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Data Scientist Certifier | more info

The certified training to become a data scientist takes a variety of tasks into account through a modular competence profile. The illustration shows the structure in three stages.

At the first level, the “Data Scientist Basic Level” certificate or, alternatively, a specialist certificate can be acquired. The basic certificate and a specialist certificate, together with proven practical experience, lead to certification as an "Advanced Data Scientist". Building on this, you can acquire the "Senior Data Scientist" certificate by documenting and presenting an independently carried out project. The certification is carried out by the Fraunhofer personal certification body in accordance with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 17024.


For beginners | more info

If you are new to the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning, our introductory training courses offer the ideal foundation.

With our compact entry-level formats, we offer you an introduction to content and methods in one to two-day training courses and create a basic understanding of the respective subject areas.

In preparation, you can take part in our free Python preliminary course.

You get the perfect start to the topic of data science with our certified five-day course "Certified Data Scientist Basic Level", in which you go through the process steps of a data science project and get to know relevant technologies, methods and fundamentals in each step. This training also provides the basis for our certification program.


For advanced users | more info

If you want to gain expert knowledge in specific methods, our advanced courses are for you.

In the area of ​​data science, specialize in topics such as deep learning, time series analysis and more. In these courses, our experts impart knowledge with a high level of detail and a practical component.