Should a cement driveway be sealed

Concrete the driveway


So first of all there is a "big" difference between asphalt / concrete and pavement, because with pavement a large part of the water seeps away, which does not happen with asphalt and concrete.

The clear advantage of concrete over asphalt is that even in summer there will never be any pressure points or where the asphalt may give way.

if you concret about 20cm, then "can go with almost anything" on it. Good foundation and drainage are also important.

i don't know much concrete driveways, but machbat it is natural, take the new autobahns or the stops in vienna, which are almost always concreted because of the deformation.

Yes, you can color in concrete, for example the justice system in Korneuburg is made of colored concrete.

with there are no real disadvantages, it is a matter of taste, we will pave one day because I like the black a lot.

lg 100m2 with 20cm thickness + reinforcement = base plate -> costs ?? We have asphalted with 30 € completely (including substructure) / m2. I do not know whether it is cheap to drive with concrete - where in the case of concrete it must also be ensured that suitable expansion joints must be built in, otherwise it will crack - water penetrates and bursts. (and also ensure that the concrete is of a suitable quality (salt, etc.) at approx. 60-100 € per m3 (excl.) .. that would be approx. 1200-2000 € excl. only for the concrete.

30 € incl. Substructure per m2?
.. please contact us, we have an offer from terraq asdag with approx. 5 times the price per m2 ...

Asphalt / concrete driveway
Asphalt is a tried and tested road surface that is economical to process.

Experience has shown that concrete on surfaces with traffic costs with all its side effects (starting with the drainage, which has to pass with trenches or inlet grids, you do not need for drainage asphalt, for example, putting dowel strips, construction joints, concrete piling on B7 - frost and de-icing salt resistant, etc.) costs the 3rd -4 times the asphalt surface and still more than double the paved surface ...

In addition, a C25 / 30 B7 can no longer be sashed, as air bubbles form during the drying process - ergo a "knobbly" surface.

And the topic of colored concrete only makes things even more exciting: At the justice system in K'burg, a few m³ more concrete were "gone" than at a house entrance. If a concrete plant has to stop operations in order to produce colored (and only this) concrete, the downtime of the plant also has to be paid for - imho a very expensive gimmick.


Building tech @mjaho
At 92, - you get the C25 / 30 GK 16 B7 with good Conns - but read my post above, it's not that easy ... @mjaho

-> Alpine Carinthia (set-up costs were divided by 5 (since several neighbors had asphalted). When it came to the price, it was important that the Alpine could choose when to come (in a given time frame of 3 months). Have you ever asked in the direction of "KRC" (asphalt quarry)? is a controlled waste product from road construction, costs a *** and looks good. greder underneath, and it's good;)

lg christoph @fateish
KRC can only be used to a limited extent as a covering because (similar to gravel) the surface is not paved, only poured and compacted.

As it was done in the past - loading asphalt milled material onto a truck, bringing it to the next construction site and as a surface - you are no longer allowed to!

Although this variant has similar surface strength values ​​to a thin asphalt pavement, it may no longer be used according to the recycling regulations (keyword eluate classes - material must be temporarily stored and "washed out" by rain or by machine).

And the actual asphalt recycling, which you mean as KRC, can be used as grader material - but in the substructure, not as a permanent surface.


build tech we have concreted our driveway (surface broom line). However, the costs for concrete are significantly higher than for asphalt. if I remember correctly, our m2 came to around 60 euros net. Concrete the driveway
-> Alpine Carinthia (set-up costs were divided by 5:
wanted us to pay 40.00 € m2 net. There were no setup costs because the through street was anyway. was tarred.
Then you got a great price.
For 30.oo € I would use our driveway, the Gemeindestr. but have it tarred immediately at your own expense.
If someone has a tip, bring it on.
Drafts @Drafts
Where are you from?

I also know someone who does something like that for 30, - / m² - but only in the region :( @bautech
am between Villach + Klagenfurt

Would be glad Hello
I only got around to taking a picture today, but I would put plasters again.

Sure, the subsoil has to fit, 30cm of grass material should be enough, 5cm of gravel on top and then the stones.

the stones cost 19 .- / m² and you have to calculate about 30.- for laying them.
We wouldn't have liked asphalt at all, it always gives me the impression of Billa parking lot, of course it's just my opinion,

speak paving

or did you not want to pave at all?

johannes @Drafts
Sorry, Lang & Menhofer (my trusted partner) is based in Eggendorf / Lower Austria ...

But I would recommend Swietelsky for such low-cost entrance times - is that near you? We like to do something like that ...


Building tech @bautech,

thanks for the hint.
Swietelsky has a branch in Villach.
I'll get in touch.