What are the best custom cars

The coolest custom cars in the world!

Hot rods, lowriders and milk cars: "The Drive" shows hundreds of the most beautiful custom cars.
Most of us can afford a car - very few can afford their dream car. But what does dream car mean? There are people in this world who turn beautiful originals into sensational companions. Berlin-based cult publisher Gestalten has traveled the globe and found hundreds of the coolest custom cars and their makers. Their stories, including detailed information about the original and the conversion, can be found on the massive 400 pages of "The Drive: Custom Cars & Their Builders" - an extra thick work with extra style and extra stuff to dream about.


Magnus Walker wears tattoos to his fingertips, a beard to his chest and dreadlocks that go down even further. The massive Walker is also a passionate Porsche collector. He saw a 911 Turbo for the first time when he was 10, and in 1992 he had enough money to buy his first one. Since then, one model has been added every year. In 1999 it was the white 911T from 1971 with the red and blue racing stripes.
With his sick second, Tom Bailey won the Ultimate Class of Drag Week. It stands to reason that he would go one better with his 2.0 update of the Chevrolet (built in 1969). Among other things, aerodynamic fiberglass makes the racing machine even faster - but Bailey also treats himself to street-worthy luxury such as a coffee holder in his top car ...
Gene Winfield is an icon of custom car design! And as is the case with American legends, they start small: Gene was born in 1927 and once converted his mother's chicken coop behind the house into a car mechanic empire. He started young, had a sensational career as a custom car builder and ended up in the Mojave Desert through several stations - Phoenix, Santa Monica, Hollywood. He's still building and designing there today - when he's not touring the world, training and giving courses as a Master of the Trade.
Paradise Road is the name of Junichi Shimodaira's store in Nagoya, Japan, which is also home to Toyota, Honda and Yamaha. However, Junichi has had a great fondness for Mexican lowriders and American hot rods since childhood. One of the custom cars that made it world famous is The Galaxian. Ford's 1927 Model T Roadster became a sensational vehicle with a psychedelic appearance and a $ 1 million market value.
The California deserts were the cradle of hot rods. The Jet Hot Double Down is based on the Ford Roadster from 1932. Bryan Fuller of Fuller Moto in Georgia / Atlanta made it what it is today. The native Texan was well on the way to becoming a biologist, but then did not follow the call of nature, but his heart and thus the roar of the engines. Fuller went through several training stations and is now one of the most renowned customizers, whether for motorcycles or cars. His attention to detail can also be found in his workshop, which has already won awards for its interior design.
The custom version of the Mercury Coupe from 1940 could hardly be more classic and modern at the same time. Rod Ida Concepts worked on the car for six years and subjected it to a significant streamlining process. His credo at work: "What would Edsel Ford have done with the car today?" There is no question that the finest technology and the highest quality equipment are hidden in the clean elegance.
Engineer George Bacon designed this vehicle for the Detroit Electric Vehicle Company in the 1920s. The Divco Milk Truck drove on the roads of the USA until the 1980s. The model that Jordan Cole redesigned for Phoenix Insurance dates back to 1955 - and no longer delivers milk ...
Gypsy Rose is the name of this lowrider by Jesse Valadez. The lowriders were part of the Latino movement in Los Angeles and set an example against the conservative current of the establishment. The rose began life on the streets in 1964 as the Chevrolet Impala. Jesse rebuilt the car in the mid-1960s so that the body could be lowered and lowered with a switch and Walt and Dunn Prey took on the artistic exterior design with the hand-painted rose decor. The interior is kept in plush rosé throughout and is equipped with a chandelier and minibar for lounge moments.
The De Tomaso Pantera from 1971 is a very beautiful vehicle in itself: by 1992, over 7,000 of the V8 dream cars were manufactured in Modena, Italy. The Ringbrothers Jim and Mike are at home in Wisconsin and have caused a sensation with their Pantera version, the ADRNLN, at auto shows in the USA - to the point that the sports brand Nike became aware of the restoration and custom project involved in the work.
"The Drive: Custom Cars & Their Builders" was published by Gestalten Verlag and is an absolute must-have for fans of individually designed car art. The cars and the makers behind them are presented on an enormous 400 pages. There are dozens of pictures and of course all the important information about the original and any conversion work. The hardcover book is available for 49.90 euros.