Which companies employ 15-year-olds?

Student jobs & part-time jobs from 15

If you are currently looking for a part-time job, it must of course also be suitable in terms of age. So that you can get some ideas on how you can supplement your pocket money, we are introducing you to jobs that you can do at the age of 15.

  • Computer help

    Is it more common for adults to speak to you when they have problems with their computer? And can you usually help? Great, then turn your knowledge into money! After all, it is not uncommon for adults either not to have a great idea about their computer or simply have no nerves or no time to take care of it. Or they don't dare to do it because they are afraid of breaking something ... more »

  • Warehouse work

    It is not uncommon for the warehouse to be a place where everything ends up that would otherwise have no place. And that is precisely why there will be chaos here at some point, which is why they are looking for a temporary worker who takes care of order again :) This applies to offices as well as to shops or businesses. In offices, your job can look like you have to sort files by date or otherwise, look for outdated documents in order to dispose of them or ... more »

  • Packing service

    More and more shops are relying on additional service for their customers in order to make shopping as pleasant as possible. There are often waiting times at the cash registers in supermarkets because it takes so long to pack the products. Often, however, the goods are scanned so quickly that customers cannot keep up with the packing. Then half is still at the till, but the amount to be paid is already called ... more »

  • Housesitter

    As a house sitter, you take care of other people's apartments or houses. Be it because they are on vacation or, for example, more often on business trips. Most of the time it is about "movement" in the apartment or house - it looks like someone is there. Because it is not uncommon for burglars to peek out objects where it can be seen that no one is at home, only to get in there and calmly clear the booth ... more »

  • Home help

    When you're a little younger, there aren't that many ways to supplement your pocket money because most activities are forbidden for you by law. Most likely you can find something in the private sector, because you can earn money here at the age of 13 or 14 - for example as a domestic help. You can find a student job like this by asking your neighborhood whether you ... more »

  • distribute flyers

    A relatively simple part-time job that you can do without much prior knowledge is distributing flyers. You've probably been given something like that before. The distributions always take place where there are many people: in pedestrian zones, on shopping streets, in shopping malls, at events or concerts, in train stations, at city festivals or supermarket parking lots ... more »

  • Babysitting

    One of the most popular student jobs is, without a doubt, babysitting. Not least because it is one of the activities that you can already do privately at the age of 13. Nevertheless, the job should not be underestimated, because as a babysitter you have the highest level of responsibility - namely for a little person! And that's why the focus should not be on a quick increase in pocket money, but ... more »

  • Youth protection tests

    Hard alcohol and tobacco may not be sold to children or young people. This is what the Youth Protection Act provides for the protection of adolescents. In order to check whether the sales outlets are complying with the legislation, youth protection tests are held regularly throughout Germany. These tests are intended to check whether, as a teenager, you can easily smoke or drink alcohol ... more »

  • Internet research

    We often have research jobs here on schuelerjobs.de. In most cases, this involves address research. The task here is to search for company addresses, e.g. of a special industry or a city / region, using search engines and to record them in a table. This can then include: company name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, contact person, etc., provided the data ... more »

  • Pet care

    If you have a pet, you have to take care of it every day: feed, care for it, stroke it, go outside, play, etc. But not every owner always has time for it. For example, when he is on vacation, on a business trip or so busy that he always comes home late. In such cases, the owners look for someone to look after. The most common pets are dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and fish ... more »

  • In front of the camera

    People are always looking for new faces for film productions, commercials, music videos or other clips. And in most cases, it's not models that are needed, but people like you and me. Because in addition to the main actors, who are usually trained actors, you often see many other actors in the background who bring a scene to life. more »

  • deliver newspapers

    Newspapers and magazines have to be delivered on a daily basis - both in large cities and in small communities. For this purpose, temporary helpers are regularly sought here on schuelerjobs.de and you have a good chance of finding a suitable position. No prior knowledge is required, so you can usually get started right away. For the job you get the newspapers delivered to your home or ... more »

  • Online surveys

    One activity that you can do from the comfort of your home is, for example, taking part in online surveys. Market research institutes are interested in your opinion on various topics such as lifestyle, the environment, health, etc. With your judgment or feedback, you are also actively helping to shape the world of tomorrow, because for many future products ... more »

  • give tutoring

    Are you good at math, English or chemistry? Then turn your talent into money! Do you still have the subject matter from last year or the year before last? If you are still able to convey the content and also have a little patience, tutoring could be the perfect part-time job for you. This is usually about working together on topics ... more »

Basically, of course, you have to keep in mind that the Youth Labor Protection Act applies to you. This regulates which activities you can pursue at the age of 15 and how often or for how long you can work.

What can you do now to find a suitable job aged 15 and over?
  • ask your relatives or your parents' friends
  • put up a notice in the supermarket
  • Throw dice in the neighbors' mailboxes
  • just ask in stores
Or look here to see if there is a suitable job for 15-year-olds in your area.

Do you have any other job ideas for students aged 15 and over? Feel free to write to us if, for example, you have already had a job that is still missing here. You can find more information on the topic and helpful tips for a successful job search in our guide for student jobs.

Do you actually know how much pocket money others get at the age of 15? Then take a look at the current pocket money table, maybe you can still negotiate a little with your parents;)