Do you think money is everything?

10 beliefs that hold you arm


This article is about limiting beliefs that keep you from getting rich. You will be surprised how many of them you know. I would almost bet the most.


Our subconscious controls us from morning to evening and it is important to know where you should go in your life. What you think you attract in your life.


Imagine you go to a store where you have never been before. It's a magic shop where you can ask for anything you want. That means on the first shelf there are gold bars, diamonds and banknotes from all countries. There's time on the next shelf. Time for family, hobbies or your company. On the next shelf there is celebrity for sale, recognition and much more. You can have all of these things right away and take them with you and don't have to pay a penny for them. Because in this business you don't pay with money, but with a positive, appreciative feeling. So you just need a pure appreciative feeling for money and you can just take the pile with you.


Unfortunately, not only does the feeling for money have to be good, but also for what you associate with it in your head.


As an an example: When you think about the man who makes the Ferrari howl, "Oh man, he must have little balls, you can't buy everything with money". Then you won't get the items on shelf 1. But if you think: "very cool, if he can afford it, he deserves to show his success like that." Now it will possibly get the same. Is that logical? If you tell yourself that a Ferrari driver's eggs are or will be small, does the likelihood of having one increase yourself? No, because your subconscious wants to protect you from putting your manhood at risk.


This means that if you don't have a positive feeling about money, or with people who have a lot of it, or with the things that can be bought for it, you make it difficult for yourself to own them because you are fighting with yours all the time Subconscious and your beliefs. You wouldn't buy things in a real store that you think sucked up, would you? You avoid it.


It is the same with the limiting beliefs. Unfortunately, most of them have not yet noticed it.


The problem is, these beliefs are common and often more hidden than you think. We're going over a few beliefs today and I'm sure you've heard almost all of them before. Maybe even used it myself.


- Money spoils character / rich people are arrogant

If you've heard this saying before, it won't help you reach your wealth building goal any faster. Because if you have more it would ruin your character at the same time, right? Not a good strategy, you're torpedoing yourself with it. And it's utter nonsense. I see money more as an amplifier in this example. Quite simply told in an example: If you are an asshole without money, you can do it with money and maybe even a bigger asshole. On the other hand, if you are a great person, the more money you are likely to be even greater!


- Money doesn't grow on trees

This saying mostly comes when someone has no idea where to get money from. And yes, the saying is correct, it doesn't grow on the trees, it lies on the street and is simply printed every day by the Bundesbank. As much as you want, anytime. That means there is always more than enough there. You can only have the right strategy in order to participate in the rain of money.


- The rich have taken their money from others / the money goes from the poor hands to the rich pockets

This saying is actually correct! They have. Not taken, but received. Money only changes hands, but usually voluntarily. And only if you get something for what you want. Otherwise they wouldn't buy it, would they?


- There are more important things than money

In my experience, people who say that are usually broke and would like to have more, but they don't admit it to themselves. Of course there are more important things than money, but let's be honest, without it / everything feels worse for most of the people. Then rather with money and focus on what you want to experience. Again, a fortune acts like a booster. Money can be exchanged for anything in this world, how cool is this invention!


- Anyone who is rich has no real friends

Most of the people I know who are very wealthy have many friends. And very good friends who support and help each other. It's also a lot about doing business, but not just about the money, but really about support. In these circles, the money then comes by itself.


A camel is more likely to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to go to heaven.

Arnold Schwarzenegger certainly tried it once and then the camel got through at some point and at the same time I believe that everyone has the same chance of getting to heaven and that pieces of paper or numbers in an account do not play a major role for God. Again, it depends on what I do with the money and not how much I get from it.


- Money does not make you happy / happiness cannot be bought

I personally know people who own next to nothing and are very happy. I also know people who have a lot and are also very happy. And I know just as many examples with unhappy people. Whether poor or rich, it doesn't seem to be the money, but the person himself. So his attitude. Happiness is something you do, not something you get. Here I like the belief: "Everyone is the blacksmith of their own fortune". You can choose to do it. You make your own happiness, with or without money it doesn't matter here.


- You have to work hard for money

Here, too, I can speak from my experience. All the people I know who have amassed a fortune or fortune have also worked a lot for it. But did you work hard for it? Not necessarily! Most of the clients I serve in this category just do what they love and what their calling is. They enjoy their work and get more energy than they need. In this state, it is possible to achieve an incredible amount without overworking or working hard.


"Do a job that you love and you don't have to work a day in your life."


- If I earn more, I just have to pay more taxes.

That's correct, and being angry at the tax system or payments doesn't make sense if you're trying to make more money. I am now looking forward to my tax assessment. The higher it is, the greater my joy, because that means that I must have earned really well last year. And let's be honest, your goal is not not not wanting to pay the money, your goal must be to earn so much money that you don't care about the payment.


- A decent woman has no money

I find this belief very exciting from the world of women. Any emancipation does not help if such beliefs are still making their rounds in the heads of women. Dear ones, my girlfriend has already made more money than me at times and I celebrate it every time. That’s sexy. Because it also means that we are fine and that we support each other in achieving our goals.


So you see, there are enough beliefs with which one can make it difficult to become financially successful and there are many more. What I wish is that you get a value out of this article and it is now possible for you to recognize these everyday sentences and you can decide for yourself, does this belief system help you for your goals or not. It has a lot more impact than you think. As described above, you wouldn't buy anything that you think sucks. Likewise, you will not find a working strategy for more wealth, as long as you think what people do so pointless with their money stupid.


If you want to stop working against your goals and leave your old beliefs behind, I will be happy to help you. Just get in touch and we will find your personal blockages that have so far prevented you from reaching your financial goals.