs with talent. It's an ideal platform for small businesses and individuals. The platform offers you a global talent pool on site, but also helps you to prioritize local talent according to your specifications.

How does PeoplePerHour work?

This platform also offers budget flexibility so you can set a fixed price or hourly rate that is tailored to your wants and needs.

The benefits of PeoplePerHour instead of Fiverr

For freelancers:

  • Safe payment methods
  • Easy interaction with customers
  • Share files and documents

For tenants:

  • Easy to find talent
  • Lots of qualified candidates
  • Easy to use interface

5. Guru.com

Guru.com is a platform for freelancers and employers to collaborate on projects. With a global reach, an employer can access a large number of portfolios from a large pool of candidates. All of this can be done via a simple dashboard and a clear interface, which makes work easier for both freelancers and employers.

What does Guru.com offer?

Guru offers jobs from programming and development to writing and translation services. The area of ​​activity also offers a wide variety of skills, from legal services to engineering and architecture. Just register for free, post jobs and get offers.

The benefits of Guru.com instead of Fiverr

For freelancers:

  • Good support team
  • Simple payment system

For tenants:

  • Global group of talent
  • Simple user interface
  • Choose from several payment methods

Why use work portals like Fiverr?

This is a question I've been asked by both freelancers and corporations. Motivation for everyone may be different, but there are compelling reasons to choose job portals like Fiverr or one of the Fiverr competitors listed above.

Just because this is the gig economy doesn't mean it is a seller's market for job seekers. Remember that even in the gig economy, you are competing with the other job seekers.

You also need to consider having the time to refer customers yourself. If you are just starting out as a freelancer, you may not even know where to find your next jobs! (If you need help, we've listed 10 places you can find legitimate online jobs.) While seasoned freelancers can often survive on their own, it isn't that easy at first.

For companies, it is mainly about what makes sense in monetary terms. There are so many small businesses operating on a tight budget these days. The biggest problem is usually high payrolls. So concentrate on your core business and outsourcing other web development work or supporting jobs.

This can help you solve problems while making your bottom line easier to manage.

Five alternatives - final thoughts

The gig economy offers an opportunity, but it's not a rose bed. Freelancers are mostly struggling uphill, even if they are willing to offer excellent services at reasonable prices. The biggest problem between buyers and sellers is trust - and this is where sites like Fiverr come in.

As intermediaries, employment platforms help boost the gig economy, ensure freelancers get paid, while also opening up dispute resolution for businesses. Even so, all of this often has a price - sometimes a very steep one.

My advice to freelancers is to work hard on your appearances but give it a try and create your own portfolio website. Think of it as planning for the future. Learn from sites like Fiverr and use your customer service experience to manage your own in the future.

Job platforms are usually safe to use for companies, but experienced freelancers are often shy about how much these platforms charge. Take this fact into account. So if you are looking for a real expert, independent contractors may be key to your problem.

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