How do I wake up earlier?

managementHow to get out of bed better in the morning

As an old saying goes: Morgenstund ’has gold in its mouth. In fact, it seems to be true. Many successful people are early risers. And not because the senile escape from bed has already started. But what to do when getting up early becomes a pain? Eight tips that you should consider today to get better tomorrow.

1. Alarm clock not by the bed

Whatever gets you out of bed in the morning - whether it's a cell phone or an alarm clock. Don't put it right next to the bed. It's too easy to press the off button and bury your head back in the pillow. Having to get up to turn off the alarm will help get your circulation going and wake you up.

2. Reduce caffeine

A cup of coffee or espresso in the late afternoon is part of the routine for many people. Studies have shown, however, that caffeine - at least in more sensitive contemporaries - can still disturb sleep six hours after consumption. Without you noticing. The advice of the experts: No more caffeine after 5 p.m. The effect: it feels like your body gets an hour more sleep.

3. Set goals

And the marmot greets you every day: get up, shower and drive to work. This routine is tiring indeed. Break your habits with individual little goals. Find something to look forward to. Go for a run or do yoga. Enjoy a cup of coffee with friends in the morning. A delicious breakfast. Or just read for a quarter of an hour.

4. Alarm in the evening

Very few of us have the opportunity to turn around in bed in the morning. Even if you clearly had too little hit. And why? Because you lay down too late. Once again you have wasted your time, surfed the net senselessly, followed few interesting status messages on Facebook or you just couldn't keep your fingers off the remote control. Set up an alarm clock that signals to you in the evening: time for bed. And stick to it. It works with children too. And once you lie down, you fall asleep quickly.

5. Look for fellow sufferers

You are not alone as a morning grouch. Definitely not. Find family members or friends to take responsibility for waking up early. Call in the morning, chat a little, wake each other out of their deep sleep.

6. Coffee by timer

No drive without coffee? Then prepare your morning coffee in the evening and use a timer. Half an hour before you want to get up, the machine gets going, preparing the first reward of the day. The smell of coffee will attract you magically.

7. Avoid monitors

Hand on heart - how long do you sit in front of the monitor in the evening, chatting, skyping, surfing? Probably late into the night. Studies have found that light from monitors affects the release of melatonin. The body loses the feeling of night time when looking at a screen. And does not find peace. So close the notebook much earlier.

8. Sleep too long

Yes, there really is. Some people sleep more than they need to. And that makes: tired! If you feel exhausted in the morning, it doesn't have to be because you haven't had enough sleep. Maybe you already had too much. And every further quarter of an hour only makes you more tired. Try to find out how many hours of sleep you are at your fittest. Everyone has a different disposition.