Why do people run marathons

Sunday March 14th 2021

42 reasons why you should run a marathon

Are you still unsure whether you should run a marathon or even be able to run it? Is it too far or too strenuous for you? As an introduction to the marathon world, you will find 42 reasons why participating in a marathon might be worth running. But watch out, the marathon is contagious! At some point there is no longer the question if you should run a marathon, but look for 42 or more reasons why you have to take part in a very specific marathon.
  1. The myth of the marathon has to be mastered
    Many stories have been written: tragedies, but also comedies.
  1. Your body becomes a combustion engine
    And above all, this machine burns fat! You are learning to burn fat properly again.
  1. Just before you run the marathon, you will understand what is meant by "competition weight". Because it almost happens by itself.
  1. Doesn't work - there is no such thing
    Once you've run a marathon, there's almost nothing you can't do.
  1. Marathon runners are more successful
    Statistically, the higher you stand on the career ladder, the higher the number of marathon runners.
  1. Marathon runners have greater self-esteem
    Nobody can fool you - especially not if they haven't run a marathon yet.
  1. After the marathon there is no longer a bastard
    It even crawls away with the first thought of a marathon training session. And as soon as you signed up for the marathon, it ran away!
  1. Your fitness in everyday life is incredible
    Steps are run up, hikes become walks, without running units you even get a surplus of energy.
  1. You will find many, very many fellow sufferers and friends
    You're not alone! Not even when you have to do long runs, in freezing cold and in the dark.
  1. You will find a very best friend who will get you theret
    Friendships for life have already been found at a marathon. Let yourself be motivated by a follower and you will become best friends.
  1. This is the only way to get to know the man with the hammer
    A very educational experience that no runner should miss. Find out how it works when nothing works anymore.
  1. You will learn what it means not to give up
    If the “man with the hammer” walks with you for a good 10 kilometers, the last quarter can take an eternity. But only letters are posted.
  1. You will get to know your body
    You will cherish and care for him. You will become more sensitive and learn to appreciate your body and, above all, your health even more.
  1. Find out how important the psyche becomes when you run
    You run a half marathon with good training, a marathon is (also) run with your head. Your strength of will and consistency will also be trained.
  1. There aren't many runners who run / manage a marathon
    You will be one of the few runners who could finish a marathon. In Austria, not even 9,000 runners make it a year.
  1. Marathon runners are admired
    And because there are so few and because many have not (yet) made it, you will also be admired by them. And appreciated by marathon runners - no matter how long it took you to do it.
  1. Marathon events are something very special
    A marathon event can never be compared to a run-of-the-mill run. The audience, the special places and routes, the atmosphere and above all the adrenaline at the start!
  1. Where else can you get to know a city on an ongoing basis
    Almost every major city has a marathon. In addition, it will be made completely traffic-free. A reason to take another trip there.
  1. You will travel further
    The marathons don't always take place just around the corner. Another reason to plan your vacation around a marathon.
  1. The "half" is missing in the marathon
    After all, the half marathon is “only” half the marathon. If you really want to get it right, you have to run a whole lot.
  1. After the marathon, there's a good reason to take the lift
    And that's the only time a runner can take the lift (especially down). And that without a guilty conscience.
  1. You will become a real, but also a mature runner
    You leave the “Sturm und Drang time” of the runner and join the classic generation of runners.
  1. You will no longer have (want) any standard routes
    If you run the long jog on the same route over and over again, you will go crazy - you will get creative and look for new routes and get to know the best.
  1. Running a marathon is like the maturation of a good wine: it gets better with age, as does the marathon times up to a certain point.
  1. You have never run after so many well-formed buttocks
    Marathon runners have a better figure - and in a marathon all these well-trained bums are in one place.
  1. Cold and illness become foreign words
    Since marathon runners train all year round, the immune system is getting stronger and better, so that a cold doesn't stand a chance.
  1. Bad weather turns into "interesting conditions"
    There are no excuses not to run anyway. However, marathon runners never think of not doing it.
  1. Nature is perceived more intensely
    It's only after you've walked for two or three hours in the forest that you'll notice a lot more of it. You also have the time to perceive nature better.
  1. You learn to appreciate the banana as a lifesaver
    The small, underestimated yellow fruit that you eat on the side can raise your blood sugar back to the "realm of life" on some runs.
  1. The anticipation of the competition is already giving you goose bumps
    The closer the competition gets, the more excited you will be. That alone is worth running a marathon.
  1. You will never forget the goosebumps at the start
    When you are just at the start, the mood, coupled with the nervousness and a certain tension, will give you the final kick.
  1. The goosebumps when you cross the finish line will never go away again
    Only marathon finishers know what is meant by this - this feeling when the cold runs down your spine cannot be described and has to be experienced.
  1. You will know what real happiness is
    Forget the flow or the endorphins that are released when you run. Crossing the finish line is pure happiness.
  1. And every marathon writes its own story
    “Two marathon runners meet” - this is how hours of discussions and experience reports begin.
  1. You'll never be in this great shape again
    With every marathon you will have reached your top form - one more reason to run a marathon again and again.
  1. A marathon medal is more than a piece of metal
    Medals from the marathon run are collected as a reminder of the kilometers covered and as a reward for hard training.
  1. You will find out why toenails are overrated
    Every marathon runner takes home a trophy - some even in the form of a fallen toenail.
  1. Marathon will change your life
    Emil Zátopek already said: "If you want to run, run a mile. But if you want a new life, then run a marathon.“
  1. You will find it easier to get up early
    The training kilometers must be run. If there is no other time, then in the morning - and you will be able to get up!
  1. You will also inspire others around you to run
    Not only inspire, some even annoy! Because with you everything will revolve around running.
  1. Every marathon finisher is a winner
    No matter how fast you get to the finish line, a marathon is always 42.195 kilometers long and everyone has to cover this distance.
  1. After the marathon you can and will really stuff yourself - and for the first time without a guilty conscience.