What are some scholarships that require interviews

Structured interview - You have to be prepared for that

People are different. Origin, gender, skin color, family background, social environment, etc. ensure differentiation. In a professional context, however, we all have to meet the demands placed on us - regardless of the factors mentioned above.

With a structured interview or the questions determined in advance, all of which are aimed at the professional and social skills of an applicant, the factors responsible for a differentiation are hidden. This is intended to counteract any disadvantage or even discrimination.

Since the questions are determined in advance, the interviewer has the opportunity to structure possible answers and reactions of the applicants in a specific scheme. So if the interviewer wants to find out and evaluate how a manager behaves in a specific conflict situation, he already has one Ideal solution for the respective situation ready.

The applicant can now through his answer on the same solution come and thus meet the special requirement 100%. Of course, the interviewed applicant can settle down a little below the required range of skills due to a less than optimal behavior or have a better solution ready and thus even exceed the requirements.

By the Define the criteria it is possible for the interviewer to quickly rate an applicant's answer, to mark it ad hoc and to quickly record the result during the interview. This makes it easier to systematically evaluate the recruitment interviews carried out later.