What's a good salary in Portugal

Salary in Portugal

Portugal is a country with significant social inequalities. If the majority of citizens (80%) earn 6,000 euros a year, the wealthy receive around 34,000 euros. The wages in Portugal are low compared to other EU countries.

Job opportunities for foreigners in Portugal

Agricultural export quotas in Portugal are directly related to their competitiveness in the local labor market. Despite the gradual increase in the number of jobs in recent years, many graduates from Portuguese universities have difficulty finding employment. In order to assess their chances of success, immigrants must therefore research the labor market in advance.

An applicant has the right to come into the country for an interview on a tourist visa. However, to begin he will need formal employment. Labor migration to Portugal requires that you sign a preliminary contract with a local employer and obtain a work permit.

minimum wage

Minimum wages will remain low in Portugal in 2021. In addition, the country has more than 700,000 unemployed citizens. The unemployment rate reaches 13.5%. Before taxes, the minimum wage is € 649.83 per month for 12 payments per year and € 557 for 14 payments per year.

The annual minimum wage in Portugal is € 7,798. This amount is guaranteed to every employee who has reached full-time and full-time age. This is an average for the EU countries.

In the last 5 years the minimum wage of the Portuguese has only increased by 72 euros. At the same time, around 23.3% of employees receive a minimum wage.

Portugal's minimum wage in 2021 compared to other EU countries:

countryEuros per month
Czech Republic419,90
Great Britain1396,90

Most European countries lack the concept of the minimum wage, so practically all workers receive roughly the same salary. Denmark and Sweden have such a payroll system. There is also no minimum wage in Austria, Italy, Finland and Cyprus.

The size of the average income

The average wage in Portugal is 3-3.5 euros per hour. For an 8-hour working day, you earn 24-26 euros. Such salaries are paid in particular to employees in the service and agricultural sectors, cleaners, nurses, relocation workers and others. When it comes to highly qualified professionals or a rare job, wages can go up to € 2,000.

Average salary in Portugal in 2021 compared to other EU countries:

countryEuros per month
Great Britain2496

The table below shows that the income of the Portuguese is far below the amount paid to workers in neighboring countries. Regardless of the job, the average wage in the country is € 1158. Compared to the previous year, the average income of the Portuguese rose by 1.6%. At the same time, after all deduction obligations, the employee has around € 851.13.

The amount of the remuneration depends on the profession, qualifications, experience and place of residence. If in the Autonomous Region of Madeira the average net salary is 782 euros, then in Lisbon - 977 euros.

Payroll by occupation

Salaries by occupation:

jobEuros per month
Managers of organizations2500-3000
IT and programmer1800
Employees in the tourism, hotel and gastronomy sectors1100
Office worker800-950
Staff (waiters, cashiers, couriers, loaders, drivers)550-700
Workers in the field of agriculture550-700

Quality and standard of living in Portugal

In Portugal there are many settlements and small towns with no more than 10,000 inhabitants. These people are very friendly and lead a moderate lifestyle.

In general, the country is characterized by a well-developed modern infrastructure: high-quality roads, a large number of shopping malls, supermarkets, grocery stores, branded stores, chic restaurants and cozy cafes. It should be noted that Portuguese cuisine is a matter of pride for the locals.

In terms of security, the country ranks seventh in the world.

The standard of living of immigrants in Portugal depends on their knowledge of the Portuguese language and education, as well as their desire to work and earn money.

Unfortunately, low wages make it difficult to earn a high income in Portugal. Natives and migrants cannot rely on a high income either, they have been working in a certain field for many years.

What taxes are paid in Portugal?

Although EU wages are low in Portugal, taxes are substantial. Tax residents are citizens of the country and people who have a residence permit for more than 183 days a year. They are subject to progressive tax rates - from 14.5% to 48%, depending on the level of income: the higher the income, the higher the interest rate for income tax. Employee salaries are also deducted from the social security contribution of 34.75% (23.75% is deducted by the employer and 11% by the employee).

The low rate of 14.5% applies to the poor in Portugal. This category includes those who earn 500-580 euros per month.

The income of migrant workers on Portuguese territory is subject to a flat income tax of 25%.

Until the acquisition of Portuguese citizenship, which can be claimed after 6 years of legal residence in the country, the migrant is considered a foreigner.